Prayers Are Needed for BWW’s Customer


A screenshot in case Ed takes down the original post.

A screenshot in case Ed takes down the original post.

Everyone please gather round and join hands, for we have a customer who is in desperate need of a prayer circle, y’all. A few days ago, a man by the name of Ed went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. (Side note: I bet that 95% of the men who go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner are named Ed…) While he was there, the power went out and it really fucked with his dining experience in a major way. According to Ed, the electricity went out for one minute. That’s right, 60 whole seconds.

But wait, it gets even worse!

Because the power went out, the servers had to rewrite the checks manually and, even though he was already finished eating, he had to wait 30 minutes to get his check. Now we all know how customers have a tendency to exaggerate their wait times in order to prove how difficult their situation was, so we don’t know for sure how long it took to get his check. My guess is that it was more like 10 or 15 minutes but it felt like thirty because Ed couldn’t wait to get home to his toilet to release the Hickory Pulled Pork Sandwich that was marinating in his gut. During those thirty minutes, he did not see any managers and no one gave him any water. No water!

Could it get any more horrific?? Yes, yes it could.

Not only did he not have water as he sat there, he didn’t have television or A/C. While the power was out. For one minute. Being a customer is hard:


Ed is upset that he got no apology and also disappointed that the restaurant did not have a plan for an expected situation such as losing electricity. I see a couple of things wrong with his complaints. Number one, I don’t think of losing the power as an expected situation really. Sure, we all know it can happen, but I doubt it’s a daily occurrence. Number two, it sounds to me like the restaurant staff did have a plan in case they lost power and that was to write out the checks manually, which is what they were doing. I guess what Ed is most upset about is that he didn’t get to watch TV for a minute and that his throat was parched.

It’s been a couple of days since Ed went through the traumatic event at Buffalo Wild Wings. Hopefully by now, he has overcome it and moved on with his life. If not though, this is why I am writing. I want everyone to send Ed some positive thoughts, good vibes and sincere prayers that he will never have to go through such a horrible time again. After all, when someone goes to Buffalo Wild Wings, the expectation is that it will be first class experience all the way. From the tubs of wings to the wet wipes to the dessert nachos, one expects class. And ed did not get that experience he so rightly deserved. Prayers to you, sir. And I hope that those prayers will be answered by way of a gift certificate for Buffalo Wild Wings. I mean, that’s why you complained on the Facebook age, isn’t it? For free food? Yeah, I thought so. Bless you, Ed.


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