19 Restaurant Receipts That Prove Not All Customers Are Awful

It seems that so often on the Internet we see pictures of receipts that go viral because of a racist comment or a some other derogatory remark that a customer wrote on their receipt. And then sometimes we find out that the remark wasn’t even written by the customer but was written by the servers themselves in a pathetic attempt for attention. Many of us have been duped by these photos, including myself. A few weeks ago on this very blog, I wrote a post about a server who claimed he was called a terrorist on a receipt only to learn later that he had written the comment himself.

This world lately is full of disturbing news. We can’t turn our televisions on, be it FOX, CNN or MSNBC, without hearing about wildfires, bridge collapses, extreme weather, questionable behavior by politicians, and violence. Today, I just want to share with you some positivity.

We all know that the majority of our customers are nice. We may complain a lot about the bad ones, but the reality is that 95% of the people who sit in our sections are totally fine. It’s just that the other 5% are more fun to talk about. I asked for servers to send me photos of a receipts when a customer wrote something wonderful to them and I was not disappointed. I was swamped with submissions.

If you are feeling down and want to feel just a wee bit better, please look at these receipts and know that not all customers are bad. A little bit of positivity can go a long way.

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “19 Restaurant Receipts That Prove Not All Customers Are Awful

  1. Butts

    Ughhhh im an asshole, some of those tips were just amazingly generous, and thise compliments are amazing. but people who tipped like 15% while screaming about AWESOME SERVICE. Fuck your verbal tip- The managers are not going to give your server a 25% raise- if they did maybe they’d make 4 dollars an hour, and you could suck my dick you idiot.

  2. Annie

    The receipts were amazing (as we re some of those generous tips)!

    Thanks so much for renewing my faith in the human race today, Bitchy!


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