Waiters Smash Cake Into The Faces of Rude Customers


Every now and then, we in the service industry are gifted with a video that fills us with joy and gratitude. A video that lets us know we are not alone in this world when it comes to dealing with a customer who has a stick so far up their ass that while they are screaming at us we can see a tiny twig tickling their tonsils.

This is that video.

It happened in the Ukraine. Two women are seen berating two servers who apparently can no longer take the verbal abuse. Instead of going into the walk-in cooler and punching a slab of bacon, one of the servers does what we all have dreamed of doing and smashes a cake into the obnoxious customer’s face. Not to be outdone, the other server then picks up a cake and does the same thing.

I just peed a little in my pants with excitement.

And the most exciting thing is that the restaurant has decided to stand behind their servers saying, “The clients were very rude. The waiters could not stand their tone any longer and did what they did. The situation was provoked by the clients, the waiters will not be punished.”

Okay, I just completely peed my pants and I’m okay with it.

Please watch the video again and again and again because it’s a slice of pure fucking heaven. And if anyone finds out this video is fake, I don’t wanna know. 

6 thoughts on “Waiters Smash Cake Into The Faces of Rude Customers

  1. Sandra Elliott

    there are days when anyone who has been a server can relate to this in soooo many ways but most of us bite our tongues and restrain ourselves !!!!!

  2. Kelly O’Neill

    I wish my employer would of had my back, after almost 17 yrs of working at this same place a customer accused me of stealing, called me a liar and a thief! I told him that I’m not and asked him to leave while flipping him off! Not only did I get fired but they gave this certain person a gift card and he’s in there every day! No loyalty towards me at all! But I’m certain gnat they have lost plenty of customers since I left!


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