Today’s Stupid 1-Star Review

Well, another day, another 1-star review on Facebook that needs to be discussed.

Enter Sarah, who went to dine at Skipper’s Greek Cafe last month. Keep in mind that Sarah came into to the restaurant wearing the same shoes she was born with: none. It seems that the owner of the restaurant did not want to see Sarah’s little piggies, none of which needed to go to the market, but some of which needed to get a pedicure, and refused to serve her.

“Discrimination!” cried Sarah.

Umm, no Sarah, it isn’t. While it may not be a federal law that people have to wear shoes in a restaurant, it is up to the owner’s discretion what type of rules are to be enforced. If an owner doesn’t want to serve people who need an extra seat for their toe jam, he can certainly refuse service. That’s not discrimination. Discrimination would be if he allowed every one else to come into his restaurant with barefoot and then singled you out and did not let you come in.

“But what about him?” Sarah asked, pointing to a man in thick-soled-flip-flops. “Would you classify him as wearing shoes??” she wanted to know.

Umm, yes. Those are shoes. When you go to buy flip-flops or any other kind of sandal, you are going to find them in the shoe section, meaning they are shoes. You had nothing on your feet. He did: shoes.

“You know there’s no federal law about or health department requirement for people to wear shoes, right?” shrieked Sarah.

It doesn’t matter. His restaurant, his rules. Follow them or get out. Which is exactly what happened. Sarah left, but not before letting the owner know that she would not be back, to which the restaurant owner probably shrugged his shoulders so hard that his earlobes were introduced to his clavicle.

Sarah has plans to reach out to a group that “represents barefooted patrons” and she expects that Skipper’s will soon be hearing from them. Imagine how worried the owner must feel knowing that this phone call is in his future:


Sarah, I’m glad you and your fellow tralierlicious, barefooted bestie were able to be accommodated across the street at the national chain restaurant, but I don’t believe you. You really expect us to think that Applebee’s or Chili’s welcomed you and your dirty feet into their establishment? No, I don’t think so. Good try though.

You can be barefoot wherever you want. However, if a place of business has a rule that keeps them from having to look at your Bilbo Baggins bare feet, then you either have to cover them up or go elsewhere. You don’t need to leave a 1-star review because they are enforcing their own rules. Now put some damn shoes on and delete this review.



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