This Guy Wants Servers to “Shut the F*** Up.”

lanceLadies and gentleman, I give to you a man named Lance who has very strong opinions about servers and whether or not they should be tipped. I always enjoy when something like this shows up in my inbox because it’s a joy for me to educate them about the wonderful world of serving. Once I mop up the trail of slime that a slug like Lance leaves across my keyboard, I hunker down and figure out what I want to say. Here goes:

Lance believes that servers who think a certain way are ignorant; namely, the servers who believe in the mantra “if you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to go out and eat.” I believe in that mantra, therefore Lance just called me ignorant which makes me feel perfectly entitled to respond to his statement. He wants us to shut up and bring him his food. Well, we are perfectly happy to bring his food to him. Whether it’s a bowl of Ranch dressing, a tub of chicken wings, a vat of gravy or a pile of hay, we will bring it. Like farmers, it is our job to fill the trough and feed the hungry swine. In return for that service, we do expect a tip. I am not saying that every server deserves a 20% tip and a pat on the back. By all means, let the level of service determine the amount of tip. A good server is only going to expect a 20% tip when good service is given. We earn it. Lance seems to imply that a tip is given solely at the discretion of the customer with no mention of how good or bad the service is.

“Do your fucking job, or find another one,” he says. Most servers do do their job so most servers deserve a tip. In my case, I have two jobs: one is being a waiter and the other is being The Bitchy Waiter. It’s the second job I am doing right this moment which I think I am pretty good at, hence, the bitching. But don’t worry, Lance, I don’t expect a tip for this. It’s on the house.

One of Lance’s Facebook friends, piped in with a comment and before I respond to that, please excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor since that is where it fell when I saw he has a Facebook friend. M says, very wisely I might add, “if someone is not going to tip they should let the server know before hand so that we’re not wasting our time and energy on them expecting to make something.” Yes, yes, yes. If you know you are going to stiff the server, regardless of the kind of service you receive, grow a pair of balls and say it upfront. That way, we can focus our attention on people who will appreciate when we do our jobs well.

Lance responds: “No, this attitude makes people not want to tip. If you don’t like your actual paycheck, get another job. It is NEVER the costumers responsibility to pay a server ANYTHING.”  What attitude is he referring to that makes people not want to tip? Our attitude that we don’t want to do something for free? I think that’s how most people feel about their job. None of us do our jobs expecting to not get paid for it. And the truth is, most servers don’t like their actual paychecks because most of the time there is hardly any money on them. After we pay taxes (yes, we pay taxes on our tips even if Lance doesn’t leave one) the paycheck is minimal at best.

I do agree with Lance that is is never the costumers responsibility to pay the sever. Costumers have very little to do with waiting tables. In fact, I don’t even know if I have ever waited on a costumer since I am not in the habit of asking my customers what they do for a living. If one of my customers was a costumer, I would have never known. However, if one of my customers was a costumer and I gave that costumer good service, then that costumer, who happened to also be a customer, should leave me a good tip.

Lance, I hope you have learned something here. Carry on, cheap ass.

47 thoughts on “This Guy Wants Servers to “Shut the F*** Up.”

  1. Mark Z.

    If service is horrible, I will leave a small tip. Say, $0.01 or a nickel.

    If service is great, I will leave a tip of up to 40%.

    You see, a customer’s tip in INTENDED to remunerate the server according to the standard to which the server provided service.

    My average tip? 15%.

  2. paul charron

    a quick internet search shows what an ass this guy is. this from local paper .. ” Deputies from the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office arrested Charles Lance Pleasants, 25, of Angier Friday on two counts of cyber stalking.
    Officials said Pleasants allegedly posted nude photos of women on a Facebook account. Pleasant said the photos were of women he previously dated.” By the way he runs a photography studio.

  3. GeenaG

    What in the hell is going on with all these morons writing in about “costumers”. Are there really that many costumers running around in restaurants that they are creating problems? Sorry “Lance” but you’re just a common money grubber who is cheap and your habit of not tipping much advertises that face to every female in the vicinity. No one wants to be with a cheap person, male or female. Lance, you sound like a petulant 8 year old who thinks he has big tough nuts.

  4. Michael

    We could solve the whole issue. Restaurant owners could double their pricing to pay servers a professional wage and make a no tipping policy in their restaurant. Then people that don’t feel it is a responsibility to tip won’t have to. That dinner you ordered will cover all necessary costs but don’t bitch when the bill comes and you can’t afford to go out for dinner anymore. It won’t be because you had to tip. Would that make the cheap people happy? If you can’t afford to tip don’t go out to eat.

  5. Bob's Lover

    Haha…love how Bob brings out the best in people! It proves that they are indeed in the best job they will ever have.

  6. ADR89

    If you know Lance, then you know he is trolling…whoever actually takes half the shit like this he says this seriously, needs a helmet.
    You can argue with him until your black and blue and it’s not going to change anything.

  7. Dan The man

    Why is the hell are you mad? It isn’t the customers responsibility to give servers their checks. If a customer has done a good job then yes I’ll tip but I’m not giving 20% to them…fuck that. My thoughts are .25cents is .25cents

  8. Erika

    He wants to sit and literally be served like nobility but doesn’t believe in compensating servers for said service. And yet it’s the waitstaff who have the attitude of ‘entitlement’. Sure…

  9. Bitchy Waitress #504

    Oh Bob, I feel so sorry for you. Obviously you are the ignorant one who has no concept of how the dining out process works. First of all you are not entitled to anything. You are coming into my business and I am providing you a service by bringing you food. You in return pay the restaurant for the food provided and tip your server for bringing the food, beverages and those 20 extra sides of ranch you desperately needed to dip your chicken tenders in. If you find the whole process of tipping someone who provides you a service unacceptable, there are plenty of fast food chains and buffet style restaurants that I’m sure are more suited to your price range. People who claim that tipping isn’t required are usually the poor bastards who don’t want to admit that they can’t really afford that $20 entree they just ordered.
    As for your comment about never finding a real job or amounting to anything. Well I hate to break it to you but as a lowly server/bartender I can still make more money in one night than most people make in a week. Even with non tipping assholes like you hanging out in my section.

  10. Susan

    For the first time in my life, I didn’t leave a tip. I’ve been a server, hostess, bartender; currently a kithen manager/line cook.
    My three person family went to a local owned pizza place a couple weeks ago. We were greeted. Drinks were ordered and delivered. We ordered our pizzas (one large, one medium). 20 minutes later our food arrives. We asked for grated parmesan. She brought 1/2 an ounce for the three of us to share. (Really?) The food was awful. Not her fault AT ALL. We sat and ate our terrible pizzas. 20 minutes pass, our server never comes to check on us. (She wasn’t busy, there was no one else in the restaurant). I had to ask for our check. 10 minutes pass, she arrives with our bill, without looking, I hand her my card. 15 minutes later, we get up from our table and I wait outside the kitchen door (she’s hiding in there). I am beyond frustrated when she finally hands me the copy to sign. 45 minutes of my experience she could have controlled. At the very least she could have brought my check within a minute or two. She could have run my card immediately. I should not have to run down a server to pay my bill. I signed the slip and left. 20+ years I’ve been in food service; I know what servers make. She didn’t earn any more than the $2.35 /hr.

  11. Nathan Forrest

    Bitchy Waiter, you are a low energy, most-likely-Hillary or Bernout supporter. About 90% of people who remotely know Lance know he is a troll, this is what he does. And you took the bait hook, line, and sinker. Congrats on wasting a portion of your life responding to a troll. Now get back to waiting tables.

        1. Reginald van der Slythe III

          Or maybe he’s as big a dipshit as you. Birds of a feather and all that.

          Also, ~99.99 percent of people don’t know or care about Lance, so assuming everyone knows he’s a troll is astoundingly imbecilic at best.

          And we all know how low-energy waiters are, right?

          I’d tell you two to get a room, but we need better people, not more mouth-breathing trash like you two.

  12. Riane

    People like this really do need to grow a pair and let servers know that they have no intention to tip. Sure, I’ll still make sure you’re taken care of, and very well at that, but most of us work this job because we either enjoy it or we HAVE to have it. I have yet to meet a server who has said “meh, I just like waiting on people hand and foot for free”. I love my regulars. I love getting to meet some of the interesting people I do. For the most part I really do enjoy my job, but this growing trend of not tipping is ridiculous. At one point it was conceivable that a person could wait tables and afford to have a family and make bills. Now most servers I know work 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet. If this guy thinks that finding another job where we can not have to expect minuscule paycheck and pray for a kind soul to appreciate our efforts to make their experience enjoyable with a tip, then please open up a Facebook group of all these plentiful well paying jobs that will be flexible with school and kids schedules. Or better yet, maybe he could give up his for one us degenerates to make a decent living.

  13. Gregory Reamy

    Hey Bob , if you want to go through life is an asshat clown and keep up with that same mentality it’s people like you that you have gratuity automatically added no matter if you’re a party of one or a party of 6 and he’s good at all fired up against someone leaving a tip for someone and then go to McDonald’s Golden Corral or any Buffet place where you’re not required to leave a tip You can tell Bob was the kid who had his mom cut up the steak into little itty bitty pieces for him and then complained she didn’t do it right. Self entitlement is one of the pillars that are destroying our civilization

    1. A Buffet Server

      Um, speaking as someone who works as a server during a lunch buffet, we expect tips. The food on the buffet doesn’t magically get brought out from the kitchen; we have to put it there. The drinks don’t get filled (and refilled) by themselves; we do that too. We also have to clean up after everyone (my restaurant doesn’t have busboys, or hostesses.) We bust our asses making sure people have good dining experiences, AND we only get servers pay. We depend on our tips just as much on buffet as we do when people order off the menu. And since it is a buffet, the tips themselves are pretty small. So, in the future, please don’t tell people not to tip their buffet servers. If people don’t want to tip they should either eat at home, get take-out, or fast food. And because of that stupid law, now we can’t add automatic gratuity for large parties. Also, Bitchy Waiter, I love your blog and appreciate you giving us servers a place to vent. I love my job. I love being a server because I have the Feed People Gene, and it helps me fufill that need, but that doesn’t mean I want to work for free.

  14. Your Best Costumer Bob

    Well, at least the bitchy waiter understands he will never get a decent job or amount to anything in life. The rest of you are just ignorant. If your employer doesn’t have a sign on the wall stating tips are absolutely required, and will call the police if none are left, we are not required to leave you a dime. And bad mouthing your “costumers” (see, you don’t even have sense to stay on the subject at hand and choose to dwell on a misspelling) will not help the matter, and in fact will usually make things worse. We don’t feel sorry for you low lifes…we just want what we are entitled to…our meal SERVED to us at our table. And your job is to SERVE us our meals at our table. Sounds like a match made in heaven between you and your boss. Don’t like what you make? Go to the boss with your pissy complaints!

    1. Jennifer W.

      Really!?! First of all servers pay taxes on the food you order duhhhhh, so if you cant afford a tip GO TO MCDONALDS!! Why should i pay taxrs on your food? If you dont like the service then only tip enough to cover the state taxes in which YOUR server has to pay for you to go out and eat. Thats why a servers check is not that big. Second of all, saying a server will never amount to much cracks me the fuck up, i put a son thru college being a server who averages 30 an hour. Your welcome, that God willing you and other tax payers dont have to pay for a prison term! Lastly, my mama alwwys said, you want to see someones true chatacter go out to eat with them see how tgey trest their server! #realtalk

    2. FU

      Motherfucker who the fuck do you think you are?! ENTITLED TO BEING SERVED?!?! How the goddamn fuck do you figure you are entitled to ANYTHING?! Being a server is a job, where we go to make money so that we can pay our bills and hopefully have enough money leftover for groceries and maybe even a beer. WE ARE NOT YOUR GODDAMN SERVANT SO YOU CAN TAKE THAT THOUGHT AND SHOVE IT RIGHT UP YOUR DICKHOLE. It’s sacks of worthless shit like you that deserve to eat shit. Literally. Keep in mind you cheap fuck, that without us “lowlifes” there would be no one to bring your food. The next time you feel like being an asshole by not tipping when you go out, why not try fast food? They actually make a paycheck. Even better, keep your fucking ass at home and cook. At least that way some poor, unsuspecting server isn’t subjected to your self righteous, holier-than-thou attitude. Go fuck yourself dickhead. That is all.

    3. Allie

      Bob, shhhhhhhhhh. Seriously. When you start out by calling people ignorant, it means that everything that follows is just going to be a bunch of uninformed, opinionated horseshit. Also, I have doubts that you are truly my best costumer; I live in the SF Bay Area, you have stiff competition.

    4. Sally

      Unfortunately it’s not the servers fault for wanting / needing tips. It’s part of the job and the pay and taxes are set up for servers being tipped. You calling them low life’s doesn’t change that. They get mad because you coming into their section for them to serve you actually costs them money if you don’t tip. They have to pay a certain percentage of taxes based on sales because there is no way to track cash tips. By not tipping them they are paying for you to treat them poorly and think less of them. If that is really something you’re OK with then I think I think that tipping isn’t the issue.

    5. Unbothered by Cheap Ass Idiots

      Actually, Bob, The Bitchy Waiter has probably accomplished more than you could dream of. I sincerely hope you’re impotent, because only a half wit would mate with you, and you’re a half wit, so your children would be 1/4th wits. Idk if a person can even perform basic life skills, such as breathing, with only half a brain. How unfortunate. Now, take the little bit of ego you have and shove it up your ass and run away with your tail tucked between your legs. Also, fuck you, fuck your parents for raising such a shitty child, and fuck your maternal and paternal grandparents for making you a possibility.

      1. Reginald van der Slythe III

        We all know that’s you again, Lance. Stop trying to be edgy and clever because you lack the cerebral power to do so. Or to tie your shoelaces, most likely. I’m betting mommy typed that for you whilst you stuffed more Cheetos into your fat fucking face. I’d tell you to get fucked but we both know that’s not going to happen, don’t we snookums?

        (Yeah, I’m late. I was busy, man.)

  15. Kaitlyn

    “If you don’t like your paycheck then get another job.”
    I hate when people say shit like this. Because if we quit serving, then there be no one to serve entitled asshole like Lance.

  16. Rose

    I am a server…and I think you should shut the fuck up! It’s the people like you that like to run people to death bringing you refill after refill providing a good service, which is DOING OUR JOB IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW because we provide you with a service we deserve to be paid! In case you are unaware, which clearly you are our checks for two weeks are sometimes as little as 20 dollars! Now imagine being told to shut the fuck up after working with no breaks no time to pee and nothing to eat after making sure your ungrateful ass gets the pleasure of enjoying your food hot your thirst quenched. Please your business doesn’t provide servers with anything. You’re just contributing to putting money in that establishments pockets meanwhile we show up to work everyday to deal with people like you, who think it’s a privilege to get paid to do a good job. Yes we are aware that we get paid 2$ an hour and pray that your type doesn’t come in. You have no idea how many times I have dealt with customers like you who come in complaining and whining all in the name of a discount or something free, with a smile on my face and apparently free service too. Imagine going to get your car fixed the price is based on the service you need try going to another place with your mentality thinking that you don’t get what you pay for 😂 TAKING A STAND FOR SERVERS EVERYWHERE !PLEASE ASSHOLES STAY HOME WITH YOUR BAD ASS KIDS WHO MAKE MESSES YOU DON’T CLEAN UP SCREAMING AND YELLING DISTURBING THE NICE PATRONS WHO COME IN WITH INTENT TO TIP THANK YOU THAT IS ALL.


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