Another Server Fired Thanks to Social Media

Fired by social media.

Fired by social media.

You know I loves me some social media. My world revolves around it. My sun is Facebook, my moon is Twitter, the stars are Instagram and Uranus is my ass. We live in this crazy digital world where we are all connected but only in a pseudo sense, because “liking” something on Facebook doesn’t really mean that we have meaningful relationship with the person who posted it. But how often do people forget that what we post online can have a direct consequence on someone else? Of course, I never forget because I have a sick fascination with putting things on the Internet to see what happens, but that’s just me.

Case in point, a woman named Tiffany Marie who was dissatisfied with her service at a restaurant called Hacienda Las Glorias. She was so upset about her experience that she went to the restaurant’s Facebook page and posted a negative review about the server Jessica and the day after that review went up, Jessica was fired. Coincidence? I think not. Here is what the review said, but it has since been deleted.

Worst most disrespectful service I’ve ever had a restaurant. I am so beyond pissed at the horrible service and attitude I got today. I was a very regular paying customer for months and after how disrespected I was today I will NEVER go back. I have never been treated so bad. I can’t even express how rude the waitress was. I’ve spent so much money there over the months but they lost very loyal customers today. Unfortunate that they treated us that way. There’s nothing I can’t stand more than rude disrespectful service!!


Boo on you, Tiffany Marie!

Boo on you, Tiffany Marie!

The server sent me an email explaining what had happened and hearing her side of the story is quite different. According to the server, Tiffany Marie was upset that she was charged extra for the cheese sauce on her enchiladas since it normally comes with enchilada sauce. They felt they should have been told in advance. Jessica apologized and told them that it was listed in the menu and someone at the table accused Jessica of being rude. First off, if they are such loyal fucking regular paying customers (as opposed to the customers who don’t have to pay, I suppose) wouldn’t she know that the cheese sauce is extra? Bitch, please. Cheese is never free. Some customers at a nearby table spoke up on Jessica’s behalf  claiming that she wasn’t being rude, she was just doing her job. This probably embarrassed Tiffany Marie and she promptly went home to fire out her negative thoughts to the Hacienda Las Glorias’ Facebook page. The next day, Jessica was unemployed after two years of service.

Now, we don’t know both sides of the story. For all we know, Jessica already had a history of customer complaints and this was the straw that broke the enchilada’s back. However, what we do know is that Tiffany Marie wanted to get a resonse and she succeeded at it. Jessica is now without a job because she didn’t let cheap ass Tiffany know that she was going to have to pay an extra fifty cents or whatever for some extra goddamn cheese sauce on her stupid ass enchiladas. Maybe Tiffany felt bad about the review and that’s why she took it down, but the harm has been done, Tiffany. And by the way, we all know that you knew the cheese sauce was going to be extra. We also all know that you will eventually show your ass back up at Hacienda Las Glorias because you are so damn loyal and you can’t resist some cheese sauce.
What we have here is someone lashing out on the Internet and not thinking about the repercussions of their actions. Before someone tells me that I am doing the same thing let me tell you something: I know that. I think about the reactions that my posts will get and I relish them. If people want to go to Hacienda Las Glorias Facebook page and tell them that you think Jessica should be given a second chance, you should do that. (Seriously, click here to do that.) I also know that Tiffany Marie may eventually see this post and have her feelings hurt, but I’m cool with that. She can soothe her hurt feelings with a box of Velveeta and some Tostitios for all I care. I am not posting Tiffany Marie’s Facebook page in this post, but if you do some digging, I bet you can find it. Some of y’all are bigger bitches than I am.

Good luck, Jessica,

54 thoughts on “Another Server Fired Thanks to Social Media

  1. Marguerite Herb

    We’re sick of it too. SO good to our Customers and do all we can do to provide best services and stays at our lower than average prices. We decided its time to take action against what is truly just a cloak for the abusive people in this world! We are starting something similar too. Lets ban together against these abusers!

  2. margaret

    unfortunately, the complaining customer probably received a big-ass gift certificate; that is what happened at the last place i worked.
    the server was also the shift manager explained what the problem was, offered a solution which did not include free food and promptly got hosed by the g.m.
    oh, he also walked right on by while another server screamed at me and told me to get out of her face or she’d punch me. i HAD been ignoring her bitch about our job every week for the past six months so i clearly was be-littling her.
    sorry, jessica, hang tough.

  3. Adena

    I’ve just learned a lesson, to check the date of a post on any website. Just finished griping out this restaurant on it’s Facebook site to come back to Bitchys and realize this was from a year ago. Great. 🙁

  4. Leah

    I got fired from Applebee’s because I didn’t give a customer peanut sauce I rang it in and kitchen bumped it off but when I asked where it was kitchen said they didn’t have time to open up a bag, I gave the customer the chili lime sauce and when they asked for the peanut sauce I said we were working on it…I asked if the lime sauce was enough they said yes but then went on the Web site and complained about me not giving them peanut sauce and I got fired for it…fuck Applebee’s

  5. Kane

    In your article you state that it could well be that the waitress had issues before with customer complaints. You then ignore that possibility and proceed to excoriate the customer. You’ve stated that being responsible on the internet is necessary and I agree. However, you then proceed to act without regard to that same necessity. You (with a wink and a nod) encouraged your readers to act with maliciousness toward this person.

    I was in complete agreement on the general principle. People should consider the consequences of their actions whether online or off. I further agree that the post made by the customer on the website was inappropriate. Your actions though are equally unfortunate. We don’t know the entire story. By acting as you have, you’ve behaved more poorly than the customer did.

    I understand that I’m courting the outrage of your other readers. But as one of those readers it was necessary.

  6. PCC

    The court documents show the complaining woman once worked at the restaurant. Referring to herself merely as a loyal customer of a few months’ standing is obviously fraudulent. It means we can’t believe anything she writes. I hope the reason Jessica is no longer working for her asshole manager is that, when he confronted her about the FB posting, she told him to “take this job and shove it”.

  7. sally

    The moral of this story is getting lost here. The real lesson is that CHEESE IS NEVER FREE. NEVER. 😉

  8. AC

    In response to the “maybe Jessica was bitchy” comments…have you ever gone into a department store, or a grocery store where an employee was rude to you? This happens all the time and there is never any action taken. For some reason, in the food service industry, hospitality is so intense that employees are disciplined for ‘not smiling’, where retail employees do not get nearly as much scrutiny as restaurant workers. So, yes, to play devil’s advocate–maybe Jessica was bitchy, but should she be fired over that?

  9. jennycupcakes

    I just went and put in my thoughts on their page. Made me feel good to see the other posts on their page from other people that have seen this story! I also enjoy the fact that I got to call the customer an uppity twat on their page….

  10. Chris Manno

    Who the hell is Edgar !???

    A recent incident has received a lot of attention on our Facebook page that I would like to address. At Hacienda, we want to ensure an environment that is pleasant for our staff as well as customers. Hacienda takes the privacy of our employees very seriously and for that reason, we will not be addressing the details of this isolated incident in a public forum. Hacienda will continue to focus on providing a quality restaurant experience for our customers.

    Thank you,

  11. Jim

    The problem isn’t social media, the problem is bad restaurant management. No manager should fire a worker simply because of a review like this. It will scare the other workers and they won’t be able to perform their job duties properly. “The customer is always right” is not true, and managers without backbone who give in to everything customers want are hurting their staff, their customers, and their restaurants.

  12. cjane

    It’s pretty telling that she describes not even one specific action by the server that made her feel “disrespected.” You would think a sentient being reading the review would be able to see right through that pitifully sick woman’s bullshit.

  13. Kat

    I realize what you are trying to do, however people going and posting their two cents is causing way more problems then you think. Everyone is writing negative reviews. This means people won’t go there to eat. That means the restaurant will shut down, and the other 30 hard working employees will be out a job. I have friends who work there who are currently scared they will lose their job if these negative reviews continue to go up. If you want to leave a message for the owner do so in a private message, but every time you write a negative review you are taking money out of a hard working server’s pocket. Think before you post.

    1. BobbyAnn

      If you check the reviews on Yelp the only bad one star ones are from today, by people that created accounts recently.

      They also live in states like AZ, CA, etc. although they claim to have eaten there.

    2. Jeff

      True….but if Edgar learns how to manage his employees properly, then we will all back off and the business will thrive. The ball is in HIS court.

      We will not stand by and allow management to walk all over servers just because something MIGHT happen in the future that is bad. Take the power back and demand respect in the workplace.

      Edgar thought he could fire a girl over this, but he needs to learn who really runs his business….we do. Without us, he has no business. Without him, there’s other places to eat. We’re in control, not him.

      Reinstate Jessica, give her back pay, apologize, and we go away. Otherwise, risk losing everything.

  14. Word.

    I love how all of you jump on this tiffany chick. Maybe she did have a shitty experience. Maybe Jessica was bitchy about it.. None of you witnessed it. I give you the point that her post was rather lacking in details, but we have no clear response from the server either.. Take your own advice, how many people will contact this woman because of your assholy post?

    1. Reginald Van Der Slythe III

      He already addressed the fact that he’s doing exactly that in the post, but I’m guessing you didn’t bother to read that far before coming here to bitch. As you put it, GTFOI.

    1. BobbyAnn

      I saw this and doesn’t it add quite the layers to the whole “story”.

      Wow. Thank you for bringing this to light.

      1. Micaela

        You really love this Hacienda place, don’t you? This means she has a story with this fuckin place, not with Jessica. It’s shady the hole situation, don’t tell me it’s a freakin coincidence!!

  15. BobbyAnn

    I’m sorry, but I just checked and this is getting out of hand.

    Was Tiffany wrong? Who knows, although I feel she was I wasn’t there. And there is absolutely NO reason to bully the woman. She changed her FB name once, and then someone outted her new name. Now she has deleted her whole account.

    Is this the way people raise their kids these days? Because I am scared by the adults that have taken it upon themselves to berate, harrass and stalk her to the point she is scared.

    What is wrong with society? You don’t have to look any farther to see how far out of hand this has gotten.

    SO MANY customers complain, wrongly. There is more an onus on the management for their actions then on the customer who bitterly complained. I never saw her asking for Jessica’s dismissal. Management fucked up.

  16. BobbyAnn

    Maria I really hope that was a tongue and check post and you didn’t do that. One wrong doesn’t make another right. Not defending Tiffany, mind you, but. . .

    It’s unfortunate that a server with two years experience has lost her job over one complaint, especially when others backed up her claim that she wasn’t being rude. Tiffany sounds like she was having a bad day and needed to vent. Unfortunately for her social media can play her childish game right back. Sad really.

    I wish Jessica lunch and I hope Tiffany learns to remember that episodes like this don’t actually matter in the scheme of things. And if they are truly as earth shattering as she claims then I feel a whole lot more sorry her than the unemployed waitress.

  17. Lexi

    It’s Cedar Rapids. They don’t even HAVE good Mexican food there. And she was upset about fake cheese?? Geez. Get a life. Poor Jessica.

    1. Rita

      Oh yes we do. And I am expert after living in Mexico for several years. Obviously you are not from “there”, aka Cedar Rapids, to quote your own words. If you knew “there” you’d know that Super Burrito is about as authentic Mexican as you can get. It is filled at lunch time every day with authentic Mexicans. El Perico in Marion is good too.

  18. Maria

    I wrote a letter to the school she works at that i believe that Miss Marie is under the influence of a mind altering drug and don’t want her teaching my child.

  19. Lauren

    Has anyone messaged Miss Tiffany yet? I wonder if she would even feel bad for playing a part in someone loosing there job. On second thought I doubt she would, what a twat.

  20. Suburbanrockdoll

    These kinds of people are upsetting. They just want a voice, and they don’t know how about to get it.

    Though, sometimes letting a customer know that there will be an extra charge can cause a problem. I’ve lost out on a tip before because the lady didn’t like that I let her know that there will be a charge for whatever she was asking extra of. For some reason, she also felt allowed to be rude to me the whole time she was there after too.

    Lots of people are assholes and want to cause others grief.

    1. Paulina

      That’s true. Some people do not want to hear that they will be charged extra money for extra service. But if you do not tell them, they will get angry too, so what do you do? Usually, I opt for honesty, which has gotten me in trouble more than once. (Note: I am not a waitress, I work for an insurance company, but we have some Tiffany Maries among our clients, too.)

      1. Lori

        I always like telling the customer when things ate extra as I like to k ow myself when I eat out.
        Unfortunately I’ve had the restaurant owner and boss, not want the servers to say anything so he can make more revenue. It usually backfires and it really upsets a lot of people!!

  21. we$lie

    people obviously have not given little Miss Tiffany Marie enough hell yet… she hasn’t even bothered to change her profile pic! Glad she’s giving her kids the message if you don’t get it your way at first, throw a hissy fit and it will all turn out OK! I bet she let’s her kids destroy the tables, leave food everywhere and doesn’t do a damn thing about it.

  22. Amanda

    Wow, it seriously makes me so happy to see that we can all get together like that. Good for you BW. People need to learn that there are very real consequences to their rants. Why is it so difficult to let the server know you are unhappy at the time and place it is happening? If then they don’t respond with an apology or explanation, then perhaps ask for a manager but still don’t use the Internet as your shield so you feel brave enough to post something horrible like that. So sad. Anyways good work! Love your stuff!

    1. monsterlynn

      I liked the other version of your post better where people were posting “something hippodrome”. It made me think of fierce, competitive, sometimes deadly events involving animals. You know — like working a holiday buffet, or when a new coupon has appeared in the local super-saver… 😉

  23. Amanda

    Wow, it seriously makes me so happy to see that we can all get together like that. Good for you BW. People need to learn that there are very real consequences to their rants. Why is it so difficult to let the server know you are unhappy at the time and place it is happening? If then they don’t respond with an apology or explanation, then perhaps ask for a manager but still don’t use the Internet as your shield so you feel brave enough to post something hippodrome like that. So sad. Anyways good work! Love your stuff!

  24. Dave

    I can tell from the first sentence that the customer is an uppity cunt who needs her teeth kicked out of her pretentious face.

  25. kevin

    Just went to put in my 2 cents. Holy shit. I really Hope all the bad press was worth it, restaurant owner. Good to see the service industry backing our own.

    1. Tanja Cilia

      I left note on their page, and linked to this article: Tiffany deserves her job back, please. Kindly note I am not in any way related to her, and that I live in Malta, Europe.


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