Busy Waitress Now Has Stubs For Feet

breaking-newsA 24-year-old waitress from Bethesda, Maryland is facing a long road ahead after losing both her feet while working a lunch shift at Non Pied Cafe, a popular French bistro in the Ashburton neighborhood. Alice Honeycutt has worked at the restaurant for just under a year and up until last week had the full use of both of her feet. That all changed when a 12-top showed up in her section. The large party of ten women and two men were celebrating the promotion of a co-worker who would soon be leaving the department they worked in together at a local bank. Says Honeycutt, “They were just so needy. Every time I would get to their table, someone would ask for something else. I would go get it and as soon as I’d get back, someone else would need something.”

The main culprit, 49-year-old office manager Samantha Needlelot, was reported to have asked for five refills of iced tea, extra napkins a total of two times, an additional soup spoon, a new knife that was free of water spots, another menu citing stickiness on the first one and she also had several questions for the kitchen regarding ingredients. Honeycutt fulfilled all of these needs and also handled the other eleven guests who also asked for items as varied as extra mayo, additional bread, waters for everyone, eight hot teas, two cappuccinos, four mugs of hot water to clean the silverware and a small bowl of warm water for a woman to rinse her finger of honey.

“I don’t think I have ever walked back and forth to one table so many times,” says the footless server. After about an hour of repeatedly being run ragged, she soon noticed that her feet were beginning to wear away. “It was like my feet were pencil erasers that were just being rubbed down to nothing. My shoes eventually fell off and the next thing I knew, I just had two stumps.”

Patrick Lorsen, manager of Non Pied Cafe, did all he could to help his ailing employee, but even he could not save her feet. “That table was really awful. Ms. Needlelot was the worst, but they were all pretty bad. They each wanted their food to go, but they asked for containers one at a time. I mean, who does that?”

To make matters worse, the party required separate checks meaning twelve different trips to the computer. Thankfully, gratuity was added, but the $73.65 won’t go very far for Honeycutt. “I’m not sure what I’m going to do for work now. I don’t have feet anymore, so I guess I’ll have to get an office job. In the meantime, I’m pretty broke.”

To make ends meet, she has already sold all of her shoes on Ebay. She hopes the money she makes from those sales will tide her over until she get her resume updated and finds another job. However, she still maintains a positive attitude.

“Yes, I’m bummed that Table 15 ran me so hard that I no longer have feet, but I hope they left the restaurant happy. I just want them to know that I did everything I could to give them the best service. I do miss my feet though. I had such cute toes.”

A Go Fund Me account has been set up for Honeycutt in the hopes she can have reconstructive surgery for her feet. Click here for more information.


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