9 Things Every Server Has Done in the Walk-In Cooler


  1. Checked your phone even though you’re not supposed to have it “on the floor.”
  2. Cooled off because the restaurant is so freakin’ hot since every other customer keeps asking for the A/C to be turned off because they’re “freezing.”
  3. Screamed.
  4. Eaten something because you’re working a double and the fucking manager thinks you are a robot who doesn’t need a break to eat or use the restroom.
  5. Hidden from the asshole at Table 10 because sometimes it’s easier to just avoid him.
  6. Pretended you are doing sidework when really you just needed a fucking break.
  7. Noticed something that needed to be cleaned or refilled and then pretended not to notice and walked right back out again.
  8. Slipped on something that some other lazy server probably already saw and pretended not to notice and walked right back out again.
  9. Taken a selfie because the light is really good.walkin


31 thoughts on “9 Things Every Server Has Done in the Walk-In Cooler

  1. Buffet

    Making it look like you are getting reprimanded by your manager but in fact you are just cooling down because it is so hot.

  2. Amber Lane

    These days I’m constantly taking a ‘freezer break’ to cool the burning salty sweat under my eyes and on my forehead and everywhere else. It’s awesome, I can stay in there for less than a minute and feel at least 75% better. But I saw screaming and crying on this list too: I’ll have to remember that… But our freezer is high traffic so I might get caught.. Oh well. This was a good post.

  3. Joey B

    Farted together w/ my coworker to see if it really not gonna smell . We even held hands him and I & were laughing uncontrollably .

  4. Elisa

    Thrown something because you are sooo pissed off about (the wide variety of bullshit that you have deal with). I once threw a squash really hard and it exploded when it hit the wall, that felt really good!


    It’s where you go to take a three minute breather when, for whatever reason – work related or personal. And when another FOH or BOH staff opens the door to grab something – they get it. They just say “fry bag” or “strawberries”, you hand it to them, they close, the door, and that’s that.

  6. Todd

    Get or give head. If things haven’t changed since I was 17, that’s probably why your Taco Bell has such a long wait time in the drive thru.

    1. No Pants

      Flask. Yup. Carry it in my apron and keep it quiet…… Cause there’s not enough to go around…….. Til someone gets murdery…..then it’s OK to share

  7. vanessa swft

    We had this huge shelf up against the wall of ours and when they had to move it we found out why. there were dents and slashes in the thing from where a former manager had punched it kicked it and actually knifed it. The amazing thing was that the rest of us hadn’t been let in on the stress release wall. Would’ve stopped a lot of thrown trays and that one where the server book went through the office window. Hey harmless fun. Any day where we all come out alive is a successful one.

  8. Kathy

    Getting ready to go to work and I see that poster on the door. It made me lol. Thanks for starting my weekend with a smile.

    1. MoMo

      When my fiancee and I worked together we would often sneak into the walk in or dry storage for this very reason. Hahaha

  9. Terri

    When I was in the middle of my divorce, the owner of the restaurant I worked for would occasionally send me into the freezer to punch bags of frozen french fries. The objective was so I would (hopefully) smooth out the emotional roller coaster ride I was on at the time. It was great therapy.

    1. Anonymous

      Oooh punching frozen French fries is the best, you can really hit them hard and they don’t hurt your hand.


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