Woman’s Attempt to Shame Restaurant Owner Backfires

Once upon a time a woman named Jo Ann Page posted a video on Facebook in an effort to make a restaurant owner look bad but all it did was make the world think she was a miserable dried up human being who was looking to stir up some trouble.

Short version: her sister ordered takeout from the wrong restaurant and Jo Ann didn’t want to drive all the way from the “other side of Sycamore” to get it. And then Jo Ann called back to cancel the brisket but it was already done and the restaurant owner said “what do you want me to do?” Basically, he was telling her that the food was already made so now she’ll have to pay for it. When she went to pick it up, she was armed with her cell phone camera to record the “ignorance” and prove a point. The main point she proved was that she didn’t want to walk all the way from her car and be forced to use stairs. She entered the restaurant with an attitude and it went downhill from there:

My experience at a restaurant in Dekalb yesterday! Unbelievable forward to 2 minutes then watch it and not to mention I have never been to this restaurant in my life I didn't even know it existed only reason I was video taping was to tease my sister about me going all the way over there. Didn't imagine all this to happen. I should have cancelled all of it and never went .So sad .

Posted by Jo Ann Page on Thursday, August 24, 2017

So who was ruder? Yes, the owner was rude, but can’t we all tell from her snide comments that she served up a major side of bitch sauce when she was on the phone with them earlier? Why else was she so willing to record the interaction? The only justifiable reason was that she knew she had stirred up trouble and wanted to get some Internet fame. Well, here you go, Jo Ann. I assume you want the world to see your video since you shared it on your public page. However, if you should get cold feet about your fifteen minutes of fame, I went ahead and downloaded the video too. That way, if you eventually decide to delete it, we can still see it.

If she was trying to shame the restaurant, she did a shit job of that, because she never tells us the name if it. All we see the is the owner of the restaurant standing up for his business, himself and his daughter. And although we never get to see Jo Ann’s face, she did a bang up job of showing us what kind of person she is.


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