Waitress Unhappy to Receive “Best Butt” Award?

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 9.10.02 AMA waitress in Southport, Indiana is upset that she was given an award at her job at Scotty’s Brewhouse. While some people got “Best Bartender”or “Best Server,” the unidentified waitress got the award for “Best Butt.”

“I feel like I’m more than just a butt,” she said. “I feel like I’m smart, I’m going to school.”

She was given the award at an event in front of co-workers and the woman is so offended that she is considering filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). She is also waiting for an apology from her employers at Scotty’s Brewhouse or the corporate HR department. You know, if I was embarrassed about getting an award for my butt, the first thing I would NOT do is call the local news crew and have them do a story about it, but whatever.

Bless her heart. While I can understand how degraded she must have felt with all of her co-workers admiring her derrière as she accepted her award, I can’t help but (butt?) be jealous of her. As a 49-year old, I long for the days when anyone even realized I had an ass. If I was given an award for “Best Butt,” I would be calling the local news organizations too, but for a completely different reason:

Hello Fox 59? It’s me, Bitchy Waiter. Guess what! I just won an award because people like my ass! Can you believe it? I’m so excited. No one has complimented it since the mid 90‘s. So anyway, when do you want to come over and photograph it? I’m free right now and for the rest of my life until you agree to come over and do a news story about my fabulous ass. Yeah, I’m a good waiter too, but my ass can run circles around my waiting skills. I must admit that I am waiting for an apology from the HR department for not giving me this award sooner. I mean, wait until you see my ass. It’s amazing.

Full disclosure: In 2007, I did a photo shoot for a toilet campaign, They took a picture of my butt and it ended up on their website and even on a billboard in Times Square. A church in the neighborhood got offended and sued to have it taken down, but for a few short weeks, I mooned Times Square. My butt is the third and fifth one. Yes, this is true.2007_06_totobutt

11 thoughts on “Waitress Unhappy to Receive “Best Butt” Award?

  1. Former Waitress

    I like your blog a lot, Bitchy, but you’re off the mark by a few decades here. This is sexual harassment, plain and simple. She absolutely has every right in the world to sue her company and demand an apology. Plus, I seriously doubt this is the first time this woman and probably other women in that restaurant have been treated disrespectfully. Come back to the 21st Century man because your blog just got a little too “Mad Men”.

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  3. Kelley

    People in real life are actually clueless enough to throw their very own Dundie Awards? Did this moron also give out “Hottest in the Restaurant”? I’d be pleased if I had a great ass and all, but in the workplace this is just plain skeevy and unprofessional. I don’t blame her for being upset.

  4. Stephanie

    Dear ass, tho!

    Seriously, it does speak to a fair lack of awareness… I love my ass, but I would rather not have something like this be all that people at my work think if me and commend me for.

  5. JDimitrijevic

    Wow, look at you go!! You’re the only one who got two butt spots, awesome!! 😁 I’d be honored to receive this award! 😍

  6. Erika

    Are you really gonna pull the whole “women should be flattered by what is clearly harassment because I definitely would be” thing? Come on, bitchy, I expect better of you.


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