This Woman Wants Some Attention From Olive Garden for Her Birthday

We all know how very important birthdays are. In fact, as a server, I would say there is absolutely nothing more important to me than a customer who comes into my restaurant to celebrate their birthday. The days when I have to go though a whole shift without having the opportunity to wish a guest a happy birthday are the longest shifts of all. Every server feels this way, mark my words. That’s why I felt so awful when I saw this post by Rhonda on the Olive Garden Facebook page.

It seems that Rhonda joined some type of Olive Garden birthday club several years ago and to this day, she has received nothing from them! And now her birthday is just a few days away and she is fearful that yet another birthday will slip past her without receiving anything free from Olive Garden. When I read that, this was my reaction:


Rhonda, I am here for you. As a professional server and someone who truly cares that you are one of the 7.442 billion people who made their way out of a womb, I want to offer you something and hope you see it before your big day: happy birthday from the bottom of my non-slip shoes! (Also a very happy birthday to the other 17.7 million people around the world who are celebrating the same birthday as you and who probably didn’t get anything free from Olive Garden either.) Although I can’t supply you with a complimentary slice of Black Tie Mousse Cake or a pile of freshly fried Zeppoli, I hope my words fill your soul as the desserts would have filled your belly. Your birthday is important to me and even though Olive Garden doesn’t seem to care abut it, there are lots of others who do. That’s what I want to ask everyone reading this blog to please go to Rhonda’s Facebook post below and wish her a happy birthday. That way she will know that even though Olive Garden doesn’t give a rat’s ass about her big day, at least someone does,.

And even though I can’t sing happy birthday to you with a group of enthusiastic servers, bussers and hostesses who have nothing better to do than to sing to a complete stranger, I hope that this small bit of Internet attention will make up for that. Happy birthday, Rhonda. If Olive Garden comes through with some free shit, please let all of us know because we truly care and we won’t rest until we know that your birthday was something special. I realize that the only reason you joined the birthday club was because Olive Garden offered it you. They clearly dropped the ball, but I am here to pick it up and run with it. You’re welcome.

Happy birthday!!

2 thoughts on “This Woman Wants Some Attention From Olive Garden for Her Birthday

  1. Waitron

    C’mon ol’ girl -I’ll buy u a shot . Really -that ruins yer special day ? No fuck ….I haven’t had a b-day in ages . But I sing to 100 of strangers a day . I think you owe me a shot too …

  2. theblonde

    while I still agree it’s a ridiculous entitlement, I don’t think she’s wrong. Usually those clubs are for discounts on holidays and birthdays.


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