Woman Quits Restaurant Job in Most Epic Way

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 11.56.26 AMIf anyone who has had more than one job in their lifetime it means they had to quit at least one job in order to go to the new one, right? There are lots of ways to quit your job. You can put in two weeks written notice, which is the most responsible way to do it. Or you can decide mid-shift that you cannot bear the thought of coming back the next day so you quit with one day of notice. Or, if you’re like this woman, you can leave right in the middle of the shift, mooning your boss and slapping your ass as you walk the fuck out.

Such is the case with a restaurant worker who told her boss to “suck her mother fuckin’ dick” because she got hired at Yale. No word on what job she nabbed at Yale, but my guess is that she is the new dean of the mother fuckin’ English department. Also no word on how long she kept that job after her new boss at Yale saw this video and realized what a great choice the human resources department made.

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And now the NSFW video that will make you cringe with discomfort while also applauding this restaurant worker who simply did not give a fuck.


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