Breastfeeding Mom Upset With Waitress

1375645_10154774290749062_4011856729331922082_nA waitress in Houston, Texas is in some hot water after she saw one of her customers breastfeeding at the table and decided it was inappropriate and basically thew a napkin over her the boob and the baby. Of course that did not go over so well with the mom who then stiffed the waitress, left a note on the credit card slip, took a picture of it, posted it to Facebook and then sat back and waited for it to go viral.

Dylan Downing and her two-month-old bundle of joy were out for some lunch at Atami Steak and Sushi Bar when the baby started to cry. Dylan quickly pulled out a milk bag to feed the infant and this is when the waitress, Rattana, got all up in her business. Rattana said that three men at a nearby table were complaining about the visible breast which is ironic because these same guys probably have an Internet history full of tits and ass. The waitress thought she was doing the right thing, but realized it was the opposite of that when the angry mother pulled the napkin off and asked her why she was touching her and covering her child. Rattana probably shuffled back over to the three men, handed them some extra soy sauce and then boot scoot boogied right outta that situation. Once the story made the news, the waitress apologized and explained she was only trying to help. The mom holds no hard feelings and says she will go back to the restaurant. No word on whether or not she will begin tipping again.

People, people, people, women have a legal right to feed their baby wherever they fucking want to feed it. If it’s in the middle of an Arby’s and she’s surrounded by horny teenage boys, she can still do it. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable seeing a tit, the best way to deal with it is to not look at the tit. It’s not that hard. Personally, I have been avoiding tits since the second semester of my sophomore year in college and no matter how averse I am to boobies, I’d rather be sitting amongst  a sea of them than hear a baby wailing because it’s hungry. If you are in a restaurant and see a woman breastfeeding her baby, let me just save you the trouble of telling her how it’s wrong:

  • Don’t tell them to go do it in the restroom because the woman will ask you if you enjoy eating in a restroom and your answer will be no and then her reply will be “well, my baby doesn’t want to eat in a restroom either.”
  • Don’t tell them to cover up because the woman is going to ask you if you would feel comfortable eating with a blanket over your head and your answer will be no and then her reply will be “well, my baby doesn’t want to eat with a blanket over his head either.”
  • Don’t tell them it’s offensive because the woman is going to remind you that the sole purpose of breasts is to feed a baby.
  • Don’t tell them you don’t want to see it while you’re eating because the woman is going to tell you to look the other fucking way.
  • And do not tell them that women shouldn’t be flashing their breasts for all the world to see because the woman will easily find another woman in a nearby booth who has way more tit hanging out because she’s on her first date.

Trust me. If a woman is breastfeeding at a restaurant and you are going to try to get involved in it somehow, it will not work out for you.


94 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Mom Upset With Waitress

  1. Tammy

    Yes you should be able to breastfeed where ever you and your child goes……it is a natural thing…….no one should be embarrassed about seeing a woman breastfeeding their baby, NO ONE……..

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  3. outhousecat

    I’m a customer, not a server, but personally I don’t like to see anything related to biology when I’m eating. Taking a shit is natural, too, but I don’t want the guy in the next booth to drop a deuce while I’m working on my veggie pizza. It’s about respect. I respect a woman taking care of her baby, but give me the respect of at least attempting to cover yourself. I’m a woman. I still don’t want to see tits at the restaurant. I’ll excuse myself now.

  4. Mel

    Projecting much? According to the blog, the waitress didn’t do anything until the other table complained. It’s likely she was trying to come up with an approach to keep them happy, not deliberately trying to start a fight. Again, I suspect that if she had run into this situation before, she would have had a better plan for dealing with it, such as explaining to the complaining table that what the breastfeeding mother was doing was legal and she had no recourse in this matter. Sometimes when people experience a new situation, they panic a bit and do the wrong thing, and then in hindsight they can think of a better way to handle it. The breastfeeding mother claims she has no hard feelings and would return to the restaurant, so clearly she wasn’t all that upset . Although if I were her, I wouldn’t show my face there again after airing the situation all over the internet in an effort to shame the restaurant. I can’t imagine that anyone who works there would actually be happy to deal with her. Sometimes it seems like people today are just looking for a reason to be upset and take offense to things and then they broadcast their woes to the world on social media in an attempt to get validation and sympathy. Again, I don’t disagree with the mother’s initial anger, but how she handled it afterwards was trashy and petty. All of this could have been resolved if both sides had communicated civilly with one another.

  5. Mel

    I don’t disagree with the customer for not leaving a tip and being initially angry, but when I look at the little faces she doodled on the bill, I can’t help but think that she took great delight in denying a tip to the waitress. The waitress had probably not had to handle this type of situation before and she dropped the ball in her response. There’s really no excuse for the customer to act so nasty and catty in return. We are still in a transitional period where people are getting used to more and more women applying their right to breastfeed in public. Being aggressive and punitive when educating others about this right doesn’t do you or other breastfeeding women any favors. It really only ensures negative attitudes towards breastfeeding women continue. Two wrongs don’t make a right, as they say. Next time the customer should try showing a bit of class and use her words to explain her position, rather than taking delight in petty retribution towards the restaurant and the waitress.

    1. Sharon

      The waitress probably took great delight in putting that napkin on the customer and her child. I hope it was worth around $4.00 to do that, because that’s is what her tip should have been. It was the server’s choice to do what she did. She should have gone to the manager and not decided to be booth patrol for that shift.
      If someone threw a napkin over my child’s face while I was feeding her, I would take great delight in not leaving her a tip as well as drawing doodles on the check… those are not the doodles I would have made however.

  6. Mother of Mammals, Whipper of Boobies

    1. If you have not breastfed a baby and you are commenting on how easy it is with a blanket/in a car/pumping a bottle? Shut the fuck up. You really know not of which you speak. Go put a high pressure suction hose on your nipple, see what comes out.
    2. If you have all this time to stare at a woman’s possibly slightly exposed tit, and work yourself up into a horrified lather? Go masturbate. You are obviously not getting nearly enough sex, otherwise you would not feel the need to stare at a boob that is quite obviously taken for minutes at a time. Go do that that now- you will feel better.
    3. Now that you are all relaxed, seriously stop. It is not your fucking problem or business, and if you feel the need to interrupt, I will yank that kid off my boob, cover up, and aim my screaming kid right the fuck at you. i will probably buy the immediate vicinity a round or dessert, to apologize for your assholery that drove me to this point.

  7. CincyDrunk

    Is no one going to point out that Bitchy is taking the side of the customer… And a.. a… BABY!?!

    Actually, I’m with ya on this one. GO BITCHY!!!!

  8. funkypuppy

    Thank you for this enlightened post! You hit the nail on the head by saying that you’d rather glimpse a boob than hear a screaming baby. Besides, it’s so easy to just mind your own business. For everyone complaining, If you cant help but STARE at a woman quietly feeding her baby, that’s YOUR problem, NOT hers. It makes me wonder what you do when a woman in a low cut top walks by or when you’re at the pool. For those complaining that they don’t want their poor, innocent husbands to see another woman breast feeding… there’s a problem in your marriage, not with the woman feeding her baby. If your husband is just one nursing woman away from going on a wild cheating spree, that’s an issue with him.

  9. BoB PooP

    Next time you see a women breast feeding in public, don’t complain it’s her right. Just stare right at her fucking tits while licking your lips, it’s your right.

  10. Anonymous

    I completely agree that breastfeeding in public should be allowed and accepted. That being said, I personally don’t want to be showing my tits to everybody.

  11. deisha

    I love this..I personally never had this experience but I hear of a lot of people that do I am so proud that this was posted..and I got a good laugh

  12. Alicia

    Ok. …I’m a mother of 3 girls. ..which I breastfed…I also used alittle bit of discretion when it came time to breastfeeding. ..I tried to feed my children at home. ..even breastfeeding babies are on a schedule…the mothers who insist on feeding their children in the middle of a busy restaurant or in the mall or in public in general need to understand. ..I’ve been there, done that and I don’t need to see you pull out your boob and feed your child …my husband doesn’t need to watch you feed your child. ..we’ve been there, done that and that’s not something that you need to share with us or the rest of the world

    1. Hope

      You’re absolutely right. Your husband doesn’t need to watch anyone breastfed. Tell him to mind his own business.

    2. Erika

      Lol, except no one gives a shit about sharing it with the rest of the world, they’re just feeding their baby! Grow up, ffs.

  13. Nanagranny

    Breastfeeding is a natural thing. If look back in time women used to breastfeed all their babies and they didn’t go running off to some place hidden from everyone. I would have breastfed my babies if I had had the milk but I didn’t therefore I don’t know how it feels. Like someone else said there are plenty of women walking around with more boobs sticking out of their clothes than what a breastfeeding woman has during breastfeeding. Leave these mother’s alone they are doing what comes natural and no one has the right to criticize them for it. You should be proud that they are willing to do what comes natural. I would be willing to bet that the majority or those who complain were breastfed when they were babies so shut up and praise these women.

    1. Yvonne

      Like I said, my mom didn’t did it in public and it feels like horror for myself too.
      People staring at my naked breast in a crowded business place? No way ! It just doesn’t feel right.
      If you put yourself in that light to bare body parts people won’t mind to look. Because this is what people do.
      Better to not be that aggressive with the breastfeeding in everyone’s face but rather be mysterious and classy woman.
      This is my attitude anyway as well as my mom’s.

  14. Michalia

    You can breastfeed your child tactfully, which many women do not, there is no need to expose your breast, unless you like the attention and drama from it. Who goes to a sushi bar with a 2 month old?

    1. Yvonne

      I am a woman but I know I would never uncover my breast to feed my baby in public; I know my mom never did it also. There were other times, respect and lot of education and manners. Nowadays people tend to rival with tribal people who live only for survival and trivial things.

      It won’t hurt me to take my baby out and go straight into my car and breastfeed there in intimacy without receiving shocking stares and disrespect. I don’t feel comfortable when people stare so I won’t give them any reason – every restaurant has a hallway at least, a secluded patio or some corners. I don’t want to be someone’s entertainment because I respect myself and my baby as well.

      It’s funny how those men complain…They usually search(I mean scan) the entire place for boobs that are hanging out ,shorty shorts and other sweet body parts …I think when they see a nipple in baby’s mouth they get jealous :)))

      1. JB

        If your baby is screaming with hunger and you are a very long distance from your vehicle, it definitely will hurt you to take your baby out to your car. What about mothers who use public transportation? They don’t have a vehicle to go to. What if mom’s food was just placed in front of her? Why should a breastfeeding mother have to go out and hide herself to feed her baby?

        My babies were exclusively breastfed and I am very shy, so I always found a way to not put myself on display. But I never left the table to hide away in a vehicle or bathroom (disgusting!). I would always make sure we were eating at a place that had booths available, and I would turn my body in a way that even the server wouldn’t know what I was doing.

        Feeding a baby IS about survival. Maybe a mother wants to stand up to the assholey, ignorant people by showing them that breastfeeding in public is legal, normal and a wonderful thing for a mother to do for her baby. Maybe if more mothers did this, it would normalize it for all of those dumbasses who look down upon babies simply being fed.

      2. MrsMac

        I guarantee you that you have been in the same room as a breastfeeding woman many times in your life without even realising that was happening. I always fed my kid where I was without a cover. Quite a few times people asked to see/hold her and when I said that right now she is eating they were stunned because they honestly didn’t realise. They thought I was just rocking her. And even when it was obvious I was feeding her you couldn’t see any boob you wouldn’t have seen if I was wearing a push up bra under a low cut top – so the amount of breast you would see on many women walking around. I don’t know where you live, but the women in my mothers and grandmothers day didn’t hide to feed their babies. My grandmother didn’t drive and would walk to town, so she fed on the run (and she was very much a lady in the old fashioned sense). And we ‘rival tribal people, only caring for survival and trivial things’? Seriously?! That is the most ignorant thing I have read in this whole damn comments section. Move along you racist scab.

  15. Jersey

    I wasn’t breastfed as a child my mother was a diabetic and her breast milk was solid…. And even I paid attention in health class enough to know that it is a natural thing and I am a man so those of you shaming something that is completely natural as humans are ridiculous…. Don’t look and you can’t judge that waitress is lucky to have still have a job…. I know at my restaurant if one of us had done that we would have been fired on the spot

  16. Gitan

    My elderly aunt takes her medication in suppository form. She usually takes it at mealtime. She is unable to swallow very well and this is her only option. It’s a perfectly natural process. However, we don’t give her medication in public.

    The bottom line: some body parts should be private and kept covered. No one wants to see boobs in public, regardless of the reason! (And those who want to see them have no business seeing them!) That goes for man boobs as well.

    1. MrsMac

      None of your business. And no, not problem solved. Especially in the beginning when milk supply is still establishing and regulating it can cause problems such as engorgement, blocked ducts, mastitis, drop in supply etc. in order to bottle feed the mother would have to pump instead to maintain supply and avoid the above mentioned painful situations. Also, none of your business.

    2. Ashley

      Neither one of my children took bottles. My 3.5 year old who was breastfed for 18 months wouldn’t even drink breastmilk out of a sippy cup. My 13 month old who is still breastfeeding has never taken a bottle and still will not drink out of a sippy cup so it’s not just as simple as bringing a bottle of milk.

    3. Debbie Thompson

      Many breast fed babies don’t take a bottle and struggle to eat from one because they don’t work the same as the breast. Add to that, why should a mom have to pay for that extra expense if she is sitting right there? Formula tastes funny and can cause gastric issues with the baby. Then there is the issues for the mother. Bottles do not support the milk supply and if not used, or pumped, the breast becomes engorged and causes issues for the baby and the mom. Why pump into a bottle when the mom is going to be right there? It is a waste of her time, which is already in short supply. Not feeding on time can be quite painful for the mom, and even cause infections. Bottles are only used when mom not available or to wean from the breast because if mom doesn’t pump, milk supply is lessened. I have no issues in explaining the process to those who obviously need to know how anatomy functions, but parents should not have to defend their choices to complete strangers. Babies need to eat, and how we choose to feed our children, breast or bottle, is no one else’s business.

  17. Janelle

    I’m am so for breast feeding in public get over it. Its human nature not something that isn’t normal go somewhere else if you don’t like it simple as that.

  18. Grey

    *Don’t tell them to go do it in the restroom because the woman will ask you if you enjoy eating in a restroom and your answer will be no and then her reply will be “well, my baby doesn’t want to eat in a restroom either.”
    -Babies will eat while covered in their shit, and will in fact grab a fistfull of shit and smear it everywhere. Babies don’t CARE where they’re eating, as long as they can eat. The mother, on the other hand, may have issues where she’s feeding the kid.

    *Don’t tell them to cover up because the woman is going to ask you if you would feel comfortable eating with a blanket over your head and your answer will be no and then her reply will be “well, my baby doesn’t want to eat with a blanket over his head either.”
    -See above, although there may be some babies that care, most give zero fucks if you put a beanie propeller hat on them, a blanket, or a napkin. What most care about is eating right then. What an adult doesn’t want (a head covering while eating) has zero relevance as to a baby’s wants.

    *Don’t tell them it’s offensive because the woman is going to remind you that the sole purpose of breasts is to feed a baby.
    Don’t tell them you don’t want to see it while you’re eating because the woman is going to tell you to look the other fucking way.
    -Fuck that noise, my breasts are for recreational purposes ONLY. As to offensiveness, that’s a different issue. I fail to see why if a baby is latched on it’s beautiful, but if the breast is just bare then it’s pornography. Does this go into the realm of “no shirt, no service”?

    *And do not tell them that women shouldn’t be flashing their breasts for all the world to see because the woman will easily find another woman in a nearby booth who has way more tit hanging out because she’s on her first date.
    -Any why is that boob something to be ashamed of, either?

    Just to be clear, I’m only arguing that those arguments are shit, not that babies shouldn’t be breastfed in public.

  19. Midwest Jane

    She should have tossed napkins over the heads of the three dbag complainers and offered the mom a free tea a refill on her water.

  20. Megan

    I have to admit, I was nervous when I saw the headline but shame on me. This is a great post. Thank you for support of women breastfeeding. I was always so nervous and already self conscious every time I needed to feed my baby in public but I did it because he needs to eat. I can’t easily go into the bathroom or sit in a hot car (especially if it’s just me and my two children because someone is bound to think we’re done and clean up our plates). I love that you didn’t even get mad about the lack of tip because honestly, it’s a personal violation. I can’t blame the woman at all. You don’t violate someone’s space or touch them because you don’t like what they are doing or how much cleavage they are showing. And you’re correct, the majority of the time women are showing almost no booby at all.

  21. April

    I’m not sure when all of this breastfeeding outrage started. 15 years ago, I breastfed my daughter pretty much everywhere. Maybe some people did a double take, but no one complained, no one gave me dirty looks, no one was nasty about it. 12 years ago, I again, breastfed my son pretty much everywhere. Again, I can’t recall a single time where someone was pissy about it. I’m trying to figure out when the mind set changed

    1. Lauren

      I don’t think the “outrage” exists. I have never in my life seen anyone get offended or grossed out by someone breastfeeding in public. I feel like it’s a made up thing to give social media something to bitch about, kind of like the so called “war on Christmas.”

    2. CincyDrunk

      My mom stopped being friends with this woman because she wouldn’t allow her to breastfeed me in her BATHROOM. This was almost 30 years ago. It personally doesn’t really bother me… boobies!

        1. CincyDrunk

          Sorry I was at work when I commented, not much time for clarification. My mom was at a friend’s house, baby me was hungry, and my mom asked if she could breastfeed me in the friend’s bathroom. Friend was disgusted, said no, and they stopped being friends that day because my mother was outraged. I’m almost 30 so it happened a long time ago.

          1. Sharon

            WOW! Your mother must have been so hurt to have been treated like that. What a very ignorant and hateful way to treat another human being. Feeding your baby is disgusting… ??? No, being an ignorant MOOSE to someone who has a tiny, hungry child is disgusting.
            All we can do is just kick that person out of your life and be glad you saw them for what they are.
            I would like to add, we all need to take a little care dealing with a new mother for the first year or so. It can be overwhelming to the strongest of women. Some mothers go through a really hard time after giving birth (depression) and things like that can be just devastating to someone who is at a vulnerable state.

    3. Ashley

      Have you not read all these comments? I breastfed my daughter for 18 months and every time I was out in public I got at least 1 dirty look, scowl, you name it. My son is still breastfeeding now at 13 months and I still get dirty looks. I don’t use a cover and refuse to because he pulls it off anyways. There’s plenty of people that live to bitch and moan about seeing breasts and babies breastfeeding.

    4. GeenaG

      It started when the attention whores started posting pictures of it everywhere and whining abut how people were meeeeeen to them. I BF two kids everywhere 30 years ago and never had a single issue with it. Then again I wasn’t an attention whore who flopped her tit out over the top of a v-neck t-shirt instead of lifting from the bottom. Too many woman seems to take pains to make it extra obvious what’s going on and to give everyone a great big look and then whine on social media when they get disapproving looks. The disapproving looks are not because of feeding a baby, they are for being an attention whore who does provocative stunts so as to be able to post their OUTRAGE to social media to stir the turd. The BF militants are their own worst enemies.

    1. HH

      No this is why people need to grow up, people who have kids and babies have every right to eat at the restaurant of their choice ! It’s not like she had the baby sitting at a bar! If you do not like children being in restaurants stay home!!!

      1. JJ

        Sorry, but this is a bullshit comment. If anyone should stay home, it’s the family bringing a slobbering, mess making, banshee screaming vomit and shit machine into my restaurant to clean up after. As a waiter, nothing pisses me off more than a screaming ass baby while I’m trying to take orders and tend to other customers to give them a pleasant experience. There is nothing pleasant about a sirening spawn of Satan. My 2 cents from a waiter that gets stiffed because of babies.

        1. bug mommy

          One reason we take our kids out with us to a variety of establishments is so that they learn how to be good customers. Be quieter if the restaurant is quiet, be patient, consider menu items, look the server in the eye and order your food, thank them when they bring you things, ask them politely for an extra fork, or napkin or another drink. If you are at a dinner, it might be okay to sit on your feet in a booth, but not in a nicer restaurant. If we take the kids somewhere we do it early, so we don’t have to wait, the kitchen isn’t too busy, the other patrons are less likely to be annoyed at the presence of kids at 5:00 then at 7:30.

          Consider that parents with kids MAY be trying to enjoy their dinner as well as teach their children how to be good people in the world and respect other people. Seems like a lesson you could learn.

          1. Yarrgh

            I’m almost completely with you on this comment, except for the diner booths. Too hard to have conditions on when you can behave poorly, much rather just keep a high standard.

            That said, even without kids I’ll try to eat out earlier, for all of the same reasons. And you have the benefit that when eating at 5pm, the retired couple at the table next to you won’t even be able to hear your baby cry without turning up their hearing aids. Which they’ve both already turned off because they need a break from each other, even if just for an hour.

        2. PP

          Have you ever taken a second to realize YOU were once a baby/toddler/child? Did your parents keep you in the house until you were perfectly behaved? Also, you probably get stiffed because you’re a shitty ass server. Not because of babies.

  22. Deborah

    It’s natural, It’s only a boob! It would be different if someone was sucking a penis! Today at work,.. yes it’s a resturant, A ladie was breast feeding her baby and the older couple a few tables away looked @ her with distaste, My thoughts…. I hope they enjoyed watching!

  23. Deb

    I’ve had this happen at my library and people have expressed OUTRAGE at the impertinence of a ma to breastfeed their kid in the children’s department. Since breastfed babies are more chill, the moms are using their boobies for booby work, and I was forced to breastfeed my young in bathroom stalls many years ago, I am an advocate and, even if I wasn’t, it is the law.

    1. K

      Here’s the thing (and I am a woman):

      The waitress responded in correctly, yes. However, using a receiving blanket in no way impedes a woman’s ability to breastfeed. What it DOES do is allow parents with small children in the vicinity to refrain from explaining mammalian reproduction to THEIR children before THEY are ready, since those are THEIR children. Also, it allows restaurants to enforce, “no shoes, no shirt, no service” which otherwise becomes a slippery slope. I’ve seen these women post, “but MEN can go into restaurants shirtless!” WHERE?! Where are these restaurants with shirtless men running around?! I would like to go there.

      Until men are allowed to randomly pull their shirts off in every public place to “air their nipples,” receiving blankets or the like should be a requirement. A receiving blanket does NOTHING to hinder the feeding process, nor the emotional connection. Anyone who insists against it is clearly less concerned about feeding their child and more concerned about achieving shock value by forcing strangers to look at their bare breast and nipple.

      1. Chelsea

        Some babies don’t like it and will scream and cry and then there is nipple every where. Grow up! A receiving blanket to shield your eyes won’t hinder your eating process either!

      2. Breastfeeding Mama of 6

        Shock value? Seriously?
        Feeding our babies for shock value. That’s a good one. I thought I was feeding my babies for nutrition and so they ..I don’t know.. don’t starve to death? Maybe?
        First thing I want to tell you is this. I have breastfed 6 babies in my lifetime. Some babies will NOT accept a blanket over their heads. YOU try eating with a blanket on your face and tell me how that goes.

        Oh… you have to explain it to someone? Big deal. “Momma.. what’s that baby doing?” “It’s mama is feeding it.” DONE AND DONE. oh you have to explain that mama makes milk from her boob to a kid that will dismiss it and then be ok afterwards so long as YOU didn’t freak out? Poor baby.
        Guys nipples air out in the public all the time. Hell. I can see my neighbor airing out his nipples right now as he mows his lawn if I want to look. It doesn’t even make me give a double take. Nor should breast feeding.
        Where are the restaurants with shirtless men? Oh.. I’ve seen a few in Florida in my day. BUT NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

        What this is about is that you are shaming the breast for what its actual job is. TO FEED A BABY. That is it’s SOLE reason for being on the body. The fact that we humans turned it into a SOLELY SEXUAL thing is pretty awful. I almost doubt that you are a woman and if you are.. shame on you for shaming someone feeding their baby.

        1. Cassie

          I love this reply, most straight to the point , truth and respect all in one post yet, that’s awsome, I’m a mother of five and three of my children were/are breast feed and none of them wanted anything over their heads,and just for the record we do not have shirtless restaurants here in Florida I have not seen restaurants that will allow you not to have one on.

      3. Summer

        I don’t know if you have had the pleasure of trying to breastfeed an upset infant but I can tell you that a blanket is not always an option. My child for example just didn’t like to be covered up. It’s that simple. He would move it so he could again see, and breathe. Under there it’s hot, sweaty, etc. I wouldn’t want to eat covered by a blanket. Also, if the baby is being fed the nipple is located in the infants mouth… The nipple is never being “forced” onto strangers. Mothers breastfeeding have no interest in you and your perverted world view. They have one interest in mind, get the baby quiet and fed before there is a breakdown. End of story.

      4. Anne

        You are an ignorant fool. As for protecting the special snowflakes from seeing something that is natural so they don’t have to explain, then those parents should never take their children outside. You know, they may see two dogs having sex, or if they took them to the zoo, the same thing could happen. God forbid a parent has to look up from their phones long enough to explain something in an age appropriate manner.

      5. A J

        Actually a blanket can hinder the feeding process because some children will not eat with a blanket over their head. They don’t like, it’s hot, it’s uncomfortable, they don’t understand what is happening. So, yeah, some of us don’t use a cover because our child eating is more important than some else’s delicate sensibilities.

      6. L

        You REALLY think women who breastfeed without a cover are more concerned about achieving “shock value” than feeding their child? That statement is so ignorant it makes me sick. Breastfeeding is natural. Women are protected by the law in many states to breastfeed uncovered wherever they see fit. You are part of the problem when you say ridiculous things like you don’t want to explain to your kids why a woman is Breastfeeding their baby. Grow up.

      7. Mandy

        First of all try putting your face against someone’s chest and cover your face with a receiving blanket. How easy do you think it will be to breath. It will get very warm and stuffy which will only make the baby fussy and not want to nurse. Second no one forces anyone to look at their bare breast that is their own choice to watch and third if the baby is nursing you won’t see a nipple as its in the babies mouth. Lastly when a man can produce milk to feed a baby he too will have the same rights to uncover 1 boob to breastfeed that baby because I have never seen a breastfeeding mother remove her top and bra in a restaurant to nurse a baby.

      8. MrsMac

        Congrats on being a woman…. Ok. First of all, tackling a receiving blanket, a boob and a hungry baby at once is flipping difficult. Chances are more tit will be flashed doing this than if mum just unbuttoned her shirt and popped the baby on. With a baby latched you don’t really see that much anyway because there is a baby head in the way. Plus, it is her legal right. And WTF are you on about with ‘mammalian reproduction ‘? There is no need to explain the birds and the bees to a small child that asks what is happening. If they ask all you have to say is that lady is feeding her baby. That is how some mummies feed their babies. You don’t need to explain anything sexual at all. That is an unrelated topic. And the no shirt no service thing? Breastfeeding women aren’t shirtless. They are wearing shirts. They don’t take their shirts off. They move a bit of fabric so they can offer their breast to the baby. Actual exposure time of the nipple is a couple seconds tops. They aren’t sitting there with their nipples hanging out to air them. They just don’t. Most of the boob you do see is about the same as you would see if she was wearing a low top, if that. Occasionally there might be a nipple flash while latching, but you really have to be watching intently to catch it. I mean, women aren’t aiming squirts of milk across their table into the babies mouth or anything. That isn’t how it works. Do you understand how anything works?

      9. Justin

        Have you ever seen a woman breastfeeding? Barely anything is visible, receiving blanket or no. And I have three children, all of them breast fed. My oldest was fascinated by the process, and we explained it to her without going anywhere near reproduction. And the comparison to men only makes sense if you’re talking about the free the nipple thing – until mens’ nipples somehow start being functional for something, then I see no problem with restaurants making them keep covered.

      10. Chelsea

        I would honesty like to see you try to feed with a squirming, crying baby under a blanket. My son hates being covered and will not stay latched until it’s off. It’s not always as simple as “covering up” if babies aren’t comfortable, they’re not going to eat, and that results in MORE crying which disrupts the whole area. I’m going to feed my baby in whatever way HE feels most comfortable because that’s his right just like it is yours.

      11. Brenda Lozano

        You are dumb, breastfeeding mom’s don’t walk around showing off their nipple so your comparator is idiotic.

      12. Jojo

        Have you ever breastfeed? Obviously not

        Your expertise is clearly flawed, please educate yourself so you stop looking so uneducated.

        Anytime *I* breastfed, it was to (gasp) feed my hungry baby. I did my best to cover up, and you need to do your best to shut your uneducated mouth!!!


  24. Denise L

    Here’s a novel idea. How about instead of taking every slight and offense to social media or the local tv news, we handle it like adults? There was no reason this situation needed to leave that restaurant. Ok, giving Bitchy Waiter fodder for his blog is a good reason, but otherwise the whole world doesn’t need to know.

    1. Jennifer

      Actually I do believe this should have been shared on TV so Everyone is aware of how serious Breast feeding is being shunned upon. More and more moms are either choosing not to breast feed because of the public humiliation when someone says something to them and that si not right. It seriously pisses me off that women who have big boobs show them off literally half an inch away from there nipple but yet a mom can not feed their baby because the baby is hungry in public??? What is wrong with people who think this is ok to not share. This needs to be shared all over so everyone can understand how serious this is.

      1. Denise L

        There’s nothing “wrong” with me. If the server was acting with good intentions, then the patron could have “educated” her and left it at that rather than drag it to the media. The server didn’t deserve that kind of attention. I don’t know what’s wrong with people who think that’s appropriate. A simple (but polite) “hey sister, that’s not the best way to handle this, this how you can do it better…” . Followed by a humble “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know, thank you for sharing with me so now I can do better” would have sufficed. From the description of events, it does not sound like there was malicious intent on the part of the server.

    2. Patricia

      The only way crap like this will stop happening and not go viral is when other people stop making a big A deal about a baby being fed, and grown adults understand and respect that a bottle is not the only way a child is fed. Not every baby will take a bottle. Not every woman can extract milk via pump. Not every baby will take or is able to tolerate formula.

      1. joe

        I’m not she can’t use a pump that babies mouth isn’t getting anything out either so just shit the fuck up and accept that nobody wants to see your breasts. Also a private restaurant and she could have been expelled from the restaurant without finishing her meal. This is no way to act in a civil society. And if I ever come across a women who thinks public nudity is at I’ll let them otherwise get the law involved. Corruption of a minor is a crime. I think this fits. And so would millions of others. Cover up, use a pump, or don’t have kids. Don’t be a cunt about it.


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