Mother’s Day Brawl Proves It’s the Worst Day of the Year for Servers

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.56.12 AMForgive me for being a little tardy to the party on this one, but this Mother’s Day story needs to be shared. At a Japanese restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, a fight broke out when a woman “berated” a bus boy about his smile. When the bus boy said “it’s my job to smile,” that’s when the woman’s brother stood up and punched the busser in the face. Yeah, I don’t get it either. One moment we have a family giving mom a single red rose in appreciation for all she has done and the next thing we know someone is picking up a bus cart and throwing it across the room. Thankfully, there is video.


This is hard core, y’all! Plates are flying, water is thrown, people are screaming and Moms all throughout the restaurant are thinking, “Look at my Baby. I’m so proud of him.” I love this little snippet of video because you can really see how supremely pissed off the guy is who feels like it’s a good idea to toss a bus cart. Clearly, he has been harboring all kinds of anger about something and this was the straw that broke the bus boy’s back. My other favorite part is the guy in the bottom right corner who deflects those trays like Wonder Woman deflects bullets. Devecc Bilingslea, 26, Zacarli Dalcoe, 25, Willis Jumario Hall, 26, and 21-year-old Demonte Harrison were all cited for the knock-down, drag-out awesomeness.

If you look at this video, you can see a little girl in the top right corner who does not mess around when she sees something good is going on. She drops her Pu Pu Platter, grabs her phone and hits record faster than a plate of pork dumplings gets gobbled up by a 15-top of ravenous coyotes.


The owner of the restaurant said that the fight cost him $5,000. Not only was there damage, but plenty of folks left without paying because they didn’t see this as a fight. they saw it as a chance to dine and dash. “Happy Mother’s day, Mom! Now run like hell so we can save $75.”

Every server knows that working on Mother’s day is hell. In fact, if (when?) I go to hell, I completely expect it to be a Mother’s day 365 a year there and I will be the only server working a massive buffet with no bus boy. Now that I think about it, hell will look exactly like this video. 359 more days to Mother’s Day!

If you need a longer look at that drama, here’s another video:

10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Brawl Proves It’s the Worst Day of the Year for Servers

  1. Sharon

    Well… this makes a lie out of the old adage, “Smile and the world smiles with you.” Let’s change that to , “Smile and the world will beat your rear end.”

    1. Sharon

      Oh, yeah! I that would be fun!
      But, I would have to be in just the right place… close enough to see everything, far enough away so that I didn’t get maimed by flying debris.

  2. Taylor

    And I thought my Mothers Day was hell! But Pu Pu Platter is Chinese, not Japanese. Probably doesn’t matter to anyone else but I work at a Japanese restaurant and I’m so goddamn tired of people asking for egg drop soup.

    1. Alan

      I worked at a Japanese restaurant some years ago. I know what you mean!

      People asking for eggrolls and fortune cookies! Yeesh!


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