Are you REALLY allergic to that?

You know what? If you don’t like something just say you don’t like it. I don’t for a minute buy that your ass is allergic to fucking celery. I almost want to put celery in your food just to prove that you are not allergic to it. It happens all the time. As usual, it almost always a woman. God, I hate women. She will sit down and look at the freaking menu for about a dozen years and finally order something but has to have this on the side and leave this out but instead put extra this. Some bitch tells me she is allergic to cole slaw. No one is allergic to cole slaw. If you don’t want it on the side of your plate (and who does?) just tell me. I don’t need some bullshit lie. Next time I am going to ask for a doctor’s note when some lady tells me she’ll break out in hives if mayo gets anywhere near her plate.


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