IHOP Waitress Threatens Family With Steak Knife

An IHOP waitress from Massapequa, New York is in some hot water after she allegedly lost her cool with some customers and threatened them with a steak knife. The waitress’s name is Rhonda Kelly and she was charged with second-degree menacing and released on a court appearance ticket. You can read the whole story here, but here’s the gist:

Basically, a mom and dad took their two special needs kids to IHOP for a “treat.” According to Dad, the waitress had a little bit of an attitude from the beginning. He says there was a heated exchange between his family and the waitress at which time the manager asked them to go. As they were leaving, he heard someone make a comment about one of his children and that struck a nerve with him causing him to go back into the restaurant. He claimed that the staff surrounded him and his family while the staff claimed they felt an immediate threat to their personal safety which is when Rhonda picked up the steak knife. Police were called and there you have it.

But what is the real story? If the parents felt their server had a nasty attitude, why then did management ask them to go? Is it not too far fetched to believe that they were also part of the problem? Granted, it was certainly not okay for a staff member to insult their children, but the dad admits that, although his voice was raised, it was just an inquiry and not a threat. Uh huh, sure Dad. If I saw your mullet-wearing ass heading toward me screaming, I’d grab a steak knife too. Or a butter knife or a bottle of boysenberry syrup or anything else to put between me and you. According to the dad, his boys are still haunted by the experience with the “angry lady,” but I think the only real haunting that they may be dealing with is the scariness of his receding hairline and the weak chin of their mother.

Rhonda Kelly will make her court appearance next month. My guess is that the judge will say something like this:

Oh, Jesus, you wait tables at IHOP and this is the first time you’ve pulled a steak knife on somebody? Girl, kudos to you. I don’t even know what went down that day with the family, but I’m gonna give you a free pass on this one. The next time someone orders a Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity® but says they don’t want fruit or gluten, you just take a minute to breathe and step away from the steak knifes. Now get outta here, Rhonda! Go on, girl. Case dismissed.

That’s when the judge pressed play on her iPod shuffle and they to “Cell Block Tango” from the movie Chicago:

12 thoughts on “IHOP Waitress Threatens Family With Steak Knife

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  2. Karen

    We have been patrons of this IHOP for years. We know all the waitstaff right down to the waitress this article is about. She is a kind caring woman who absolutely dotes over children of all kinds when you bring them in. So much so that my granddaughter who lives out if state will ask if we are going to see Rhonda when she comes. I have never heard a nasty word from this woman, she is very professional at work. I think these people are just trying to get their 15 minutes of fame!! Ok you had that its done move on please and NEVER come back to my IHOP.

  3. Denesa diaz

    I work at an IHOP also, it takes a lot before we would ask anyone to leave the restaurant, and the fact that her manager stood behind her and asked THEM to leave, speaks volumes! Hang in there girl!

  4. Wakeelah

    OMG!!! I’ve never heard such embellishment in my entire life. I’ve worked with Ms. Rhonda Kelly for years and she is the sweetest lady with a beautiful daughter of her own. Anyone who knows her knows how passionate she is about children! These people seem to be looking for some type of attention for whatever reason and Rhonda was the person they chose to target. Rhonda keep your head up girl! Justice will prevail. We love and support u 100%

  5. miss kitty

    Just because an a@@hole calls u a name does not make it ok to pickup a knife and threaten someone with it..

  6. Teshara

    I know her personally. She worked at this restaurant for almost 15 years. Has an abundance of regulars that come in and request her. She has no idea her face is being plastered all over social media like this. The bottom line is: these guests called her a N****r and when the manager asked them to leave. They called the manager a n*****r lover for defending her. It could’ve escalated quickly had it not been stopped by one of the cooks. This woman loves children. Shes a mom herself and works very very hard. There has never been an issue when she worked. Thats her side of the story. I hope this comes to light. And i really hope the press stops making her look like a criminal for picking up a knife.

    1. Deb

      I figured there was much more to this story than this. Having been called an n****r lover myself by a slope-skulled moron, I totally understand. Does she have a page where we can make a donation to her defense?

  7. Sara

    Pretty sure if this girl had that bad of an attitude the family could have easily requested a different server or just left. Something is fishy about what the family said :/


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