Found at Olive Garden: the Most Entitled Customer Ever

Buckle up your seat belts, bitches, because the entitlement is real strong in this recent Facebook post on the Olive Garden Facebook page. Before I get to that, let me fill you in on my last couple of weeks: I got an infection, I was in the hospital for a couple of days and now I’m on antibiotics for six weeks which means I am not allowed to drink (much) alcohol. I honestly fear for the financial stability of my neighborhood liquor store. I have not been up to writing for a while, but Anna’s post reignited the bitchiness deep in my soul. Like the infection that has been brewing in my prostate for the last few weeks (TMI?), it is ready to make itself known. And now to the bitching:

Anna went to Olive Garden last week and wanted some “pomadoro” sauce to go with her breadsticks, salad and entitled attitude. Upon learning that it wasn’t on the menu, she did what any self-centered, egocentric, head up her own ass customer would do and asked the waitress to have the kitchen make it for her. Because, you know, if you don’t see what you want on a restaurant menu, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask the kitchen to just whip it up for you. Anna says the waitress was puzzled by her request. I want to give that waitress a high five, a pat on the back, and a glass of house white for making the customer think she was puzzled when we all know the waitress was really just using her “puzzled” expression instead of her “bitch, get the fuck out of here” expression. When the manager was called to the table, he told Anna they don’t have the ingredients to make that particular sauce, which is code for “it’s not on the menu, kindly go fuck yourself with some angel hair pasta.”

Anna, not one to give up on her quest for pomodoro sauce, then went to the Olive Garden Facebook page and wrote out the recipe for her desired sauce. All together now:

So many things need to be said about this. First off, even if the restaurant had “theses” ingredients for the sauce, that doesn’t mean they are going to make it. The menu isn’t there so you can actively ignore it. It’s there to let you know what you can and cannot have at this restaurant. If you don’t see any pomodoro fucking sauce with angel hair pasta on it, then you can’t have it.

Secondly, Anna seems surprised that they don’t have the ingredients. Girl, it’s Olive Garden. There isn’t an Italian Nonna back there in a hairnet and orthopedic shoes chopping up fresh basil, running pasta through a pasta maker and stirring sauces with big wooden spoons. The kitchen is stocked with cans of sauce, plastic bags of veggies, boxes of pasta and a bunch of men and women who don’t give a shit. I don’t think there is a vat of pomodoro sauce anywhere back there.

Thirdly, if you know this recipe so well, why don’t you drag your ass back to your own cucina and make it your own goddamn self? Posting the recipe on a Facebook page and expecting Olive Garden to make it for you makes you look like an entitled, spoiled idiot who thinks the world revolves around you. News flash, Anna: it doesn’t. If Olive Garden doesn’t have what you want, you find something else on the menu to order or you leave. And make it yourself.

I want to thank Anna for giving me the will to blog today. The last couple of weeks have been difficult for me, but my desire to roast clueless customers is strong again. Like my prostate, my bitchiness is enflamed, slightly enlarged and pulsating. Thanks, Anna!

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26 thoughts on “Found at Olive Garden: the Most Entitled Customer Ever

  1. My favorite part of this whole review? The fact that she demands that they use *exactly* eleven basil leaves.

  2. I need to get something off my chest even if no one reads this…
    My rude and condescending mother-in-law wanted to go to a packed OG on Mother’s Day. The only job she has worked in her life, before faking and filing for Disability, was a cashier at a gas station. But, she feels she’s better than EVERYONE. The way she talks to restaurant staff makes me want to crawl under the table. And, I apologize to the OG people out there.
    I’m sorry for:
    – Her bitching out loud about the wait time.
    – Saying she “needs more time” on a simple drink order. (Grrr! Water or pop, woman!!)
    – Pointing at a menu photo aka refusing to read the description. “What is THIS!!?”
    – Telling the server, “Your salad is always dry. I want a cup of extra dressing.”
    – “Are we EVER getting salad? I guess not today!’
    – “This meatball is dry. I want a cup of sauce. And, a cup to go.”
    – “I don’t want to see the bill. It will give me a heart attack.”
    – After overeating, even though she’s had a Gastric Bypass, she proceeded to puke it all up in the ladies’ room.

    She sucks. I’m sorry. I try to sprinkle her evilness around and not take her the same place twice.

  3. Missed you Bitchy!
    Realiously what is the matter with people?
    Don’t answer that.
    Obviously the most stupid question in the universe – along with this moaning Minnie.

  4. Bitchy, sorry you’ve been ill. Do you have a P.O. Box/address for those fans/fanatics who want to send you a card?

    And anyhoo, isn’t someone’s birthday coming up in May,hmmmmmm?

  5. Wow what a bitch. Lazy ass can make it herself if it’s not so hard.

    Take care of your health bitchy, get well soon :).

  6. Best. Post. Ever. It’s one thing to be an entitled bitch and demand something not on the menu. It’s a whole new level of whoriness (yes i just made up a word) when you take your whiny entitled ass to their Facebook page and condescendingly offer an ingredient list for your pomodoro (or is it “pomadoro?” 🤣) sauce. Why not make it yourself? Better yet, why not stick your entitled head in it and drown while it’s still boiling on the stove? The Olive Garden chain will thank you tremendously if you did.

    Glad you’re back to your bitchy self, BW!

  7. Oh gods Lakeland. She probably got banned from any decent Italian restaurant in Tampa. Lakeland meth capital of Florida. Probably has a McMansion in Lake Hollingsworth. Her entitlement is predictable.

  8. While it’s okay to ask if a restaurant can custom-make something (there are restaurants that will make whatever you want if they have the ingredients), if the restaurant says no, then NO MEANS NO. Gracefully accept the answer and move on with your life (or find a restaurant that DOES carry the thing you want, or, as someone else said, make it your darned self).

    The request itself wasn’t unreasonable (well, to be fair to Olive Garden, they’re a huge chain and probably are held to consistency standards, and maybe didn’t want to open the door to whatever she would ask for next).

    But her response to the request being denied WAS unreasonable and I just want to hug everyone who had to deal with her (but only if they are okay with it — being a server/restaurant manager doesn’t mean you want any and everyone wrapping their arms around you, especially if you don’t know them). So I’d settle for a high five, or even just a mutual eye-roll at the entire situation.

  9. I work at OG and we actually have an old bitch come in and order this one Sunday a month. And every single time I’ve ever waited on her, she she adds, “I know it’s not on the menu, but they’ll make it for me. They do it all the time.” Yeah, yeah, bitch. Everyone here knows our management team caters to entitles assholes, like yourself. In reality, it’s not that big a deal to prepare the dish and we do have the ingredients in house. The point is, what gives people this sense of entitlement and where does it end? How long are we going to keep feeding it? They also come in wanting Smoked Mozz Chicken and Sausage Rustica, which we do have the ingredients for. Then sometimes they ask for things we honestly can’t make and accuse us of lying when we tell them we haven’t had that dish in years.

  10. I work at Olive Garden and your response is everything I wish I could yell at people who demand things that are no longer on the menu. Like, seriously, do you think we have an elite chef back there waiting to make everything for you from scratch as it’s ordered? No f*cking way! Go to a fine dining restaurant if you want that kind of service, not Olive Garden.

    1. Wait a minute… she is a Veteran, US Army.. Can you even imagine what would happen to her if she would pull this stunt at her “base “ mess hall? Bitchy, you out to post this link on USArmy website, for shits and giggles..

    2. Hell, we *do* have some awesome chefs at the Mom-and-Pop I work at, and they still wouldn’t take crap like this. They might make special dishes for regulars, but definitely not some random person. Damn, I can hear my boss now…how do you say “screw that” in Greek? 🙂

  11. I suspect this is Anna’s passive aggressive way of pointing out that Olive Garden doesn’t use fresh ingredients. Which… no shit, Sherlock.

  12. Omg I love it every bit especially the nonna in the kitchen! I am a waitress and there are so many entitled assholes out there‼️‼️‼️
    Good job‼️‼️‼️

  13. This is seriously your best response yet!!! Just when I think you can not possibly top yourself… boom, mic drop!!!! Hope you’re feeling back to normal soon.

  14. Well unfortunately thats how society sees the food and beverage industry now a days. Not only her witch btw it was ridiculous, but most of people the goes to restaurants. Tha sence of entitlement is everywhere and people think they can do and say whatever they want without any repercussion.
    Its so sad to see people getting yeld at or loosing their jobs because someone decide to be an ass.
    No one is perfect and sometimes mistakes will happen but its not the end of the world and thats no reason to cause a scene about it. But of course they have to because they want something for free or dont pay for anything.
    Now the other tjing is everyone expect 120% service but wants to tip 10% or not tip at all.
    If thats you just stay home. People have bills to pay and families to take it care of and not eork to pay for you to dine in.
    Have some respect to your server/ bartender and be kind.

  15. I mean what were you expecting though? She’s an overweight cheer mom. In my experience those are THE most entitled women.
    Throwback to the youth cheer national championships:
    Location: 5+ miles away from the championship site, at a slightly off campus College food and bar but mostly bar:
    We are packed, kitchen manager closes kitchen at 10:59, we normally close it at 10:45 because BAR. Cheer moms come in and yell at the manager about our door close time being 11
    Little girls not wearing shirts (but wearing sports bras) moms get mad when we ask them politely to put on shirts because we have a shirt + shoes policy.
    Also, no loss they are all shitty tippers.

  16. Thanks for the laugh today!! This is truly one of your funniest posts ever! Feel better, my friend!!

  17. This woman needs to be banned from any and all OG restaurants. Or just restaurants in general. What an ass.
    Get to feeling better, BW. You really are missed ’round these parts!

  18. You’ve been missed, Bitchy. Sorry that you’ve been sick, don’t make me thank Anna for your return. Be well!

  19. The best part of all of this is Pomodoro is tomato in Italian. Which means she was asking for pasta in tomato sauce.

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