Waitress Attacked By Ranch Dressing- Caught on Tape

A restaurant worker saw her worst fear come true this week when she dropped about a million gallons of Ranch dressing and ended up wearing it. Of course the video has gone viral because who doesn’t want to see someone covered in Ranch dressing while their friends and coworkers laugh their asses off?

Seriously, that Ranch dressing came at her with a vengeance as if that creamy deliciousness had a score to settle. It was like an atom bomb of mayonnaise went off and this waitress was ground zero. She’s gonna smell like a Cobb salad for a week. Someone should throw some baby carrots and celery sticks at her and call her an appetizer.

Please watch the video again and again and be grateful that it wasn’t you.

2 thoughts on “Waitress Attacked By Ranch Dressing- Caught on Tape

  1. taco_truck_addict

    Bukkake, baby!

    I guess if I had to get blasted like that, I’d prefer bleu cheese dressing over ranch. Bring on the Buffalo wings!


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