Bitchy Waiter + Guy Fieri = a Match Made in Heaven!

Over the years, I have poked fun at a lot of people, including myself. Vey rarely has it come back to bite me in the ass because most people are able to take a joke. One of my frequent targets has always been Food Network personality Guy Fieri. All the way back in June of 2012, I called him a douchebag. In April of 2014, I wrote about his new Times Square restaurant and totally trashed his menu even though I’d never eaten there. In June of 2016 I wrote a post about Anthony Bourdain and some of his amazing quotes, one which was about his dislike for Guy’s cooking. In January of 2017, I mentioned that eating at Guy’s restaurant was like wrestling an alligator. Yes, I have been a total asshole to Guy Fieri.

You would think after years of trashing a person like that, they wouldn’t want anything to do with me. Well, you would be mistaken.

Guy Fieri has a restaurant on the Atlantic City Boardwalk called Guy Fieri’s Chophouse. It serves up lots of burgers and meat with very few vegetables and almost everything comes with cheese on it. Of course, it’s right up my digestive alley. Guy has been wanting to do a reality show based on one of his restaurants and that’s where I come in! They needed someone to work at the restaurant and be a sort of co-host on the show. They were looking for a server with tons of experience (check!), someone who had a large social media following (check!), someone with an acting background (check!), and someone who had the utmost respect for Guy Fieri and his food (three out of four ain’t bad.)

My agent submitted me for the role about three months ago and it has been a long time coming, but I finally got the call. Yes, I will still be working in a restaurant, but I will also be introducing segments and problem solving for servers on the floor as well as interacting with guests. It will air on Food Network in late 2019 and we have a 12-episode deal. There is no official name for the show yet and it’s just called “Untitled Guy Fieri Project.” Personally, I like “Bitchy Waiter Takeover,” but they aren’t so keen on it. Yet.

Before I took the job, I questioned my agent about the alleged homophobic remarks that one of his producers said Guy made while shooting “Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.” The next time I met Guy in person, he brought up the subject himself. He assured me that the producer who made those claims was a bitter ex-employee who had an axe to grind. Guy told me about his sister Morgan who was gay and died several years earlier. He even showed me the tattoo he has on his arm that he got in her honor. I choose to believe him. Also, the paycheck is good. Like, really good, you guys.

We will begin shooting within the next four to six weeks, but we already have a promo ready to go. If you want to see me and Guy Fieri together talking about our new show (I can’t believe I just said “our new show”), you can click here!

Thank you all so much. I owe this to you!

6 thoughts on “Bitchy Waiter + Guy Fieri = a Match Made in Heaven!

  1. Catherine C

    Actually there are quite a few restaurants in Florida that specialize in preparing fish dishes. And if you bring them your fresh catch for the day they’ll prepare it in whatever style you’ll like ie: blackened, scampi, baked you get the idea.

    They charge a per person or whole fish deal and you pay for the sides, appetizers and desserts too. So what’s the big problem? Your just providing the Chef with the freshly caught fish of your day. You still pay for the preparation and service too.


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