“Face Mask Exempt Cards” Are Not a Thing

There are plenty of cities and states around the country that have made it a requirement to wear a mask or face covering in public as a prevention to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Somehow, the act of taking a precautionary measure has turned political. While I can fully attest that covering my mouth and nose with a piece of fabric is not the most comfortable thing to do in 90° weather, I’m certain that it’s better than being on a ventilator.

You may have seen the above image floating around on the Internet of a “Face Mask Exempt Card” that some stunt queens are undoubtedly trying to use to get out of being a caring, empathetic human being. It’s bullshit and it’s not a legal card. If your restaurant requires customers to wear a mask when entering and someone pulls this laminated piece of shit from their tired ass Ocean Pacific velcro wallet, you can call them out on it. The Department of Justice has released a statement announcing that the cards are fraudulent, as if the misspelling of the word “poses” wasn’t a big enough clue. The card is supposedly from an organization called the Freedom to Breathe Agency, but when you go to their website, it’s basically under construction. When you click any of their social media tabs, it takes to you to the webpage of a website building company, so it’s real official. They claim to be “an extensive group of attorneys, doctors, health practitioners, educators, business owners, CEOs, moms and dads who value their freedom and personal liberty under the Constitution of the United States of America,” but I’m pretty sure it’s just an asshole who Googled how to build a website and then bought a domain name.

Look, if you truly have a medical condition that keeps you from wearing a mask, then by all means don’t wear one. But if you don’t want to wear one because you feel like your civil liberties are being taken away from you, just know that you’re being a selfish, entitled prick. Wearing a mask isn’t going to hurt you and it might even help you. Here in New York City, where hundreds of people a day were dying a few weeks ago, most people are wearing them and you know what? Yesterday, only 13 people in the whole state died. So maybe, just maybe, the masks are helping. Meanwhile in Texas, where my family lives, they are seeing a spike in cases every single day. Houston may be next epicenter even though we in New York have been begging our loved ones in Texas take this more seriously. They didn’t and now they are as scared as we were back in April.

If someone shows up to your restaurant refusing to wear a mask even though they are required to do so, remind them that they also have to wear shoes and shirts and pants to come inside. A restaurant is a private business and they have a right to refuse service to anyone who doesn’t want to abide by the restaurant’s policy. And also ask them why they feel they have a right to jeopardize the health of other people. If I can do my daily run of four miles in the heat of summer while wearing a mask, they can certainly handle wearing one from the hostess stand to the fucking booth they want slide into. If they show you this card, tell them to fuck right off. 

10 thoughts on ““Face Mask Exempt Cards” Are Not a Thing

  1. Bekah

    In the restaurant I work at, if you don’t wear a mask you will not be served. And I’m not going to ask if you have a medical condition, because quite frankly, I don’t care. If you can’t wear a mask you can get your food to-go and wait outside until I bring it out to you. End of story.

  2. Becca Mcclellan

    You fucking piece of shit! Me and my partner suffer with mental health problems i have tried lots of different face coverings but every time I have tried i have a panic attack I suffer with severe panic attacks you fucking retard!!!! Not every condition is visible you horrible cunt!!! Guck you you perfect can’t!! What a fucking prick you are

  3. Too much time on my hands😶

    Just remember, when this virus first broke out in the U.S the CDC encouraged us not to wear masks. They went as far as to say, they were not safe to wear and made chances of getting COVID much higher. At that time, the U.S. did not have masks ” in stock.”
    I find it hard to believe that suddenly masks are an all saving tool from curbing the spread. I think we have them “in stock ” now so why not require them? To be honest, I do not think they know either way .That being said, I think people should respect service workers/the public and follow the rules if it makes people safer. If you cannot wear a mask due to some underlying reason, just stay home.
    Also, I hope they find a solution to this virus soon. The fraudulent card in subject is a sign that people have way too much idle time and need to get back to work. Wait….I have way too much idle time as I write this lengthy comment, lol. Follow the rules for sake of others even if it is not comfortable. Stay home if you cannot. And thanks to any and all service workers who are working during this very unprecedented disaster. Stay healthy.

  4. kris

    No one has to disclose shit to you about their medical condition so even showing this is not necessary

    So fuck off

  5. Eric Hart

    They need to come up with a legitimate card like that. I have bad asfixiation/smothering anxiety. Each time I put on a mask I end up in a panic/anxiety attack and can’t breathe. I guess most people would say it is PTSD, but I am bipolar and already have anxiety disorders and a mask exacerbates the anxiety symptoms. Some would say it is because of my past when I had things forcefully put over my face in punishment. I take 6 medications per day for my bipolar and they work but they don’t work when I am forced to do something that I am unable to do physically, mentally and medically. So please for people sake don’t force us who CANT wear a mask to lose our jobs just because we are unable to be smothered by a mask.

    1. Crystal

      There are masks you can tie losely or masks that don’t look like the traditional masks. And I’m sorry if these won’t work for you, then you need to stay home or get a job where you can work from home. You don’t get to not wear a mask and expose others, it’s that simple.

      1. G.B. Miller

        Sorry to disappoint you, but some states do have exemptions written into their executive orders if you have certain medical conditions, you don’t have to wear a mask. Person can still go out and about w/o one, but for the most part, can’t enter one w/o it. As for working, that can be an issue. If you have a retail job or restaurant job, then yeah, there really is no way you can get around it. Medical documentation can probably save you your job, but you’ll probably have to be furloughed/collect unemployment if you work one of those jobs.

        If you have an office job, most businesses are encouraging/requiring their staff to work from home, with only a gradual showing up at the office a minimum of one total day per week/per pay period.

        Glad to see that you have lots of empathy and compassion for your fellow man.

    2. Lindsey

      Speak to your doctor, mine is writing me a letter incase I get challenged again because I’m not wearing a badge that says I’m disabled. I can’t wear one because like you I’ve had bad experiences being smothered. I hope you are ok.


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