Vegetarian Was Accidentally Served Chicken and Wants Written Apology

A woman went to Chili’s last week and had the worst experience of her life. Seriously, out of everything that has happened to her, the most horrific thing occurred at a Chili’s when she was just trying to live her vegetarian life and a server accidentally gave her a quesadilla with chicken in it. You see, Aayushi has never had any “non veg” in her mouth so having a piece of chicken in there was a shock to her system. In the past, she has always loved the quesadilla from Chili’s, so in her haste to have that delicious vegetarian concoction all over her tongue, she failed to inspect the quesadilla before she crammed it inside her face. Hence, Aayushi got some chicken in her mouth.

And then she wrote about it on Facebook. She acknowledges that it was a mistake by the server, but it’s what she demands that requires me to blog about this. She claims that management was unconcerned about the mistake. I highly doubt this. Knowing management in corporate restaurants like Chili’s, I bet they did everything they could to smooth the matter over including giving her a gift card, stroking her ego and providing her with a barf bag to regurgitate said chicken quesadilla into. What they were unwilling to do was provide her with a written apology. Yes, Aayushi wanted a fucking written apology from Chili’s.

Bitch, please. So someone made an error. It’s not like you ordered some guacamole and they accidentally brought you a bowl full of hemlock sprinkled with boric acid and a shot of bleach. Someone grabbed the wrong plate of grilled tortillas and instead of peppers, yours had chicken in it. It’s not the end of the world and it wasn’t intentional. If you have set very strict guidelines on what you will and will not eat, then you need to share that responsibility when it comes time to eat food you order in a restaurant. Had you simply peeled back a tortilla to make sure it was what you had ordered, you would have seen that chicken beak smothered in yummy Monterey Jack cheese and known right away that this was not something you were willing to have inside your mouth. I get it, you’re a vegetarian and you don’t want to partake in the eating of delicious fleshy animals. However, it’s not like you chose to eat it. It was an accident so you’re off the hook. The animal kingdom will forgive you because you didn’t know what you were eating. However, don’t hold your breath for the written apology because I’m sure it’s not coming.

Because I am a giver, I will write one for you on behalf of Chili’s. You can print it out and frame it and then next time you are eating a garden burger full of soy and nuts, you can read it and feel better about that one day you accidentally had a piece of chicken.

Dear Aayushi,

We are sorry for putting you though the worst experience of your life and we are sorry that you had to deal with the atrocity of grilled chicken. It was certainly not our intent to upset you, but sometimes mistakes happen. We hope this written apology will make up for our egregious error and we also hope that the gift card we sent you will encourage you to come back and try one of our many vegetarian dishes. Finally, it is also our hope that you will bend over and let us press our lips so far into your asshole that we can taste the tofu that you had for dinner last night.


Good luck taking this forward with your formal filing of a complaint in a consumer forum. Whatever forum you are referring to isn’t going to care. My advice to you?  Get over it. Mistakes happen. Just ask your parents. They know.

32 thoughts on “Vegetarian Was Accidentally Served Chicken and Wants Written Apology

  1. donna

    The complainant should learn to spell and use proper grammar, and maybe she would be taken more seriously. (Coz shouldn’t be considered a word unless you’re 12). If she presents in public the same way she writes, no wonder she wasn’t granted her demand of a written apology.

    ps. Phoenix is misspelled. ??
    pps. overuse of hashtags is EXTREMELY annoying. Again, something for 12 year olds.

  2. Everi

    He was not mocking her diet or religious beliefs 🙄 Clearly he was mocking her demanding a written apology, which you’ve got to admit is hilarious—I’ve been in the industry for years and that’s definitely a new one on the list of ridiculous guest requests 😂😂🤣 Also why shouldn’t she have to check her own food? If her diet is SO STRICT that violating it is “the worst experience of her life” common sense dictates she should most definitely check her food before consuming. Especially considering restaurant staff are only human and I’ve yet to meet someone who hasn’t experienced their order coming out wrong at least once. She is being dramatic and ridiculous. She is also blaming the server without knowing whose mistake it actually was. This whole review reeks of typical-entitled-ignorant-customer.

  3. Brittany

    OMG I’m not sure why every one is freaking out!! Nobody is denying a mistake was made, nobody is making fun diet choices. We are ridiculing her because she demands a WRITTEN APOLOGY!! We are ridiculing her because she is reacting as if she just found out her food had been infected with Ebola. How exactly is a written apology going to remedy the situation? I’m sure they remade the food and apologized, Chili’sprobably paid for it, and they probably offered a gift card. What irritates me is that she really believes this was just a calamity of an event….A WRITTEN APOLOGY!! Give me a break.

  4. Trista

    Being a server for the past 12 years I deal with people who need special mods all the time. If I had an allergy or ask for something not to be in my food I’m certainly going to check it when it hits the table. Servers and staff are human and do make mistakes… I know how dare we! Two seconds to look for meat. I agree this woman is ludacris to ask for a written apology.

  5. CJ

    I was a vegan for four years. I was also a vegetarian for several years. This was for religious and dietary reasons.

    I now eat meat because of anemia. I will not get into a debate about iron pills and shots on this thread. I cannot, unfortunately, do any of that.

    Another thing, I’m allergic to cinnamon. So…food in general can be perilous if I’m not careful.

    All of that being said…one cannot go to a chain restaurant and expect everything to shift just because you have a set way you eat. You can express, beg, plead and tip extra in the hopes that your food will come out the way you order It, but it won’t always happen. There are ten other people that have specific wants and needs besides yours that server is thinking about.

    As a vegan, I mainly would eat at home where I could prepare my own meals and be sure of what I was eating. Same for vegetarianism.

    On the odd chance I was invited out or had to attend the obligatory birthday dinner, I would carefully order grilled vegetables and make sure not to order something that would have meat products in it. Some food touching and mingling is expected. See my comment below.

    Mistakes happen. It is food, not the end of the world. You could simply have it sent back or have left. Or like Bitchy said…check your food. If you’re that picky, have the wherewithal to look it over before sampling it. Use common sense.

    It doesn’t warrant a written apology from management who are already busy enough trying to bend their backs pleasing disgruntled ‘Mericans who ate all their well-done steaks before complaining that it didn’t moo at them.

    As I have a food allergy, I happen to smell my food as well as a small sample before I dive in. Sometimes cinnamon is used to flavor chocolate, and I have to ask before having any if it’s got the ingredient in it.

    Here’s something that will blow your mind: Everything is cooked on the same grill. Your grilled veggie quesAdilla is grilled on the same one that medium-rare sirloin was five minutes ago. Staff are too busy to use some dawn dish soap and scrub down the melting hot grill to get all the animal product off of it every time a vegan walks through the door.

    So, no matter if it was a huge chunk of chicken or the blackened tortilla, you ingested some kind of animal product! *mindblown*

    I agree with Bitchy. 100%.

  6. Server at chilis

    So chilis doesnt have a veg quesadilla. There is a chicken quesadilla. She obv wanted it modded and tgey made a mistake. Dont order shit tghats not on the menu, and if she was that worried she needs to look at hee food before eating it

    1. Molly

      Chili’s offers different menus on different continents.
      Based on her naming the manager and area director, I assume she is out of the US.
      Also, in Phoenix, AZ, there is not a location at a Market City.

  7. Donna

    If you’ve a health issue with food it is your responsibility to make that clear to server so establishment in go out of their way to help you (which 99.9% will do). Does she realize that unless expressly indicating no meet can touch her food…that previous cheese quesadillas were cooked write next to chicken and prolly where a nice fat burger was finished.

  8. Sheela

    I’m so tired of people being brave on social media. It costs peoples jobs. 🤦🏼‍♀️ . A single complaint on social media can cost entire families to lose the only income they have. It is insensitive to mock though.

  9. Shannon

    I love all food but I am a picky ass muddertrucker and I have served cooked and bartended for well let’s just say a very looong time and I always check my food. I don’t get it if you are vegetarian how can you eat cheese?

    1. Stefanie

      There’s a difference between vegetarian and vegan. Vegetarians won’t eat meat, but still have dairy…vegans will not consume anything made from animals.

      1. ArdieC

        And don’t forget, vegans have no sense of humor. And the world has to accommodate vegans, vegetarians are usually more life-like.

    1. donna

      Yup. If it’s going to wind up being this traumatic of an experience for her, she should make it a policy to lift the edge up of whatever she is getting ready to consume that is hiding the goodies underneath and ascertain that it only contains vegetarian matter.

  10. Janice

    I’m usually on board with you, Bitchy Waiter, but I can’t get behind this one. She shouldn’t have to inspect her food. Especially at 1 AM. She ordered something, she should have gotten it. What if she had a peanut allergy, but they picked up the wrong sandwich Your apology is still hilarious.

  11. Janice

    I am usually on board with you Bitchy Waiter, but c’mon, she shouldn’t have to inspect her meal before she piledrives it into her piehole. Especially at 1 AM. I still love your apology, but I can’t fully back you on this one buddy.

  12. Lori

    If it was the worst experience in her life then she leads a charmed life! They made a mistake and fixed it. A written apology is overboard. I have been vegan/vegetarian and always double checked my food when ordering out. It’s just common sense. And could she have used more hashtags?

  13. Claire

    I do usually agree with you, Bitchy Waiter, but… This lady is Indian and the culture is way different. “Veg” = vegetarian and “non-veg” = omnivore (didn’t need to explain that, really) and they are vegetarian for religious reasons. English is also probably her second language, so the hyperbole in her review, well, maybe she can have a pass just this once 🙂

    1. Elle

      Not all Indians are vegetarian, and assuming that English is her second language is ignorant. And it doesn’t matter if she’s never eaten meat before, her reaction and demands were ridiculous. She wasn’t poisoned, she wasn’t going to die, and if that’s the worst thing that’s ever happened in her life, then I’ll happily trade lives with her right now.

    2. will

      Incorrect, she cannot have a pass for this. As he said, if it was so important that it caused her to have “The worst experience of her life” she should have taken the extra 3 seconds to check before shoveling it into her mouth. She is simply seeking attention, and she got it here. It may not have been the attention she was hoping for, but it IS the attention that she deserves.

  14. Katelyn

    I mean if she’s never eaten meat before that could actually make her really sick. The written apology thing is bizarre, but IDK that I’m as inclined to mock her as with other bad reviews.

    1. Louisa

      To make fun of someone’s diet or possibly religious beliefs is pretty low even for the bitchy waiter.
      Ive been a vegetarian for years (sorry I know you absolutely hate that) and I decided to try oing bacl to chicken. I couldn’t stop puking. I’m also a server/bartender that would be horrified if I poisoned someone by serving them fish when they were highly allergic or deeply hurting someone qho is raised Muslim by adding bacon to their dish.
      And no we shouldnt be forced to stay home because we dont gorge on red meat and taters everyday of our big pants lives.
      Sorry Im usually with you but this is a matter of personal health. Chillis should pay up.

      1. ElysianaValenti

        Oh, please… get off your high horse… he isn’t mocking her for her diet. He is mocking her for demanding a written apology. And for not checking her food. It makes zero sense for a vegetarian not to look at their food before they eat it.

      2. ElysianaValenti

        And no one said you should stay home. They said you should check your own food, like an adult. Also, no one is debating whether Chili’s should “pay up”. Pay for what exactly? Her food? I am sure they already did that. And if you believe she has some grounds for a lawsuit, you are insane. The way you say that all non vegetarians “gorge on red meat and taters all day” show me that you have a superiority complex about your vegetarianism.

        1. donna

          Clearly, the complainant isn’t an adult. Unless she’s deliberately trying to come across as a 12 year old, which I have no idea why she would want to do and be taken seriously.

      3. Haylee Dickey

        I disagree wholeheartedly. You comparing serving a person fish who is allergic to fish and this situation where she doesn’t eat meat and is accidentally served meat…is apples to oranges. And Muslims don’t eat pork not chicken.

      4. Meg

        I very highly doubt that one tiny bite of chicken is going to make her ill. Maybe if she had eaten the whole thing, and a food allergy is a completely different story. I also didn’t see anyone make fun of religious beliefs

        1. Katelyn

          I mean I’m a vegeterian, I grew up not eating meat, and it does make me ill if I accidentally eat it, because my system isn’t used to it. This is includes soup stock or like, the one time I tried one bite of chicken from a friend’s plate just to see what it was like.

          Again asking for a written apology is ridiculous, I’m just saying that I don’t think it’s unreasonable that she was upset.


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