Is Chili’s Being Dishonest With Their Customers?

As you all know, I am on the server’s side 99.9% of the time. I want what’s best for those slingers of the hash, those wearers of the apron, my people. I believe in tipping 20% for a job well done and when I say 20%, I mean of the total, not the total before tax. That being said, I do not approve of a restaurant inflating the suggested gratuity totals that so often show up at the bottom of the receipt.

I’m talking to you, Chili’s.

A customer named Lacy went to Chili’s last week and posted a photo of her receipt on the Chili’s Facebook page questioning the charges. Her bill was $35.18 and Chili’s suggested a 20% tip of $10.97. No, Chili’s. Twenty percent of $35.18 is $7.04.

In fact, all of the totals are way off. They are suggesting that a 22% tip on $35.18 would be $12.06 when in fact that would be a 34% tip. Don’t get me wrong, we would all love a 34% tip, but don’t fucking lie about it.

Please get this shit fixed, Chili’s. We servers don’t need any more reasons for customers to question whether or not they are going to leave us a tip and if you are going to inflate the suggested gratuities, that is not going to help us. Maybe you are under the assumption that your customers are stupid and won’t pay attention to complicated issues like math, but I would venture a guess that at least one third of your customers aren’t idiots and might notice your sneaky ways. Lacy did.

Maybe this particular location thought they were doing their servers a favor by saying 15% when they meant 23% and saying 18% when it’s really 28%, but that’s not cool. Personally, I want to earn my 23% tip and not get it dishonestly. Maybe some servers will disagree with me here, but I think most will feel the same I do.

Chili’s, please look into this. Most of your servers are doing the best possible job they know how to do and if you are going to ruin their intentions by trying to be all sneaky sneaky on their behalf, it’s not doing you anyone any favors. Your customers won’t trust you (rightfully so) and your servers won’t trust you because if you are willing to cheat your customers, why would they think you wouldn’t cheat them too?

Perhaps there was some type of coupon involved, but Lacy doesn’t mention that in her post. And Chili’s even responded to her comment admitting it does not look right. What is going on??

Get your shit together. Here, I fixed it for you:


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