Applebee’s Waitress is Punched, Stabbed and Robbed

If you live near Henry County, Georgia, I hope you will keep an eye out for these four women who allegedly punched and stabbed an Applebee’s waitress and then stole her tips. As if working at Applebee’s isn’t already difficult enough…

3 thoughts on “Applebee’s Waitress is Punched, Stabbed and Robbed

  1. Savannah

    What worthless evil cunts. I hope since they are on camera that they will be recognized and they are able to see the license plate number. This was a half dozen premeditated felonies. Decades of misery and prison time is all they deserve before rotting in hell. What kind of animal would STAB a woman for 1 days worth of Applebees tips?😡


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