Cat Deeley Rips Restaurant Apart on Twitter and Stiffs Her Server

Uh oh, a Hollywood celebrity had a less than perfect time at a restaurant and chose to vomit out a series of Tweets about how awful the whole experience was for her. Cat Deeley, the host of FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance, went to brunch on Sunday at LA’s Tom George Restaurant and it did not go well. She did not hold back on the Tweets, sharing her feelings with her 357K followers, proving that the person we see on TV is not necessarily the same person in real life. By the way, these are all screenshots because she might come to her senses and eventually delete all this nonsense.

Damn, Cat Deeley. On TV you seem so nice and likable, but on Twitter you come across like a vengeful, bitch on wheels with a major hair up your ass. At this point in her Twitter timeline, we don’t have any details as to what went wrong. I mean, what can be that bad to make someone with that much social media influence drag a restaurant through the mud, right? But then another Tweet pops up, this one from her server:

But that’s not all. He posted a photo of the receipt and we see that all of her food was comped ($123) and all she had to pay for was the drinks, which totaled $83.74.

Sounds fair, right? I mean, if she hated everything and it sucked, they didn’t make her pay for it. But here’s the kicker: she didn’t leave a tip! Nothing. Zero. Nada. Zilch. My first thought is that maybe it was the server who fucked up so bad and he didn’t deserve a tip. That is possible, but Cat Deeley squashes that claim in her next Tweet:

And then:

Hold up. So she freely admits that none of this had anything to do with the server but she couldn’t reach into her gold-lined pocket book and toss him at least a twenty-dollar bill? That’s wrong, Cat Deeley. Wrong!

She Tweets one more thing out to clarify:

Now it sounds like she’s trying to backtrack a little bit to imply that the service sucked as bad as the food so she can justify stiffing the server. But it’s too late, Kat Deeley! You already told him that it wasn’t his fault so why didn’t you tip him? Your check was over $200 but they comped the food for you since it was so “disgusting,” but you still sucked down $83 worth of Bloody Marys, wine, beer, lemonade and an Arnold Palmer. (Side note: ordering an Arnold Palmer was probably the server’s first clue that you were going to be a royal pain in the ass.) You owe that server some money! Especially since his ass might be fired for making this all so public.

We don’t really know what all went down in that restaurant during Sunday brunch, but for someone to have to send their food back a total of five times means one of two things: either the restaurant is completely incompetent or the customer has expectations that are impossible to meet. Maybe it’s a combination of both, but I think we can all agree that if she willingly states that none of this was the fault of the server that she should have left him a tip.

Cat Deeley has the reputation of being super friendly and nice so I will not be surprised if she releases a statement any minute now about the “horrible misunderstanding” and how she meant to leave the server a tip. However, for her to put this restaurant on blast to her 357K followers, seems a tad unfair to the restaurant. Here is Cat Deeley’s Twitter account if you want to tell her how you feel about her stiffing a server who did nothing wrong.

C’mon Cat. What would Mary Murphy say? (She’d ask you to click here to buy my book…)


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