Hey Texas Roadhouse: Justice for Luis!

So often, customers are upset with a restaurant for something that the restaurant has absolutely nothing to do with. How many of us have had to apologize to a customer for the sun shining too brightly through a window or because they couldn’t find a parking spot? In this day and age of people complaining for the sheer privilege of complaining, it can get exhausting. (Acknowledged irony: I literally complain every day.)

Gentle readers, I want to introduce you to Luis who is one of those people who wants to complain, but doesn’t know to whom the complaint should be directed to. He needs our help. While visiting a Texas Roadhouse for some Tater Skins and Fried Pickles, his car was hit in the parking lot. After his meal, while he should have been digesting his Pulled Pork Dinner, he discovered the disturbing hit and run. Rather than calling State Farm or Progressive to file an insurance claim for a busted headlight and dented bumper, he instead went to the Texas Roadhouse Facebook page to complain about the lack of cameras in the parking lot, like it’s their responsibility to keep track of what’s happening to his car while he guzzles down an Armadillo Punch and a couple of Texas Peach Fuzzes.

Most parking lot owners are not responsible for damage to cars even if there isn’t one of those signs that tells you exactly that. What that means is, Luis, you’re barking up the wrong Roadhouse. And even if they had cameras, do you really expect to be able to see who bumped your car? Yes, it sucks that your car has a dent in it. And it sucks that whoever did it didn’t have the Rattlesnake Balls to leave a note on your window. However, going to the Facebook page of a national chain restaurant and expecting them to apologize or suddenly install cameras in all 563 of their parking lots is a bit much. But I want to help you.

My hope for you is that this blog post brings enough attention to your case to at least receive a free gift card from Texas Roadhouse. Maybe they won’t pay to have the scratch in your car buffed out, but they can certainly spring for a plate of mouth-watering Steak Kabobs or some Chicken Critters®, am I right?

Readers, please go to the Texas Roadhouse Facebook page and comment on behalf of Luis. We can make change! We can do this! They owe him a damn gift card! #JusticeForLuis

Good luck, Luis. And you’re welcome. (By the way, this really happened, right Luis? You’re not just making shit up are you? Because it would super easy to say that someone hit your car in the parking lot when it didn’t actually happen in the parking lot and your car was already a beat up piece of shit before you got there.)

1 thought on “Hey Texas Roadhouse: Justice for Luis!

  1. Jennie

    For the love of doG and by all that is holy; will no one ever learn how to use apostrophes?! No, no they will not. It’s “CAMERAS”. Idiot. Also; “there ARE” no CAMERAS. Got that off my chest, now to address poor Luis’s woes. Hmmmm. I just can’t muster up any concern. Oh well.


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