Little Girls Steals Tip and Gets Publicly Shamed For It

A restaurant in Mansfield, Texas is publicly shaming a little girl who stole a tip from a table and it was all caught on surveillance video. (Video below)

I am living for it.

The owner of Our Place Restaurant, Benji Arslanovski, has no regrets saying, “That’s the only tool we have to catch those people. So we’re going to use it. It’s not okay, but we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt to make it right. Our rule is if you come pay for it today or the next day, we’ll take the video off.” This is not the first time he has done this.

The video clearly shows the child thief in action, picking up the $5 bill off the table and then hiding it under her menu when the waitress approaches. You know that little girl knew what she was doing was wrong because why else would she hide it? It also appears as if she shows her mom the money. Well, when Benji saw that video footage, he posted it on the restaurant’s Facebook page (click here if you want to give them some support for sticking up for their servers)  and what do you know? The next day the mom came back with the five bucks claiming she didn’t know it had happened and she thought her daughter got the money from her piggy bank. Uh huh. Yeah. Right, Mom.

Whether the mom knew about her juvenile delinquent daughter or not, it’s clear that the little girl is a lying, thieving, no-good, con artist with no soul and no future other than that of stealing hubcaps and selling loose cigarettes in front of the 7-11. She’s nothing but an alley cat, dirty rat, double crosser. Then again, she’s only four years old, so maybe there’s hope.

I just want to take a hot minute to thank Benji for looking out for his staff. He knows that servers in Texas only make $2.13 an hour and that tips are the livelihood of anyone who wears an apron for a living. If a person chooses to not tip, well, that’s their prerogative, However, if someone steals a tip that was left by someone else, that’s straight up bullshit and that person deserves to be shamed, even if it’s a little girl. As for the Mom, I hope she finds a way to turn her daughter around and get her on the straight and narrow path of honesty.

Keep up the great work, Benji.


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