We’re So Dead Movie UPDATE!

It’s been a hot minute since I have plopped my ass into the chair to write a blog post, but here we are. When I started this blog back in the olden days, it was primarily a place for me to bitch and complain about my job. Over the years though, I have always tried to be the voice for servers, saying the things out loud that are usually kept quiet.  As always, I want servers to know their rights and that’s why the news I’m sharing here is so, so, so exciting for me! 

Nobody pinch me, but the movie I’ve been working on just received a huge financial contribution! (Okay, you can pinch me if you want to, I don’t mind.) I could go on and on about how exciting it is that a company believes in this project so much!

But this news isn’t just about me, it’s about our whole industry. My movie, We’re So Dead, has partnered with Herrmann Law — an employment law firm that informs servers of their rights and takes action when needed. The film already represents the struggles of server-life, but with Herrmann Law as a partner, it will now highlight things managers do that are legally questionable at best! You know what I’m talking about: shady tip pools, paying for uniforms, etc.

Not only will this movie be entertaining as fuck, it can have a huge impact on servers knowing their rights! Please help us make this movie a success. The better it does, the more servers will know their rights and the harder it will be for businesses to take advantage of us!

We plan to start shooting the movie in January , but we’re still seeking investors, big and small! So please support We’re So Dead by investing, donating, or just spreading the word! I love you guys.


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