Smug Customer Overcharged $4 and Can’t Handle It



It seems that the Internet has introduced us to the newest asshole customer of the week and boy oh boy, he’s a real doozie. According to, a man named Ben Edelman ordered some Chinese food from Sichuan Garden and was overcharged by $4. Since Ben is an associate professor at Harvard Business School who apparently has lots of free time, he decided to complain about the discrepancy between the prices on the online menu and what the prices actually are. No, Yelp wasn’t good enough for Ben and neither was going to a Facebook page to complain. Since Ben is like that dingleberry that hangs on to the three hairs on your dog’s asshole and just won’t let go, he sent some strongly worded emails to the manager, each one more filled with legalese gobbledygook and threats than the last. Even though the manager, Ran Duan, apologized and offered to refund the $4, Ben had a major case of diarrhea of the emails and kept on going.

I can’t write anything that better showcases what a douche Ben is than what Ben wrote himself and it’s all below for you to read. In the meantime, here is Ben’s Twitter page if you’d like to say hello. Judging by that profile picture, he likes to remember what he used to look like, because on his official Harvard page, he looks a little bit (a lot of bit) older. The smugness is just as strong in each picture, because time does not wear away smug.

Finally, since we know Ben likes to send out emails that threaten legal action, let me reiterate that everything I say in this article is solely my opinion and I am within my legal rights to state what my opinion is of Ben. (This is in case he ever sees this and wants to send me an email and if he does, you know I will post it for you to read.)

Congratulations, Ben. You are the Asshole Customer of the Week!



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