One Click Can Help a Friend of Mine

This blog post has very little (okay, nothing…) to do with waiting tables, but I am writing it anyway because I want to ask you all to do me a favor. I have a very talented friend named Melissa who is in a band here in New York City. The band is called Votive Crown. They have been chosen as one of the city’s emerging artists and she asked me to vote for her band so they can be featured prominently on a website that will hopefully help them to the next step of rock star success. I was happy to cast my vote for Votive Crown, but then I thought that I could do more. Here is their SoundCloud link.

We all know that I am an egomaniacal fame whore is desperate for attention, but every once in a blue moon I want someone else to have the attention they deserve. This is why I am asking you to all click this link and vote for Votive Crown so Melissa and her band mates can move up the ladder and hopefully take the prize of being featured on the website. It’s super easy. You don’t have to register or anything. Just click the link, scroll down to Votive Crown and vote for them. That’s it. Melissa did not ask me to do this and doesn’t know that I am doing it. I just want her to get the opportunity to live her dream. She has a day job so that she can pay her bills until her passion and creative energy can sustain her financially. Won’t you help someone pursue the dream of artistic success? C’mon!

Click here. Scroll to Votive Crown. Vote.

Okay. I’m done. Tomorrow I will go back to thinking of new ways I can promote myself, but for tonight I want to shine the spotlight on someone else for a (very, very brief) moment.

Thank you.  xo, BW


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