You All Made This IHOP Waitress Very Very Happy!

Last week, I posted an article about a Go Fund Me account that was created for an IHOP waitress named Rhonda. Earlier this year, Rhonda found herself in the news when a butter knife came between her and some customers that she was feeling threatened by. Initially, the story leaned to the side of the customers but as time went on, it became pretty clear that Rhonda was simply doing what she felt necessary in an unfortunate situation with some skanky, low-level diners. A friend of the blog, Stefanie, happened to visit Rhonda’s IHOP and realized what a wonderful caring person she is. The spirit of Christmas crawled up inside of Stefanie and the Go Fund Me account became a reality. Once I shared it on this blog and the Facebook page, I guess the Christmas spirit traveled like a batch of herpes because so many of you responded to it as well. Over the weekend Stefanie made the drop off to Rhonda and I wanted to give you an update.

Because of YOU, Rhonda received a check for $802.05. (A total of $855 was raised, but fees…) Stefanie wanted you all to know that Rhonda was incredibly grateful. As much as Stefanie wanted to take a photo of the whole scene, she didn’t feel it was right to do so. Plus, both her and Rhonda were big ol’ crybabies and nobody wants their picture on the Internet with their face looking all swelled up. However, I have attached photos of the check and the card and also a list of everyone who donated to this great cause. I also used my incredibly bad Photoshop skills to put a Santa hat on Rhonda’s photo above.

You guys really came through and I thank you. It’s good to know that this silly little blog I started nine years ago does have the ability to do some good every now and then. You have all proven that we restaurant folks take care of each other and that as much as we may bitch and complain, we are all a bunch of softies.

Merry Christmas to Rhonda and to all of you who donated. And thank you for giving me a chance to make this world a teeny tiny bit nicer, if even for just a moment.

Look how much we raised!

And the card attached would say, “Thank you for being a friend.”

Stefanie is about to give Rhonda the check!

Thank you to all of you!


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