A Comment on Comments; The Barb Chandler Edition

comment-cardAs you all know, I allow pretty much anything to be posted on this blog and in the comments. I am a firm believer that everyone should have the equal opportunity to bitch and complain. After all, if I am going to have a whole blog and book about bitching, who am I to say anything when someone else chooses to bitch as well? If someone disagrees with me, I embrace our differences and try to appreciate that. Although we may see things differently, we can still like and respect one other. Every once in a while though, someone shows up to the party who wants to keep pushing buttons and try to get attention. In this case, that someone is named Barb Chandler. She has been leaving comments on the blog for quite a while now and doing so only to piss people off and get attention for herself. This Comment on Comments is for her:

Barb, shut the fuck up. I asked you nicely to please refrain from posting since you were only doing it for self-satisfaction:

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.13.24 PM

You responded with this:

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.13.44 PM


You’re wrong. I’m not in this for the money. I’m in it because I enjoy doing it. Any money that has come my way from the book is icing on an already really yummy cake. (And believe me when I tell you it’s not that much money. If it was, why would I still be waiting tables? The book isn’t exactly on the New York Times Best Seller List.) And I don’t have cock in my mouth right now, What I do have is the taste for revenge. Barb, there other ways to to masturbate than by logging into some random blog and squirting your cherry juice all over the Internet. If you are in desperate need for kicks, might I suggest you go fuck a vegetable? Oh, wait, it seems that you have already done that:

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.11.24 PM

My apologies to your yam and for your dreadful experience at Olive Garden. I do seem to recall that you posted something about a husband so why is that you were so intent on having sex with an organic yam? Is your husband so disgusted by you that you were forced to put up a Craigslist ad looking for a sad lonely yam that was willing to be subjected to the two worst things in the world: your vagina and dinner at Olive Garden? Let me scroll though your comments to find the one that you mentioned your husband. Oh, here it is:

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.14.01 PM

Wow, Barb, you are a sad woman. I don’t even want to know why your underwear had Doritos in them, but how pathetic are you to freely admit that you let three homeless men take advantage of you? I feel rather sorry for you now, knowing how difficult your life must be. No wonder you leave comments on my blog. It is the only way for you to feel important enough to not have semen and Doritos dust poured all over you. Bless your heart. Maybe you should get a dog so that something in your life can give you unconditional love. Oh, wait, I think you do have a dog:

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.14.23 PM

Yeah, you’re nasty, Barb. I guess there is no hope for you.

You can try to leave a comment about this blog post, but I already found your IP address and blocked it from being able to leave comments. You will just have to read this blog and know that no one will ever hear from you again. And if you do decide to create another IP address just to leave comments, I will find it too and block it. Give it up, troll. I win. Fuck off. f

56 thoughts on “A Comment on Comments; The Barb Chandler Edition

  1. Me

    “The two worst things in the world, your vagina and a dinner at Olive Garden!!!” I work at the OG but that was still funny. I’m dying of laughter right now!

  2. Lia

    Hey Barb! How are you gal pal? Remember when you called my mother ‘abusive’ because I said that she spanked us kids if we misbehaved, and that I was generalizing Hispanics in a horrible light because I said I grew up with a Hispanic mother? Yeah good times, good times 😀 but guess what? I can generalize Hispanics because I am Hispanic. And I hope your children don’t become a loud-mouthed perra like yourself. Again, perks of having a Hispanic mother, she taught us to be respectful members of society. But she also taught us to not take shit from other people. Which I’m not. Enjoy the shade that Bitchy just threw your way.

  3. The Bitter Bistro

    Hey BW, could Barb and Springs 1 be related? And if they are, I’m sure that they are dating. And if they aren’t dating, then what are they fricking waiting for? Get bent Barb! I don’t feel sorry for you, but rather, I feel sorry for that yam. May it R.I.P.

  4. Dee

    I think it’s likely that Barb is not actually a retired old woman. Rather, I bet Barb is a lonely college bro who no one will fuck. Barb probably has very little human interaction, except when he goes home on weekends so his mom can wash his jerk socks, so maybe we shouldn’t blame him for not knowing when to stop.

  5. Glen

    B.W., you ROCK!

    That was possibly the most creative and complete bitch-slap-down I have ever seen.

    Maybe now Barb will turn off her Amiga, climb the stairs out of her basement, sand blast her vag clean and get a life.

    Now that the skies are clearing and birds are starting to chirp and sing, I raise my glass. A toast. Barb the Ho is gone. Long live B.W.!

  6. Me

    “Basic whore”… what has this retiree been watching?… MTV and Bravo searching for reality tv insults? You’re not a Real Housewife Barb!!!!


    Pretty sure I saw her this afternoon near Atlanta, in front of an Applebee’s offering to give hand jobs to retirees for some cheese sticks and double crunch wings.
    A small part of me will miss yelling at her in text.
    But much more of me love this blog and the regulars.

  8. NoUseForaName

    This! This is the best thing in the history of everything! I can quit the internet now because I’ll never again get a fix as strong as this. Barb, you whore.

  9. Christina

    WOW!! There is something seriously wrong with that woman! She had nothing better to do with her life than to make nasty disgusting comments on your blog. There is no telling how many other blogs out there she gets her kicks by acting this disgusting. I almost feel pitty on her because obviously she is mentally unstable. God bless her husband and family for putting up with a woman like that! Maybe she needs and exorcism before she spits pea soup all over your blog as well!

  10. David Cowling

    Barb is very lonely. Please don’t give her another thought. As I used tell new waitstaff, even cunts get to go out to eat.

  11. Deb

    Your Barb may be a very disturbed Bob instead. No sane woman would write that demeaning, hideous stuff unless ‘she’ has severe issues and this seems more like a troubled young man. You’re better shed of whatever it was.

  12. CincyDrunk


    seriously, I’m dying. I don’t care that it’s because of Barb MY NAME IS ON THE FRONT PAGE!

    Also, thank you Bitchy for getting rid of Barb! xoxoxoandbourbon

  13. Erika

    Trolls are the most pathetic forms of life- instead of doing something themselves, all they can do is latch on to someone else’s efforts and creativity and hope that by being enough of an ingrown pubic hair they can gain some form of infamy themselves. Tragic.

  14. idosequx

    Ok I have been reading the bitch for awhile now, I have laughed and thought yes that has happened to me. I have been in the F&B industry more years than I care to admit LOL, but this Barb skank takes the cake, I am not a whore nor are the folks I work with (well most of them ha-ha) unless she has walked in our shoes and felt the pain of double shift where the kitchen is fucked and the host thinks you are the only server on the floor SHUT THE FUCK UP SKANK!!!!! I am so glad the bitch put her in her place. Keep up the blog you speak for so many of us

  15. V

    Barb, it’s sad that even “Yammy” would leave you; my guess is that he committed suicide by leaping over the wall of your toxic cavernous pussy in hopes of becoming a nice Thanksgiving day dish. As the age old saying goes “if you don’t like your job, change it”, maybe ass wipers should heed to the very suggestive notion that you so discriptively pointed out, but then again your dog takes care of your [a]ss wiping needs; so what do you care? Really Barb, why do you care? With such a vibrant retirement in your alley, you could be out there finding a yam that will truly love and satisfy you. One can only surmise that your sad meager existence had your father questioning himself why he didn’t have a mastibatory emission in your mother’s mouth or anal cavity on the night of your conception, but I digress and move to save that conversation on a later date. Seriously Barb, grow up, find a hobby that allows you to exist outside of The Bitchy Waiter blog.

  16. Mel

    You know we all need to vent in our own way and I see she is just jealous you have so many people who like to listen. And who knows you may brighten their day! Who is the person to judge anything you have to say. I mean come on like she has never vented to someone and they thought while she’s talking that she is just spewing nonsense and wanted to slap the shit out of her for even opening her mouth. Get over yourself Barb! You aren’t that important find something else to shove in your (what I will only assume is a) black hole of a vagina if you feel the need to find something to occupy your time! Oh and have a good day 😚

  17. miss kitty

    What a slashing victory! She was getting so much worse than Sparks1, or whatever that awful handle was. I love your writing, and am proud to own your book!

  18. jenn

    glad to see that she is gone….. good riddance barb………i was tired of her crap to. thanks B.W. ps love the blog!

  19. Emily

    EB my thoughts exactly! I’ve seen this “Barb” person’s comments and she is not that creative to make such a hilariously depraved concoction of vulgarity out of yams, Doritos, and homeless men’s semen. But, I’m pretty sure I know who is… And I own his book to prove it 🙂

    1. Shannel

      Ahahah same here ! He’s so funny, couldnt help myself and laugh out loud ! 😂 Now, I wish I could see her reaction 😂😂😂😂

  20. Sullyann

    Seriously, Barb is a fucking weirdo. I wouldn’t want to honor that nut with one word. I’m assuming she really kept pushing and you had no choice. Good riddance!

  21. Laura

    I am all about vulgarity… when appropriately needed….but that cow takes it to a whole new level! How kind of you to say her heart be blessed…I just adore you, Bitchiness and all!

  22. Squishy Pants

    Only someone that never worked in the industry would say any of that………. Well…… May some people in the industry have dorito dust in their panties……

  23. Jennifer Nance

    Respect and a tip of the hat is due, friend. I love your rantings and ravings and have never felt the need to comment until now.
    Cheers to the bitchiness that binds us all together and a pox on the nasties that live under bridges!

  24. Chloe

    Why would anybody say those gross things? Ew. I mean if she needed attention that bad she could just become a cam chick. No need for the nauseating details on what goes in her vagina.

    1. Amber Lane

      I think Bitchy Waiter edited her comments, which is why he mentioned so at the beginning of the article… So, he was the one getting graphic.. or at least we can only assume..

      1. K

        Yeah, no. Work on your reading comprehension and don’t presume to assume for others, since some of us are intelligent enough to not need to do so.

        1. Aye

          Actually there was some editing, unless all of a sudden she became pretty creative. She was never that exciting before.

    1. Maude

      Seriously “she” was such an annoying troll. Good riddance. (Also, retired? That went without saying)

      I don’t always leave a comment but I’m laughing my ass off at every post. I check this shit after every awful shift, I tell my coworkers all your jokes (sorry, I tell them about your blog too)

      What I’m trying to say is this: that pic of u flipping her off is super cute, how old did u say u were again? I dont believe you


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