How To Get Fired in 140 Characters or Less

Cn96WWJWcAADYaOYet another server has fallen victim to the lure of ranting on social media and this time it cost her her job. Greeley, Colorado waitress Megan Olson got fed up after being stiffed one too many times and rather than accepting that that’s how it goes in the world of waiting tables, she took to Twitter and spit out some hate speak. “If I had a real life purge I would kill as many Mexicans as I could in on night #learnhowtotipyoufuckingtwats.” Needless to say, it did not go over well. When the Tweet became public, The Texas Roadhouse she worked at quickly asked her to get the fuck out.

After she pulled her tail out from between her legs, she wrote an apology on her Facebook page:

I wrote hurtful, inconsiderate, insensitive and careless words and I understand the amount of people I have offended by that. There are no excuses for what I have done. I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, apologize to everyone for my momentary lack of judgement. I want you all to know that I do not actually feel this way.

People, people, people, when you will you learn? If you are going to say horrible things on social media about your customers, nine times out of ten, you’re going to get fired for it. (Apparently, I am the exception to that rule. Do as I say, not as I do, alright?) Megan learned a valuable lesson and I would imagine she will have a hard time finding another job for a while. Nowadays, I bet the first thing an employer does when looking at a potential new hire is Google them and now Megan gets to see this story in her Google search. On the bright side, I’m sure she can always apply for a job at Donald Trump’s campaign. I hear he’s looking for volunteers to build a wall between the United States and Mexico and I bet Megan would jump at the opportunity. Good luck, girl.

side note: I’ve been to Greeley, Colorado and the whole town pretty much smells like shit. I don’t remember why, but it just does. Or at least it did when I was there in the late 1980‘s. Megan’s attitude fits right in.

30 thoughts on “How To Get Fired in 140 Characters or Less

  1. Stephanie Jo

    This is how you can rant on social media and not get fired: set your shit to private and block all your managers (and co workers who are known to brown nosw or be snitches)

  2. Charlotte

    Also I see where this girl was coming from because I won’t lie I’ve come home from work on Sunday’s cursing Mexicans and their awful tips. It is so frustrating getting that young Hispanic couple that orders multiple appetizers, desserts, the most expensive items in the menu. They somehow have enough to spend $60 on a meal but tip you?? No way!! I would never want to harm them that is taking it way too far. Though I do wish auto grat was still allowed. It may seem racist but it just statistics just like I can predict that 19/20 of them will want their burger cooked well done.

  3. Charlotte

    I live in Greeley and it’s true many Hispanics tip very poorly. I can usually tell the ones that will be tipping badly from the moment I walk over to the table. 9/10 times I’m right lol. And no I do not give them bad service because if they complain I would get in trouble and it simply would not be worth it. Usually it’s a bad sign when they have lots of kids, have an accent or are speaking Spanish. If they pay with a $100 bill then your fate is pretty much sealed for a 10% or lower tip. I have found that Hispanics who are more Americanized will usually tip well. Still I would rather wait on them then the white trash that resides in Greeley.

  4. Sarah

    These stereotypes come from experience. Yet, they are theory, not hard fast rules. I have taken tables no one wanted and gotten great tips. I have done the same and got jack. In the big picture it all evens out. If I try to enjoy my shift and not focus on negativity I always wind up happy at the end.

    1. Jennifer

      In your country, servers receive an appropriate wage, so I don’t expect you to. But if you visit my country, please believe we can’t feed our families without our tips, and be kind.

  5. Sarally

    I’m a Puerto Rican. From my exp, people that dsnt sweat their ass or never waited a table… are bad tippers. I used to tip bad before. Now that I’ve been waiting tables for more than three years, obviously I’ve changed and those that had heard me bitching… have changed their tipping way. Lol

  6. Emily

    These comments make me sad for humanity. I was expecting an outcry against this girl’s racist comments, but then just saw more racism. Some people don’t tip; some people are shitty tippers. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and economic levels. Some of the most affluent white males I’ve had as regulars were notorious for giving 10% no matter how hard any server at my restaurant tried to give them 110% service. Do I assume that of all white males because of it? No, because I’m not a fucking douche bag.

  7. Leti

    I’m Mexican and by the looks of her, I can totally take her!

    Without Mexicans there would be no guacamole!
    No quesadillas!
    No carne asada!

    Are you fucking crazy!?!?!

    PAN DULCE!!!!

  8. CincyDrunk

    I could go on and on about stereotypes but at the end of the day, I just try to provide the best service possible so that when I DO get a bad tip, I know it’s because they’re an asshole, not me. I get some of my best tips from ALL the “stereotypical bad tippers”.

  9. Rachel

    “Mexicans” as she called them (pretty sure she meant Hispanics lol) have always tipped me great! Most of the time they are blue collar hard workers so they get working hard for a dollar and have always compensated me well.

  10. Aria

    I’m Mormon and I tip well. Probably cause I’m in the food business. Just depends on the person. All people can be great or shit tippers

  11. Jersey

    Stereotypes gotta love em… I’m Latin and a waiter and I tip based off the service you give me… Not because we’re both in the server industry together… I worked with a girl who hates waiting on black people… So I watched her from the moment she greeted the table to the moment they paid.. And if you gave me an attitude the moment you greet me I also am not leaving you shit… A bad server is. Bad server…. Some of my most ghetto Latin white trash tables tip me beyond the standard… Because I give them service …. And even if they tip me nothing I still don’t bitch …. Because we do it based on competitive wages every restaurant will tell you that… That 2 on a fifty is ya tip out and hope the next guest tips well… But pulling bigotry into the mix isn’t needed and she lost her job for the right reason ….

    1. Thomas

      I agree with you Jersey. If you approach a table with a negative, “I hate your people, and you don’t tip”, it will be picked up on. And you will not get a good tip if any. I have seen that attitude, and what it pays out. There are certain people in my area that if they do tip it’s 10%, or less. And I do my very best to not have those thoughts in my head as I greet the table. I have been told that I gave great service. And from my end things went well. But barely 10%. And I wait on them again. Keep the same positive attitude, and great service and the tips get better. It’s like they want to see if you will treat them different, or just be consistently nice.

    1. Jennifer

      Me, too. I treat my Hispanic guests with respect, and speak enough Spanish to assist with their food order, when they speak limited or no English. They appreciate my effort. A lot of servers start a table with an expectation off a poor tip, treating the guests poorly. They get their expectation fulfilled.

  12. Cassandra

    Greeley is surrounded by livestock feed lots (hence the smell) with a large Hispanic community…this girl should have known better

  13. Deb

    Mormons do not tip. Mormons would come to Chicago, maybe by horse and buggy, eat at my restaurant and NEVER tip. I am probably the only person I know that sneers at and mocks Mormons. I have seen ‘The Book of Mormon’ three times and it was funny every time since it insults Mormons. I would never hurt a Mormon yet I do not like Mormons one bit since Mormons are cheap.

    1. MANGLER

      Worked across the street from a huge Mormon temple, so I feel your pain there. I had an agreement with management – we all did – that when they came in (typically dressed for Church, and the men wearing name tags, so it was rather obvious), we would give them the minimum attention required because we knew they wouldn’t be tipping. One of the elders asked me about it one Sunday, and I respectfully explained that because they do not believe in tipping, the employees who work for tips did not believe in doing anything for them other than bringing the plate and the bill.

  14. Big D

    I have a much bigger issue with individuals of Middle Eastern descent not tipping than Latinos. Does it mean that want to kill them. Maybe ban them from the restaurant sometimes, but only when they come in 20 minutes before close rack up a $500 Tab and then leave me $5.


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