Famous Lady Breaks Up With Famous Guy Because He’s a Bad Tipper

I don’t watch The Big Bang Theory because I don’t need to see a show about a bunch of socially inept nerds hang out with each other since it reminds me too much of my high school years. However, I might have to give it a try since the star of the show, Kaley Cuoco, released a video on Vogue that I am completely obsessed with. In the five-minute clip, she tells the story of a hot actor she was dating years ago that she had to break up with because he was a bad tipper. (Yes, people, that is a legitimate reason to break up with someone.)

The video is filled with anecdotes that any of us who have suffered through cheap ass friends will relate to: she continuously “forget” things in the restaurant so she can run back in and leave extra money for the server, she develops excuses to not go out to dinner, she is mortified to introduce the cheap ass to her friends and family. So she finally broke up with him.

While I applaud her actions, I am left with one big question: who was she dating? Which hot Hollywood actor is a cheap ass bitch? Since I don’t really know much about this Kaley Cuoco person, can someone please do a little investigative reporting and let us all know who she might be talking about? Thanks. And Kaley, if you’re reading this (yeah, right…), thank you for being a big tipper. If you ever find yourself in Sunnyside Queens and want to enjoy a roasted chicken breast, please come find me and sit in my section. I happily accept large tips.


p.s. If this video was shot in her house, I want to move there. Did you see that bar??


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