Don’t Be a Karen

We all know what a “Karen” is an we can all agree they are the absolute worst. They breed like rabbits and if you see one Karen in your section, another is soon to follow. Alert your manager and prepare them for the onslaught of dietary restrictions and complaints about the temperature of hot tea, coffee and the general feeling of the air in the restaurant. Also know they will want discounts and/or things for free because they are Karens and this is what they do.

If you don’t know what a Karen is, then this video is just for you. And thank you to Confessions of a Server for making this ever so important Public Service Announcement.

(My apologies to any Karen out there who isn’t actually a “Karen” and who are being lumped in with the dregs of humanity. Specifically, I’d like to point out my sister-in-law Karen who is most definitely NOT a Karen.)

8 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Karen

  1. Afrin

    I worked in a restaurant for about three years and I met a lot of Karens. But surprisingly the owner of that restaurant wouldn’t give it away so easy to make Karens happy and make them come back again and trust me I saw almost all of those nasty customers eating again at our restaurant and pay exact money for the food.So from my experience…if all the customer service employees stop giving free services to those Karens things will change and customers will pay for the service they get. Once theses people get their way around they get encouraged. So tell them off and get rid of karen. 😊


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