Grandma and Grandpa Offended by Same Sex Kiss

A normal, straight, ordinary, traditional, heterosexual couple went to their friendly neighborhood Applebee’s this week in Sturgis, Michigan and had their world rocked to its core because of something that happened while they were trying to enjoy some Chicken Wonton Tacos and a couple of pomegranate iced teas. They were so shook up by what happened, that they felt the need to scribble out a note for the restaurant so everyone who works there will know why they will never be back.

To: Sturgiss Applebee’s

When my husband and I sat down at our table, I looked toward one of the TV screens and to my shock there apparently was a soap opera on showing 2 men kissing. I sure am glad we didn’t have our grandchildren with us. So much for “neighborhood” friendly.

From: 2 concerned “never to be back” customers.

This boomer woman got her granny panties all in a bunch because she saw two men kissing on a TV? It’s not like there were two gays dudes double raw dog fisting at Table 16 using guacamole as lube and taking jalapeño poppers. Lady, it’s a TV show, get over yourself. And so what if your grandchildren were there with you. Do you think them seeing two men kissing on TV is going to propel them into a deep, dark hole of moral degeneracy any more than what they see on the news every day? Your precious grandkids probably have active shooter drills at their school and I can pretty much guarantee that is way more stress-inducing than seeing two members of the same sex lock lips. 

So they’re never going back to Applebee’s as if it’s the restaurant’s fault that some soap opera has a fictional storyline involving two grown men in a consensual act of kissing. Is Applebee’s supposed to hire someone to pre-screen everything that shows on their televisions and enact a three-second delay in case something shocking makes it through the airwaves? I can only imagine what else might be so offensive that would cause Grandma and Grandpa Stick Up Their Ass to abandon their “neighborhood” friendly restaurant:

  • RuPaul’s Drag Race
  • A JCPenney bra commercial
  • That scene in Yentl when Mandy Patinkin shows his ass
  • Anderson Cooper, Shepard Smith or Rachel Maddow doing literally anything

Meanwhile, the grandchildren are probably playing Mortal Kombat and looking at porn on Twitter because they know that’s the easiest place to look at it without it showing up in your browser history.

Applebee’s has permanently lost two customers. As sad as they may be about selling a couple less plates of four cheese mac & cheese with honey pepper chicken tenders, at least we know the servers will no longer have to deal with a grandma and grandpa who probably can’t tip more than 10% and think that there is something wrong with being gay. Fuck them.

9 thoughts on “Grandma and Grandpa Offended by Same Sex Kiss

  1. demoncat_4

    omg what a nice thing to teach your grandkids oh look two fictional characters are making love dear dear we must now never go there again since they showed that filth bet they also have a fit when they wonder walmart and the cashiers or stockers having tatooes or earrings. give me a break and come into this century hope the grandkids have learned better manners and that one shouldn’t judge people .

  2. Annie

    Forgot to add one more thing.

    If I were the manager at that particular Applebee’s I’d be playing George Michael’s “I want your sex” as well as “Faith” if those two should ever show up again (and I bet they will – losers such as those two yahoos are always about empty threats!).

    Have a happy new year, campers!

  3. Annie

    What cave did this twit crawl out of? I hope she and her hubby don’t have grandkids. I’d hate to think they’d try to poison their minds with their blatant homophobia, and just overall stupidity.

    I’ll bet she and her hubby had at least 1-2 kids before they got married. Or it’s probably THE reason they had to get married. I just LOVE holier than thou religious hypocrites. /s

    And I doubt if they even tip 10%.

    P.S. I’m a boomer and I tip at least 50-100% at my favorite restaurants. So there!

  4. Peggy

    I’m a “boomer” and I would never behave that way, please don’t lump us in one category, no matter when we were born, we are still all individuals. Love you❤️

  5. Jesse

    Thank you! I am an openly gay regular of the Sturgis, MI, Applebee’s. Some of my beast friends were made there from the staff, to other regulars. This restaurant has ALWAYS warmly welcomed me, and has been a safe place for me when I needed somewhere to go, where I knew I wouldn’t be started at, harassed, or bullied. Reading this story, as sad as it is, I am so incredibly happy and proud of the bar and grill for sharing this, and their stance.


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