Woman Finds Bloody Fingertip in Applebee’s Salad and Still Not Satisfied


Yep, that’s a fingertip alright.

If you thought the most disgusting thing you could order at Applebee’s was something called a Riblet Basket, think again, because a woman in Pasa Robles, California got a real surprise when she ordered the Oriental Chicken Salad and it came with a bloody fingertip nestled amongst the fresh Asian greens.

According to reports, Cathleen Martin was the lucky winner of the “Buy One Salad Get a Fingertip For Free” promotion the restaurant was running in an effort to increase sales. Martin, who was pregnant when she won the prize, was none too pleased and instead of thanking the restaurant for her prize, she was disgusted.

She reported the incident to the manager who confirmed that the fingertip was indeed from the kitchen and that she was the lucky winner!

“You see, we look at the Oriental Chicken Salad as our version of a King’s Cake,” the manager told her. “Except in a King’s Cake you find a little plastic baby Jesus and in our salad you find a bloody fingertip from one of our undocumented kitchen workers. Congratulations! You just won a year’s supply of Double Crunch Bone-In Wings which may or may not have actual chicken bones or the bones of of someone named Rod who worked here up until last week. Which sauce would you like? We have honey BBQ, spicy sweet Asian chili, classic buffalo or thai peanut?”

The ungrateful restaurant patron contacted an attorney and released a statement: “It was so gross. I’m on pins and needles worrying about what my family might have been exposed to.”

Apparently, Martin had eaten off the dish as well as her husband and child is now worried that she may contract some kind of illness from the bloody fingertip and is asking for unspecified damages for emotional distress and medical expenses. As if a year’s worth of Double Crunch Bone-In Wigs isn’t enough. Some customers are so greedy.

6 thoughts on “Woman Finds Bloody Fingertip in Applebee’s Salad and Still Not Satisfied

  1. Jessie

    My questions would be:

    Was the finger from the person who made the salad or even an employee? Or was it hidden in some pre-packaged ingredient? (Maybe they get pre-pulled chicken like the place I work for does) though, as a cook I always check what’s going I my food….

    Was it buried deep enough for the expo and waiter to miss (I’m sure it was)

    Did the finger actually touch her mouth (though in the end that may not matter)

  2. LaFawne

    Sorry, but this time I am siding with the customer! There is no excuse for this- it isn’t like you can hack off a fingertip and not notice. “Has anyone seen the rest of my finger? No one? Oh well, screw it! I have nine others”

    Not that I think it is sue worthy but it is certainly worth a total, groveling apology from the manager. And hopefully, a hospital visit for the injured worker at no cost to him/her! Or at least a nice and colorful bandaid…..

    1. LaFawne

      Just checked the story online and I see she got her apology and still wants to sue. I am retracting my vote for the customer and changing it in favor of the actual fingertip. It was the only innocent bystander in all this-

      1. Theresa Cartee

        Yikes, I’ll be the first to admit, shit happens, but for the love of Pete, surely you knew you were missing a digit!!! How about we assume the worst , toss that puppy and start fresh??? Been in the business for 30+ years, somethings just have to be called! A lawsuit, idk, did it end up in someone’s mouth?, Well then by all means, that would be justifiable, I spose, were you lucky enough to avoid contact, then thank your lucky stars, throw yourself a hissy, and move on with your day!!! AGAIN, YIKES


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