4 Ways to Actually Help Your Local Struggling Restaurant

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to decimate our country, small businesses and restaurants are taking the brunt of the devastation. Well, other than the 300,000 lives lost to the virus. Over 110,000 restaurants have closed either permanently or long-term since the health crisis began and with indoor dining shutting down in more and more states and the weather making outdoor dining less of an option, it’s only going to get worse. Since it seems that our government isn’t ready to step up and help the restaurant industry, it’s up to customers to do it for them, but how? If you have a favorite neighborhood restaurant and you are wondering if they are struggling or not, wonder no more: they are. The restaurant owner can use your help and so can the few employees who are still working there and here’s how to do it:


1 thought on “4 Ways to Actually Help Your Local Struggling Restaurant

  1. anne marie

    spouse and I have done #2-#4 this past year. we have patronized our local mom-n-pop joints (no chains). we have made friends with the owners. we appreciate them being open under the circumstances. hopefully 2021 will turn it around for the restaurant industry.


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