Allow Me To Introduce The Biggest Bitch In All the Land

MjAxNC0xOGFhNTQ5ZGMyMGYzMTAwThere are a lot of bitches in this world and I’m pretty sure about 90% of them live in the New York City area. Of that 90%, about 75% of them have sat in my section. Well, now is your chance to meet the biggest bitch in all the land. And, no, I’m not talking about this chick who is perfectly content announcing to the world that she never tips. I’m talking about me.

Yes, I am having another book reading and signing, so if you are in desperate need to see a 49-year-old man try to read a story while wearing adult braces, now is your chance. Well, if you feel like dragging your ass over to Jersey City, that is. Anyone who goes will have the chance to win a totally free book. (That’s to get the cheap bitches to come out.) Only one person will walk away with the free book, but everyone who shows up will walk away with a severe feeling of disappointment after meeting me and realizing that I’m much more entertaining on the Internet.

Join me, won’t you? Here is the link with all the information.

Tuesday, June 28th 7:30 PM
Word Bookstore
123 Newark Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07302

You can take the Path train to the Grove St.


4 thoughts on “Allow Me To Introduce The Biggest Bitch In All the Land

  1. Hercule

    Do you have a list of places where you’ll be doing signings? If you are coming to the DC area, I’d love to get you to sign a copy.

  2. Tracy

    Oh, dear Bitchy Waiter, I sure wish I could run up to Jersey City. I’ve already read your book and would love to meet you in person. However, I own a restaurant in NC, a small restaurant, really small, so there are only two waiters, and I am one of them. I only have one day off every week and no chance to call in sick or take vacations, and I can’t get to NJ and back to NC in one day.

    However, I want to tell you I absolutely love your posts. As both the “management” and the “staff,” I totally get everything you say; and I daresay that I treat my tiny staff (one waiter, one busperson on busy nights) the very best I can because of your posts. I pay them more than the law requires, and I always back them up when we have a customer complaint. Because we are only 12 tables (plus 6 outside in the good weather), we don’t have sections, we all take care of everybody; but when my waiter tells me, “that’s it, I’m done with table 10,” I happily put on my “don’t mess with me” face and take over. Because of you, Bitchy Waiter. You are loved.


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