Christmas is Coming, So Don’t Tip Your Server?

15241351_10154307200884125_1142882794088733120_nChristmas is just a few short weeks ahead and already people are worrying about how they are going to pay for all the massive amounts of presents that commercialism has made them feel they need to buy. Some people save throughout the year with a Christmas club account at their bank, while others put everything on a credit card and worry about that minimum payment after the new year begins. Some others have decided that the only way they can possibly afford gifts is by stiffing their server when they go to eat at a restaurant.

Case in point is the above photo of someone (I’m going to assume it’s a woman) explaining why she was unable to leave  a tip:

Sorry, no tip. Christmas is coming with 3 kids. 🙁 But you’re great 🙂  p.s. Don’t have kids, you’ll save money.

This pisses me right the fuck off. First of all, did it even occur to her that maybe the server has three kids who might also like some fucking Christmas presents? And if not kids, maybe the server has someone else in their life that they might like to buy a present for. This customer seems to think that she is the only person in the world that has Christmas approaching. Millions of people are celebrating Christmas and if they aren’t celebrating that holiday, maybe they observe Mawlid al-Nabi, Kwanzaa or Festivus. Don’t try to make your Christmas holiday anymore important than someone else’s holiday that also falls in December.

Secondly, the use of the little sad face/happy face does not disguise that fact this is a shitty thing to do. If you aren’t going to leave a tip, grow a pair of holiday balls and tell your server face to face. Don’t be a coward by scribbling a stupid note at the end of the meal after the server has done everything for you fully expecting to be tipped for the service that was given. I hope Santa brings this woman two lumps of coal that she can shove right up her ass.

Thirdly, a verbal tip is useless. No amount of “you’re great” is going to pay for the electric bill, buy groceries or a Cabbage Patch Doll. (I’m almost 50…that was the hottest Christmas toy when I was a kid.)

Finally, thanks for the advice about how not having three kids will save you money. That is truly invaluable input that maybe someone should gave given her before she pushed out three bundles of joy from her sweet potato pie hole. No shit, it costs money to have three kids. Unless you don’t plan on feeding them or clothing them, kids are a money pit. You signed up for it each time you caught a hot load and no one else should have to suffer because your kids are expensive. I have plenty of money because I decided to not have kids. Instead of spending money on school clothes, piano lessons and braces for my kids, I spend my money on cocktails, vacations and braces for my own damn teeth.

I hope this woman sees this blog post and knows how many times her note was shared across the Internet. Maybe then, she will realize that she’s a cheap no-good customer looking for ways to justify the fact that she doesn’t want to tip. I have a feeling that even if she didn’t have three kids, she’d still be a cheap fuck.

93 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming, So Don’t Tip Your Server?

  1. Traci

    This woman knew exactly that what she was doing was wrong and was callous enough to write the note. What a piece of work.

  2. April

    I am bothered by the comments above stating that we don’t know what this woman is going through, so she shouldn’t have to tip (paraphrased, of course)

    I’m a mom. Of 2 kids. Teenagers now, so no more kids menus for me (also, no more inexpensive Christmas presents. You think small children are expensive? wait until all they desperately want are electronics) I’ve been poor. I’ve been “the only thing I can afford to buy is Ramen noodles” poor. I’ve been poor enough that instead of “things” my family bought us non-perishables for Christmas. I get it, life can be difficult. But when I had no money, I didn’t go out to eat!

    I’ve been a server as well. Granted, a bad server (not my thing, I suck at it) but a server. I’ve known servers who are struggling. why is this woman’s desire to go out to eat, but not tip due to her “struggles” more important than the server working her ass off because of her “struggles”

    when you go to eat at a full service restaurant, you are accepting the fact that it is customary to tip. It’s part of the entire deal. If you don’t like tipping, then go elsewhere. If you don’t have money to tip, go elsewhere. If this is what your kids have been crying to do, but you can’t afford to include a tip, fucking tell your kids no. Hell, if they are old enough, explain to them why. My kids have been told “no” a million times in their lives. Hasn’t hurt them any

  3. Rei

    Thinking about this (kids being expensive) before she blew a meatbubble out of her snatch would have been the way to go. The stupid, it burns.

  4. CHRIS C


    1. ajane

      When you break down what servers and bartenders make by sex and race, the same shitty statistics that exist in other industries hold true.

      Men, overall, make more than women.
      White people and Asian people make more than people of other races.

      While it may not have been your *individual* experience that this is the case, it is, nonetheless, the case when the big picture is examined.

  5. Beth

    Shallow bitch raising shallow kids!! If you can’t afford to tip, don’t dine. If you can’t afford kids don’t have them!

  6. LC

    Did someone really say, maybe she had a gift card…. tHen that bitch is double wrong now! She got free service and food. She deserves coal up her ass asap!

  7. Adam

    I’m a full time college student who pays for my education out of pocket and have other bills on top of that and rely on my tips to pay for it all. I myself would enjoy the luxury of being able to go out to treat myself at a restaurant on a regular basis, but guess what, I can’t afford to do that…so i dont! Also as somebody who has worked the industry for as long as I have and knows the ropes you best believe I’m gonna tip fat, especially if the service is fantastic. If she was really that concerned about saving money, stepping foot into a restaurant shouldn’t have even been an option! Live within your means people! Your life choices should not be other peoples problems! I myself am trying to figure out what im going to do to see that my own family also recieves a decent Christmas and still be sure my bills are paid. This bullshit sense of entitlement is something that I see and encounter everyday and it pisses me off that people still think it’s ok.

    TIP YOUR FUCKING SERVERS! Especially during the holidays…

  8. Amy

    Not right at all…..this makes me so mad. I have kids too, I work my ass off everyday to give amazing service…why should my kids not get something because people are assholes and think tipping isn’t nessasary? example…..I work in a hotel restaurant I have waited on 2 ladies and her child for 3 days straight, they have run me all over the place….no tip for 3 days! This fucking lady has had a different pair of Louboutin shoes on everyday! It’s ridiculous! People suck!

  9. Jules

    Not quite on the same level but I had a 5 top last night, they said I was great. They even asked for my manager so they could tell her how great I was. Then I looked at the check, they tipped me less than 15%.

  10. David Cowling

    If this woman thinks of kids as only a financial burden, she’s probably a horrible parent as well as a human being.

  11. Melinda Thompson

    Everything about this makes me want to spit fire out my nostrils while dancing in a circle with both my middle fingers flying high…
    The sense of entitlement in this country anymore makes me NOT want to be a part of the service industry which I have been in and loved for the better part of my life!!! It’s ridiculous,sickening,and down right pathetic that in 2016 people still go out to a full service restaurant enjoy a nice meal,rave about the service and the food and turn around and leave a “little note” on their guest check about how they “can’t afford” to tip and “sorry but blah blah blah”
    Absolutely FUCKING ridiculous!!! If ya can’t afford to go out to eat then STAY YOUR ASS AT HOME WITH YOUR 3 KIDS AND STOP WASTING MY TIME!!! Not only does the verbal tip piss me off it has now caused me to miss out on another table that actually do tip and CAN afford it. I’m a mom, I get it. I however make sacrifices when it comes to holidays and savings and all that jazz so instead of being a complete and utter asshat do us servers and bartenders a favor and instead of the sweet little note in the end start our meeting off with a slap in the face…
    I don’t really suggest that but it’s pretty much the same thing in the end. Better yet how about make a pot of spaghetti, feed ur kids, save for Christmas and NEVER GO OUT TO EAT AGAIN UNTIL YOU CAN AFFORD TO TIP. PLEASEEEE!!!!!
    Rant over!!! Happy flippen festivus DAMMMMIT 🎄👌

      1. Rei

        Um. No. Expecting special treatment because you want to use your bedroom activities and their eventual, messy consequences as an excuse to be a crappy human being is entitlement.

  12. Tara Sloboda

    If this image had a headline anywhere else on the internet that tugged at your heart strings explaining how rough this woman had it ; we’d be applauding her kindness. At least she knew she should be tipping and maybe miscalculated the total in her head. I’ve been a server for 20 years and I’ve never been stiffed with a nice/funny explanation.
    You never know what people go through.
    Like raking them over the coals is doing any good.
    Hardly an outrage.

    1. Rei

      It’s not a nice or funny explanation. It’s cowardly and entitled, because it admits “I’m a crappy, irresponsible person who likes to consume things I can’t pay for and don’t need” and then adds “but lol, don’t be mad at me because I’m a mommy and that means I’m a special snowflake.”

  13. Clay

    oh come it what it really excuse to not leave a tip!! this is the person that doesn’t tip regardless. This is the type of person that feels that servers should get ” a real job” and she shouldn’t have to tip. But what so many of these people dont realize is that if the suctom of tipping was removed and a true living wage..not $2 an hour….was paid to the the staff the price of those dinners would go very much higher and there would be no more ” two can dine for $20″ because the restaurants are not going to lose money by paying a higher wage. In actuality this lady is guilty of theft of services. She stole services and did not pay for them, trying to use some lame excuse, but she would have used a different excuse had it not been this one.
    This is the type of person that cannot afford to eat in a full service restaurant. She probably brought those little brats with her, allowed them to act like wild animals, threw food and trash all the floor, and then, realizing she had spent every dollar she had on food with none left to pay for the services, decided to skip out leaving a note. If this is how you are then go to a restaurant where there is no service and you do it yourself!

  14. Emma

    And as a side note, as you said, a parent should know that kids are always asking for things. They should also know that their children don’t need to have every single thing they ask for. I’d like my children to be generous, caring individuals… not spoiled brats who think they deserve everything at someone else’s expense.

  15. Gabby Zimmerman

    Honesly this is ridiculous. Atleast she left a note apologizing & giving reason as to why she couldnt give the waitress a tip. These days things are so expensive & going out to eat is hard for people who have low income, meaning at times they arent able to be generous. & when you are a parent you understand that children are constantly asking for things. So shes a bad person if she cant tip the waitress, but what kind of person would you be calling her if she couldnt buy her children presents?

    1. Emma

      Seriously, Gabby? I’d be calling her the kind of person who should have learned how to budget like a damn adult! Christmas is approaching for me too amazingly enough and I have little ones to buy presents for as well… so you know what I’m doing? Cooking dinner that I bought at the grocery store so that I can use the saved money to buy some damn gifts! A $5 tip means the lady had to buy one less Starbucks that year. My kids are important; but they are NO more important than my server and neither am I! I would never be so entitled to think that my family deserves a better Christmas than the hard-working person that I expect to serve me!

    2. Amiee

      A tip isn’t being “generous”. Like it or not, here in America a tip is expected. Servers make crap for wages and they work hard to make their tips. A guess what? Many kids go without presents at Christmas. Terrible, yes, but it happens. You do what you can to live and if she’s worried about affording Christmas, then she shouldn’t eat out. She could tip and get her kids Dollar Tree toys. Or she could just not eat out and get something nicer. But it’s a doiche thing to do to think you and your Christmas are more important than the waiter you just stiffed for no good reason.

    3. BT

      Wait, is this a sarcastic comment or are you actually serious? So a low-income mother of 3 isn’t ridiculed for going out to a full service restaurant which costs money when she needs to save money for her spawn that nobody at said restaurant asked her to have. Congratulations, you have no sense of logic.

    4. Kylie

      if this dumb ass couldn’t afford to go out to eat and tip, then she should not being going out to eat at all. there is NO excuse for not tipping, unless you get horrid service. i’m guessing you’ve never been a waitress making $2.30 an hour WITH SUPPLEMENTAL TIPS TO MAKE MINIMUM WAGE IF THEYRE LUCKY. tips are not a generosity. they are a given with full service. if she couldn’t afford to tip, might i suggest mcdonalds? or cooking at home?! there is no excuse for being a shitty person.

    5. Whitney

      In many restaurants the servers are required to tip the hostess and others so when you don’t tip that server is actually paying for part of your dining experience. Get your food to go or cook it yourself if you are not able to pay for the privilege of having someone serve you.

    6. Mark W

      She would have been able to buy a gift or two with the money she spent on the meal. The money she saved on the tip will barely cover the price of a box of condoms, which she should have used years ago.

    7. Kendra

      If money is that tight then she shouldn’t go to a restaurant where people are expected to tip. I understand saving is important around the holidays but why would you go out of your way to go to a full service restaurant and decide you don’t have enough to tip? Cook at home or go to a self serve where you don’t have to tip. Easy.
      Because not only is she not tipping she’s taking the servers time, effort, and table that could be put to use on guests who will actually tip.

    8. kat

      if she couldn’t get her kids presents, i’d say that really sucks, but she doesn’t suck if she can’t get them. if you can’t afford to tip, you cannot afford to go out to eat. it’s that simple. it’s fucking rude and bitchy as hell not to tip in the first place, but leaving life advice no one asked for is FUCKING PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE. duh. she should get over herself and keep her business to herself.

    9. Lauren

      Oh Gabby, as a mother of two who has worked in EMS and the food industry, I can whole heartedly say that if she couldn’t tip her server she should have eaten drive through or curbside to avoid the need to tip a server (though I do in those scenarios as well). I can also say that if you can afford to eat out you can afford Christmas for your kids. I made $2.13/ hr + tips as a server and had to get Christmas from the dollar tree more times than I care to admit because of starbucks sipping soccer moms that think their need to stay-at-home trumps their need to adequately tip their wait staff. Your sense of entitlement is what is wrong with America.

    10. Kelby

      She’s a bad person because she knowingly took advantage of a system where her tip is required to bring the server to minimum wage. When you go out to eat at a place where tipping is customary, then stiffing a good server because you decided to have three kids makes you a bad person. She benefited from low food cost because of low wages (fed minimum is only $2.13) – so yes, taking advantage of a system makes you a shitty person, and this note makes her even shittier. Hamburger helper is cheap as shit, and then maybe she could have ate a family dinner with her kids, instead of using them as a scapegoat and excuse to be a poor piece of scum.

    11. vanessa

      I completely agree with you. But now of days, all the waitress do is just expect a tip. They bring you one glass of tea. Someone else runs your food. But they want a 15 dollar tip.
      Who knows what this woman and her three kids are going through. Someone could have gave her a gift certificate to eat.
      Maybe all the kids wanted was to eat a restaurant. I have been to the bottom and I am at the top and I pray that the good lord above blesses this mother to no end.

      1. tori

        Just saying at the restaurant I work at we have food runners and bussers, and bartenders that we HAVE to tip out based off of a percentage of our sales. There for just because we don’t run your food, doesn’t mean we aren’t doing our job. We’re just waiting on more tables at a time. So when someone doesn’t tip me, I’m still forced to tip all of those people based off of a percentage of that customers meal.

      2. Rei

        Then I guess she should have saved it until she had money for a tip or *gasp* bought something small she could afford the tip for and gone back when she had more money to use the rest of it.

      3. 2j4t

        Seriously? I don’t know where you eat. I was a waitress two times in the past. Once at a fine dining establishment and once at a diner. Base pay is a FRACTION of minimum wage. And in many restaurants, the servers have to tip out the bartender, bus staff, etc at the end of the night out of their tips. Occasionally someone else has brought out our food when the server had multiple orders come up at once. But it was always the server who kept coming back to check on things, refill drinks, bring dessert if it’s ordered, clear the plates in between courses, etc. When I was a server I pretty much handled everything except the final clearing and resetting of tables after the customers left, if there was bus staff. If not, that was my job, too. For most servers, that 15-20% or so tip they hope for – makes up the difference between their base pay and minimum wage, and also pays other workers in the restaurant who have helped them to serve you.

      4. Elle

        Waitresses expect a tip bc a tip is customary in the states. People who go out to eat should automatically figure it into the total of why they’ll be expecting to pay for their meal: a tip in a full service restaurant is basically included in your total.

        The food runner comment infuriates me to no end. Someone else runs your food BECAUSE I HAVE FIVE OTHER TABLES TO TAKE CARE OF, so if there was nobody else to run your food, Vanessa, you would be waiting a hell of a lot longer to eat it, because you’re not the only customer in the damn establishment that I’m responsible for at the moment. Jesus, what do people not understand? Everything restaurants do is for the convenience of the customer and to satisfy their damn needs. Someone else might run your food because I am busy ringing in an order of 15 entrees or making 6 milkshakes by hand and we know Vanessa needs her salad as soon as it’s ready…. but guess what? I still have to tip them personally for doing so out of my own money, so technically, they work for me at that time; and if you stiff me because someone else is helping me out, then they get paid and I don’t. Happy goddamn holidays, selfish ass ignorant customers smh.

    12. Sharon

      I would tell the b**** not to go out to eat if she can’t afford it. What you said was totally ridiculous oh poor lady can’t afford it !really. Don’t f****** go out to eat. Make your own damn food.

    13. Beth

      In he United States, as in most other countries, we practice excepted “cultural practices”. Here it is expected to tip servers as well as other service providers. One rule of thumb to stick to is, if they touch you, or bring you food or drink you tip. The term tips is actually an acronym for T.I.P.S. To insure promt service. So, if that person provided promt friendly service, and the guest didn’t leave a monetary tip as compensation for service, then the guest has committed a public faux pas. Also, if people continue to not tip, and they raise the minimum wage of tipped servers, not many people will be able to afford to eat out. Many restaurants only pay their servers $2.13/hour, those severs then pay .03%-.05% tip share to support staff in the restaurant. So, if you “stiff” a server they pay for you to eat in their limited section. It’s okay to make someone who didn’t eat that food pay for you to eat and take up valuable real estate trying to make money not spend money?!?! You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you?!?!

        1. Dirt Dong

          No, that’s the geriatric nutritional drink, dickhead. Don’t come with a superior attitude correcting people when you’re mistaken…

          1. Amiee

            1. to secure or guarantee:
            This letter will ensure you a hearing.
            2. to make sure or certain:
            measures to ensure the success of an undertaking.

            1. arrange for compensation in the event of damage to or loss of (property), or injury to or the death of (someone), in exchange for regular advance payments to a company or government agency.
            “the table should be insured for $2,500”
            2. secure or protect someone against (a possible contingency).
            “by appeasing Celia they might insure themselves against further misfortune”

            Perhaps you should take your own advice?

    14. The Bitter Bistro

      That’s not the point. The woman has already decided to spend money at a restaurant, so why not tip? She’s not going to break her bank or card by leaving a gratuity. And we wouldn’t be calling her anything if she couldn’t buy her kids presents. You know why? Because nobody would know but her and her kids. She probably will stiff her kids on gifts and leave a similar note for them in their stockings. She’s a bad person because she didn’t tip, and then left written proof admitting her cheapness.

    15. Julie

      Seriously? Did you just say that? Tipping at a full service restaurant is expensive….and if you can not afford the service you should cook it yourself and serve yourself…..less expensive!!!

    16. Madison

      There is no justification to her doing this. No matter how you spin it it is wrong to ask the service of someone KNOWING you do not have the expenses. Other options like drive thru, frozen pizza, or a number of microwaveble dinners could have sufficed her and her three children. If she didn’t have the money for a $15 meal for 4 people at McDonald’s explain how she had $30 for 4 at a restaurant. Take your verbal tip back home with the Chinese takeout.

    17. leif

      Stfu…don’t go out to eat, buy your kid another present instead of fucking an innocent person over that probably had to PAY to wait on your dumbass!! (Tipout)

      1. 2j4t

        Yep! Plenty cheap on their menu if the tip for someone who is waiting on you is too much for your Christmas budget to afford.

    18. Holly

      If she’s so worried about saving money to buy Christmas gifts for 3 kids then why is she going out to a restaurant to eat? Go to the grocery store and cook, serve, clean up for yourself. It’ll save a bunch of money for gifts. Then once holiday season is over and they have the extra money to go out, then go ahead and treat yourself.

    19. Angela

      Yeah, no.
      Wanting to be paid for work you did and service you gave isn’t ridiculous. What’s ridiculous if people expecting us to be ok with NOT GETTING PAID. FUCK THAT.

    20. Rei

      No one made her have children, no one made her eat in a restaurant, and when you’re a parent, you take responsibility instead of shirking your responsibilities and expecting everyone else to bear that burden for you.

    21. Etta

      If she can’t afford a tip she shouldn’t be eating out, that server makes about $3 an hour providing good service to earn a tip to be able to provide for herself. It’s not rediculous, it’s just plain ignorant.

    22. Babs

      Tipping is not generosity, tipping is the price you pay for services rendered. When you are served at a restaurant that person is doing their job, the job they rely on to pay bills and stay alive. Paying someone for service provided is not generous it is simply what you do if you don’t want to be a terrible person who is quite literally preventing another human being from making a living. Servers make $2.13 an hour which they never even recieve because it is taxed out, they are also required to “tip out” a percentage of their sales to bartenders and bussers so went a guest does not leave a tip the server literally has to pay that percentage out of their own pocket meaning it costs them money to serve you. Don’t sit your ass in a chair that a server relies upon paying guests to sit in. Go to Mcdonalds and don’t waste their time and efforts at their place of employment.

    23. Leens

      If she had to choose between tipping a server or buying her kids gifts, then maybe she shouldn’t have been spending money going out to eat in the first place. Don’t have time to cook? Order from a quick inexpensive restaurant where employee’s don’t live on tips. She had plenty of other options than being trashy and stiffing her server,

    24. A Fox

      That’s a load of bull. It probably cost the server 4% – 6% to tip out to support staff on that sale. Even if the woman only spent eighty bucks, it still cost the server four or five dollars to serve the woman. She should not be going to a full service restaurant if she’s not going to tip. Restaurant staff celebrate Christmas too, and have to buy gifts. Geez.

    25. rs

      who cares about her note? her note is adding insult to injury. I could leave a note saying, “sorry, no tip. Christmas is coming and soon after is Easter and unfortunately that means i’ll be dying on a cross because by the way I am also Jesus.” Just because she says she has 3 kids doesn’t mean it’s true. It just means she thinks she is justified in being a douche because she can’t afford the three kids she chose to have- if that’s even the case.

    26. Debbie

      WRONG!!! Get your head out of your ass. Is this something you would do? You don’t go out to eat if you can’t afford it!

    27. Brenda Brinks

      No Gabby. It isn’t ridiculous at all. I am going to assume that you have never worked as a tipped employee. Well goody for you, but for those of us who have this is HOW WE MAKE OUR LIVING. This is a real job and we pay real bills with the money we work real hard (for you) to get. And by the way, I AM a parent, a single parent for many years. I fully understand what it’s like to struggle to pay the bills because my ex-husband stiffed me on child support, so it’s really great to work your ass off for some idiot to stiff you at work as well. I was considered a very good server, but there isn’t a server alive that this hasn’t happened to at one point or another and it really sucks. And sorry, but a tip is a part of the meal – if you can’t afford it, McDonald’s is right down the road in just about every town.

    28. STINS

      You’re an asshole if you believe what you just wrote. Plain and simple. Actually, you’re an asshole because your comment reads to me, “I don’t tip either when I don’t feel like it” – either way, YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE! Live with that.

    29. DeeDee M

      so–if she is so strapped for cash, then she shouldnt be eating out, she should be cooking at home for her 3 little brats that she will teach how to be rude…..either dont have kids (too late now ,but she obviously would have been a candidate for this one), save money throughout the year by cooking and eating at, what a novel idea, to teach children how to be thrifty…..or spend less if you feel you have to eat time, go the fast food route, they dont expect tips there…..

    30. Jessica

      Then she shouldn’t be going out to eat at a full service restaurant. Servers live off their tips. So what, the server shouldn’t be able to buy her kids presents? Bottom line, if you need to be saving money for Christmas, stay home and cook. Or go to McDonald’s. If you can’t afford to top your server, don’t go to a fucking restaurant!

  16. Teri

    Re: hoping she gets two lumps of coal . . .

    Shove coal up her ass as tight as she is, she might make diamonds 😂😄😂😄😂😄 don’t be doing her any favors

    1. Nichole

      Thank u i am a server and what people don’t seem to understand is that us servers live off of our tips. So with that being said if u dont have money to tip dont go out to eat. Or just go yo a drive thru mcdonalds or something

      1. Grumpycat

        So, your employer told you “so, I’m not paying you eff all, panhandling off customers by guilt-tripping them paying extra money for already overpriced meal is what gets you paid, end of story” and you still signed your employment contract? Nice job choice!

        1. Bartender Pat

          Panhandling off customers? Do you realize there’s a different pay scale for servers that assumes you’ll also be tipped? What would your entitled ass do if no one took these jobs so that there was no one to serve you this overpriced meal? Your statement is ignorant and condescending. People take these jobs in order to feed and clothe their families. You’d probably also have a problem if they didn’t take this job and were on public assistance. May God grant you the sense and compassion you seem to be lacking.

    2. Mark

      I don’t want to be an asshole here but you servers need to get your shit together. I never conform to the tipping standards as I believe it is ridiculous to ask for people to pay on top of the already overpriced meal just because a server walked over and set it on a table. They have an employer that pays their wage; I do not and will not. If you would like better compensation I suggest working on real skills that will earn you the wage you feel you deserve.

  17. Alan

    If she’s so worried about Christmas presents for her kids, she would do everything she could to save money…including refraining from eating out at a full service restaurant.


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