Woman Stiffs Server Because Coffee Was Too Hot

Every day, we servers have our eyes opened to another reason that a customer feels like they should not have to leave a tip. Sometimes, it makes sense why a customer chooses not to leave anything, but other times it makes me curl up in a little ball of fury and scream “What the fuck?” over and over again. Such is the case with Anna.

Anna went for a meal at That Place in Ogunquit. She wracked up a bill that totaled $138.04 and when it came time to tip, she searched the world over until she found a reason: the coffee was too hot. Yes, people, Anna thought the coffee was too hot and decided that 0% was better than 20% and stiffed her server of $26. First off, we all know that Anna is the same person who would have stiffed her server if the coffee was too cold, right? Or if the coffee was too old or too fresh or too brown or too watery or served in a coffee cup that didn’t feel right to her lips. In other words, Anna probably had no intention of leaving a tip and that was all she could come up with.

The server sent me the photo and, after verifying that it was legit, I still hesitated to post it because I didn’t want Anna to go viral. (It may or may not be the first time Anna has gone viral, but in the past it was probably always something that antibiotics were able to take care of…) The server also told me that the restaurant has only been open for about seven years, so there is no way that Anna had been going there for 25. Even though it was clear that Anna was an idiot, I still wondered if I should post the photo, because I did not want to get the server in trouble. But then the restaurant itself posted it on their Facebook page, so that gave me free reign to spread the story around.

Anna, c’mon! If the coffee is too hot, you fucking blow on it and wait ninety seconds. Or maybe you reach into your water glass and get a freaking ice cube to drop into your coffee cup. The server’s response to let it “cool down” is actually pretty good advice. It’s also common sense. And for the record, your server didn’t have the “audacity” to chase you down and demand a tip. What actually happened was another server went to tell you that it’s not the server’s fault that the coffee was too hot. You can say whatever you want in your petty little review, but there are two sides to every story and I heard the story from the other side. I choose to believe the server’s side of the story since anyone who justifies leaving zero on a $138 check is most likely an awful person. I don’t like to believe the stories of awful people.

I hope the next time you go out to dinner, you can find it in your heart to leave your server a tip. However, I know that you will more than likely find another reason to not do so. This time the coffee was too hot, but maybe next time the sun will be too bright. Or the music won’t be to your liking or the bread will be too doughy or the salad too salad-y. It’s clear that you simply do not like to tip. Just be aware that the net time you stiff someone and leave a stupid ass note on the credit card receipt, it might just go viral. And antibiotics aren’t going to help every time.

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24 thoughts on “Woman Stiffs Server Because Coffee Was Too Hot

  1. The coffee was too hot??? And they shot Lincoln! This classless chick needs a near death experience to teach her what’s really important in life. How we treat one another.

  2. I’m just confused about why the guest thought that bringing another cup would make it cooler? Surely the small cup of coffee at the table has cooled off more than the insulated carafe of coffee that the already too hot cup came from? Or did she she want the server to bring it in the back and water it down? Alas, some problems cannot be solved, only endured. A too hot cup of coffee is one of these.

  3. Re racist comments, even if the percentage of bad tippers is higher in some minority community, “base rate neglect” suggests that more bad tippers exist among the majority.

    E.g., using Kahnman’s example, if you are asked if a shy, quiet man is more likely to be a farmer or librarian, you should pick farmer because there are 3 million farmers and only 140,000 librarians.

  4. where is the NOTICE that should be posted on the menu which states:
    ‘we reserve the right to add an 18% Gratuity to ALL credit charges made over $60’?

  5. Horrible that Anna did not leave a tip for everything but what she was dissatisfied with .. like a normal human being would do. I am very grateful inthis day of Trump that I am not a server. Too many entitled people out there with no moral compass .. awful.

    1. Entitlement doesn’t respect political boundaries, sorry to say. A douche is a douche regardless of party, net worth, or any other consideration. Call them out for THEIR behavior and don’t give them a slogan or excuse to hide behind. It just makes you look lame and lets them claim someone was “mean” to them because of their politics, religion, race, or whatever.

  6. i wish i had enough money to worry about stuff like this had a table not tip me for not passing out their books with a tray of drinks in my hand i was worried about spilling on them

    1. I too just tried to look up Anna Kirpas and it appears she’s disappeared. HA! Hopefully she’ll think twice next time she wants to come up publicly with a lame reason for being a cheap ass.

  7. I can’t believe there are such cheap stuck up snots to look for ANY reason not to tip!!! Just like you said, “coffee too hot” REALLY? I’ve been a server for over 8 years, in a tourist trap town in Maine. I love my job and enjoy it 99% of the time… I have heard some pretty stupid comments from people, and have had some shitty tippers, all of us have… but to NOT give a tip because the coffee was hot?? Can’t you think of something more original? Sit, Eat and enjoy, have your server wait on you, and every other table no less… and leave $0. We should have a way to spot these people, so we can give them shitty service to reflect the tip we are going to get! Just give our full attention to our paying customers, who are most likely better people and more enjoyable to wait on… We are going to have to start telling people “watch out… that ice cream is very cold, or the peanut brittle topping is crunchy” Duh?!?! Sorry this happened to you! We all know why we do this job and it’s not because of the jerks that look for any reason not to tip! I’m sure this is not the only time that these people didn’t leave a tip… It’s pretty sad! Keep smiling girly😊

  8. In a lot of countries people do not tip. But, in this case the women said she has been going here for 25 years which is a lie since it is only a 7 year old resteraunt. If the women is willing to lie about that how can anyone believe a word she says?

    I’m going to open a hornets nest here. But, about 80% of one race in the U.S. diffs the server every time.

    1. Your racism is even more repellent than your spelling and punctuation.
      Bitchy, is this sort of comment acceptable to you?

      1. Dude it isn’t racist to point out realities of how different demographic groups culturally behave. White men are routinely attacked and decided on a daily basis in this country as being responsible for all our ills; maybe you should take up your qualms about racism with the people making those accusations.

    2. And how do you know this? I’d love to see some evidence, because I’ve seen it from all sides being a server myself, and googling gets me results all over the map as to surveys on who is a worse tipper regarding race.

    3. In my experience, race has less to do with tipping than class. You have redneck trash and ghetto trash. Neither leave more than a few dollars, if they tip at all. You know them when you see them. Although sometimes you have hoity toity bitches, black and white, that run you to death, and you just know those tips will be shitty. Of course, then there are Indians who rarely leave over $3, even the doctors. The best tips usually come from the least needy people. And one thing I’ve learned about black guests: if it’s a middle-aged man treating his entire family, including his mother, the tip is going to be large.

    4. Why did you even bring up race? You even admitted your comment would be controversial, and it had nothing to do with this blog post. So why the hell would you even mention race? Go away please.

  9. I work right down the street from this restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine. Most of our business comes from snotty tourists who think they are entitled to everything because they’re on vacation. This is ridiculous that they didn’t leave a tip because the coffee is too hot. Tips are for the service! I’m sorry this happened to her!

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