Prayers for Annie. (Applebee’s Ruined Her Lunch)

Can we all take a moment to gather hands and send out some positive energy to Annie who went to Applebee’s only to have her lunch totally ruined? It seems that while she was there, she witnessed something that disgusted her and I’m not even talking about that sandwich of pulled pork, ham and bacon that she was trying to cram down her throat. The TV was on, as it usually is at Applebee’s, and playing on it was the TV show Bones. As that show is wont to do, it had a scene of an autopsy happening and, as is often the case in autopsies, the body was dead! Yes, Annie was forced to watch actors pretending they were performing an autopsy on a fake dead body and it was so upsetting to Annie that she hardly noticed that the fried onions on her sandwich looked slightly like a plate of intestines. To make matters worse, it was afternoon! And there were kids in that restaurant! Clearly, Applebee’s should only have the TV on the Cartoon Network. Consequently, Annie claims to have barely touched her food, but in all likelihood, she ate every last bite of that Triple Hog Dare Ya Sandwich and classic fries and topped it off with three or four Diet Cokes. She ends her Facebook post with “Have to wait till I get home to get the images out of my head” which leads me to believe that she was writing that status while still in the restaurant.

Umm, Annie, here are a few suggestions for you:

  • Try eating in a restaurant that doesn’t have large screen TV’s all over the place. Those types of restaurants do exist.
  • If you do find yourself in a restaurant that has large screen TV’s all over the place, don’t look at them.
  • If you can’t keep your eyes off the large screen TV’s and you see something that you think is unsuitable for Applebee’s customers, ask someone if they can change the channel. This, of course, will require you to actually communicate with another human being instead of typing your complaints onto your cell phone.
  • If they say they are unable to change the channel, don’t look at the screen.
  • If your eyes are constantly drawn to the screen like a bird is to a shiny object, maybe you should sit with your back to the large screen TV.

We can only hope that Annie made it home unscathed and was able to get those images out of her head. Maybe she turned on her own television to the calming scene of Guy Fiery stuffing fried pork down his gullet and that erased the more disturbing images of the fake autopsy. Be strong, Annie. We servers only want what’s best for you.


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