More Exciting News About “We’re So Dead”

If you read my last blog post or are on my email list, you heard about our Herrmann Law partnership and how it’s great for educating servers about their rights. But now I want to brag just a wee bit about why it’s great for the movie and all the servers who invested!

This is a $25k product integration deal which is huge! You guys, twenty-five THOUSAND dollars! It increases the budget by nearly one-third and will bring us closer to making the film we all want to see and deserve to see. Best of all, the money does not count toward the investor pool as it does not have to be recouped for investors to start drawing profits. In other words, investors will start seeing money before the film makes its budget back. So this deal bolsters the value of everyone’s investment. It’s a literal win-win situation.

I hope you consider investing because it’s not too late. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. I’d love for all the fans to make money alongside us! But also, please share this news with everyone you know. Please tell your rich uncles or aunts, or your rich owners, or your rich regulars! I think they’ll be impressed and they’ll have a chance to make some money too!
Let’s make this movie as good and as successful as possible! Love you guys!


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