Vegans: Your Lifestyle Choice is Not My Responsibility

Let me start off by saying I don’t hate vegans. In order to hate something, you have to care about that something and I don’t give a shit about vegans so therefore it is impossible for me to hate them. We all make choices in our lives. Vegans have decided to not eat any animal by-products and I have decided to count Velveeta cheese as a food group.


That being said, someone sent me a photo that was shared on a popular Instagram account called veganmemesofficial. The image left a funny taste in mouth and it didn’t taste like chicken. It tasted more like some tofurkey bullshit covered in lentils and sprinkled with kale that had been soaked in soy milk for five days.


Look, vegans, I’m sorry you feel it’s a “struggle” to explain your diet to a server, but that’s the life you chose. You made your bed, now lie in it and cover yourself up with a blanket made of organic hemp and rest your head on a pillow of nut butter and deal with it. It’s not my job as server to study up on the ins and outs of every diet known to mankind. My job is to take your order based on what you have chosen after looking at the menu of the food we offer. Don’t waltz into my section and announce to the world that you’re vegan and then ask me what you can have. (And by the way, I can pretty much guarantee that all of your friends are sick of hearing you tell servers that you are vegan.) The same thing goes for anyone on the South Beach Diet, Atkins, Paleo or Weight Watchers, because I don’t know how many fucking points you’re gonna use up by ordering the fried calamari and the baked potato soup, but my guess is all of them. Stop acting like it’s the restaurant’s responsibility to deal with your food limitations. It’s 2017 and there is this thing called the Internet. Google your ass a restaurant that will cater to your needs and at the very least, look at the menu before you get there so you’re not shocked when the only thing for you at Outback is an iceberg salad with oil and vinegar.

When I went to The Official Vegan Meme Instagram page, I came across another image that crawled right up my ass and made itself at home:


No. Just no, no, no! If you lie to your server and say you’re allergic to something just because you don’t want to eat it, you’re as nasty as a kale smoothie. You might think it makes you look less crazy, but what it really does is make you look like a piece of shit. And I know that vegans are obsessed with shit because they always want to talk about how great their most recent stool was. Every time you lie about being allergic to something, it belittles the situation for someone who is actually allergic to something. If every vegan lies about about being allergic to dairy, how do you think that makes someone feel who is deathly allergic to peanuts? You make it sound like it’s life threatening when all it is you trying to make yourself look better.

And here is one more meme from their page that is about as lame as vegan lasagna:

This is why vegans have such an awful reputation. If you are so inclined, swing over to veganmemesofficial and check out the ridiculousness. Tell them I said hello and to choke on a vegan dick. And by the way, I corrected that last meme for them:

87 thoughts on “Vegans: Your Lifestyle Choice is Not My Responsibility

  1. Emma

    Milk allergy is a real thing, I have it and when I was a baby they didn’t know. Every time I had something with milk in it I would wind up not being able to breathe, I nearly died like 4 times before they realized what was wrong. Only Finnish people can get this type of allergy apparently and my dad didn’t even know he was Finn (adopted and his parents never said before they died). But people don’t believe this is a real allergy. So once I was force feed cheese in daycare and I got so sick afterwards and the woman was never punished, I would have panic attacks because I afraid that happen again. I don’t know what is worse that people are lying and saying that they have my allergy, therefore making it less likely that I will be believed, or that the author of this thinks that a milk allergy is not a serious as a peanut one. The kid with a peanut allergy was never force-fed nuts without consequence because that allergy is so well known that they have been banned from schools since forever. I had to manage my own allergy from a young age because my parents and caregivers did not believe the doctors. Now that my dad knows he is Finnish he has tried to apologise by taking it seriously and I can’t forgive him. I always order steak or eggs, can’t be even vegetarian because my diet is too limited already, when someone does that they are not a vegan.

    1. Derpy doo

      That’s not what she was saying. So you and your dairy allergy should fuck off I guess. Just like no one care that someone is a vegan, no one cares about your milk allergy.

  2. Ravensong

    Love my milk, love my meat, FUCK OFF VEGANS cuz I’s gone eat!!

    Fuck off vegans ya hungry ass mafuckers. Go eat some beef we all know you want too.

  3. Catherine

    Imagine having celiac disease, gluten can kill you, and you hear a vegan bitching three tables over because of the lack of vegan options, when they have more options than you and unlike them you give the cooks a specific order that you know is gluten free to make it easier on them and you contacted the restaurant ahead of time so they had adequate amount of time to prepare, while the vegan expects the staff to jump through hops for their choice.

  4. Ian

    I’m an ex vegan who now kills and eats cute baby animals. No really.

    It’s becoming standard for restaurants to offer a vegetarian option with a green v symbol next to it. Usually it’s actually a vegan option which pleases most vegetarians (a lot of them are feeling guilty for not going the whole soya based imitation hog). You will very rarely get a complaint that the vegetarian option lacks eggs or dairy.

    A notice about nut containing products is also a good idea.

    What I remember most from my vegan days was that the vegetarian option in restaurants was usually very insubstantial, with zero protein and hardly any calories. Most vegans are starving hungry a lot of the time and would be a lot less hangry on a night out with friends if the restaurant offered (say) baked beans on wholemeal toast rather than a fancy salad. Or anything filling with some beans or pulses in it.

    Sometimes people say they are vegan when they actually have an eating disorder, follow a wide range of weird diet fads, and will find a problem with almost any food they are offered.

    There’s also a type of pseudo vegan who exclusively eats junk food …nothing recognisably animal.

    Vegans can be a misguided, self righteous pain in the ass, and they are worst when they are hungry, however, there are enough of them that catering for them makes good business sense.

  5. A

    When I worked food service there was a lady that made a stink about the fact that they put butter on the buns before they toast them. She claimed she was allergic to dairy and it was their fault for not telling her. When she was offered a refund she declined, saying she would accept a free item instead.
    What was that free item you might ask?
    An ice cream cone!(and they totally gave it to her….)
    Get outta here with that nonsense!!

  6. The Prozac Queen

    I totally agree! I think if someone has any sort of specific diet it’s up to *them* to know what they can and can’t have. It’s one thing to ask if a particular dish has X in it (do you use flour to thicken the chowder, do you fry things in peanut oil etc), but those are things that aren’t usually spelled out a menu. Ours has “vegetarian” next to some items but that’s about as far as a server should be expected to go, if even *that* far. Do your own homework, don’t expect us to do it for you.

  7. Janum

    One more thing…this is why servers get fed up with vegans. And yelp.

    “Every place starts with 5 stars, and then it can get a raving review or it’ll just go down, one star at a time.
    They have barely any vegetarian options. They can make things, but it’s so limited. Vegans do not go here.
    They sell veal which really is outrageous. A veal is a just born male calf, only a few hours old or at the most a few days old.
    They have on the menu Foie gras, which is another torture of animals.
    The waiter spoke way too fast, and nobody at the table understood him. It was like he enjoyed repeating himself. No manners, and not a waiter that should be in a top notch restaurant.
    Their bar menu is really limited and what they neglected to do, was post prices. By law in the state of Massachusetts every retailer is supposed to show pricing.
    Vegans and vegetarians and those with some empathy for ill treatment of animals, STAY FAR AWAY.” – From Lucia on Lucca Back Bay in Boston, MA.

  8. JuJu

    Who the hell would go to a steak joint and look for VEGAN options?? LMAOOO I’m vegan and I think that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Plan your steps and THAT IS IT. If someone hates your way of eating, whatever. If someone doesn’t agree with your way of looking at veganism or meat-eating, whatever. This article was funny to me because as a vegan, you already know you’re not going to get a lot of options as is unless you do research. Granted if you go to a restaurant that someone else chosen, then make the best decision you can. But it all depends on who you’re around, if the people around you understood your eating habits, accommodations would have to be made PRIOR to coming to the restaurant. If it doesn’t happen, it just doesn’t happen, that’s why PREPPING is important with a vegan lifestyle as well because, let’s be honest – everybody LOVES meat. The consumption of meat and dairy won’t drop and vegans expect it to but unfortunately, chances are it may not because we’re taught that everything we need, health-wise, is in meat and dairy. Our kids and their kids will choose their diet as they get older. People are gonna bitch and complain all day and night, it is what it is. Just plan. Ain’t that hard.

  9. Lou

    I’m lactose intolerant, but if I’m stupid enough to order something that’s got dairy in it then I’m going to deal with being in agonising stomach cramps later that night. It’s MY responsibility and no one else’s. Sure, I’ll ask if I’m unsure but if the answer is “I’m not sure.” I’ll order something else.

    It infuriates me that people seem to think they deserve special treatment because they chose not to eat something and claim it’s an allergy. It’s because of people who do things like that, people stop believing you have a legitimate allergy.

    Stop thinking you’re dietary choices are special, or important, they’re not and neither are you. Jerks.

  10. G.B. Miller

    My daughter is a veggie (likes dairy products) and she has no problem when we go out to do family dinners. she often order the chicken Caesar salad with the chicken on the side because 99% of the time the restaurants we go to don’t really have veggie entrees. No muss, no fuss and the rest of the night is casual.

  11. Barrine

    I never minded vegans.

    What I did mind were idiots who claimed to be vegan, like the gal who ordered her personal pizza with extra cheese, but who insisted on calling me over three times, to make sure there was no meat in the pizza. I tried to explain to her that if she really truly was vegan that ANY cheese was not what she was looking for, but then she tried to school me on the ‘fact’ that cheese is 100% vegan.


  12. Janum

    Former server with limited vegan interaction here. Mostly because I worked at an upscale French restaurant and honestly, it was hard to create something vegan and I think a lot of guests knew that. I’ve definitely encountered vegetarians (and some vegans) who simply weren’t happy with a bowl or roasted veggies or a salad. I can understand how crappy that must be if that’s all you’re offered everywhere, but not every single restaurant can accommodate. I always found it helpful to let the host know when the reservation is made. If you know it’s provably going to require a special dish or major subs, any kind of advance is awesome. It gives a server a little time to think it over and talk to the chef.

    As someone who doesn’t eat beef or pork, I can totally get the frustration of a server not knowing their menu. (You know bacon is in fucking everything these days). Those of you calling servers lazy and stupid, sure, they do exist. But please, don’t assume we all are (yes I still say we even if it’s been a year since I threw on a bistro apron). Menu knowledge, wine knowledge, spirits, steps of service, making sure everyone feels special, sidework, crap coworkers, entitled customers, long hours and menu specials take skill. Just like any other job. If you’ve never done it, you don’t get to comment on how easy/simple you think it is.

    Rant over.

  13. Sarah

    I offer a number of vegan options, in fact we are 80% vegetarian… but still the vegans are not happy to choose from the menu and need to announce their life choices…. “no tomatoes, I can’t eat lemon… avocado on the side”…. stay home and cry into your quinoa

  14. Taanja

    Haha! I love it Bitchy! especially those that read and take time to comment on a blog called Bitchy Waiter and take you to task for *gasp* being bitchy!

    P.S. Vegans are the worst.

    1. sara beo

      i know, right? how lame is it to think animals don’t deserve to be hurt and abused just so humans can enjoy the taste for a few minutes. the WORST!

      1. CL Johnson

        Hey… animals all have their place in this world…

        … right next to the mashed potatoes and green beans on the plate, cooked medium rare…

  15. sara beo

    i don’t know bitchy, you are being a little overly….oh wait, bitchy here! lol. seriously though, why all the hate? this sort of defensiveness against veganism ought to be left behind in the not-fully-developed brain of a 20something year old, because it’s kind of silly. memes are supposed to be a bit outrageous to provoke a reaction. like your blog, it’s amped up for fun and readability. think you missed the mark big-time here…i agree though that people should look at the menu before going to a place, if there isn’t a vegan option take your money elsewhere and don’t go in expecting the staff can cobble something together for you.

  16. reader

    Gotta love the holier-than-thou vegans posting here who demand that we all follow their lifestyle CHOICES. To those berating servers — grow a pair! I’m not a server but there’s no way I’d be good at that job. Putting up with the likes of you demanding that restaurants cater to your lifestyle CHOICES? Bah!

    To those who are responsible enough to check out a menu beforehand and know what they can eat — bravo! To those who have a genuine medical need to avoid certain foods — servers will be really patient and helpful.

  17. Tiffany

    Hey hon, hope you realize you’re insulting the people who tip you ? You only make $2 an hour. The customer then tips you to bring you up closer to maybe minimum wage. How about you treat your customers with respect? If being a waitress is too hard for you (which based on this blog, seems like it is) you should find another job. Also, moat vegans check the menu prior to going out- and bc of terrible individuals like you, a vegan can only confidently order sometimes by claiming allergies. Otherwise people like you take it upon yourself to add flesh, or utter squirt to our food as your silent protest to what? A lifestyle that condemns cruelty and suffering. You really need o take a look at yourself. You’re Trying so hard to justify death and torture bc you cant do your own research… You Just believe what you’ve been told like a little sheep to slaughter. Good job hon.. 😒

  18. Clare

    Time for an attitude adjustment and a little schooling– if you’re not vegan, I hope you’re aware that you are directly contributing to climate change, animal suffering, and the decline of your own health. Grow up.

    1. Concordia

      And you aren’t? Way to go, destroying the plants who provide the oxygen your body requires while overdosing on chlorophyll! It is a scientific fact that many vegans – no offense – are some of the most unhealthy people in the world, effectively shortening their lives and courting illness, which in turn increases the burden on the rest of us.


    2. Nopesy

      Except… that’s the point of the post, init? We’re aware, hon. Everyone has the same google you do, they know this stuff. Any kind of evangelism is bound to be met with disdain. You be you, let others do the same.

  19. MJ

    Everyone here is right and wrong. I am neither a vegan or server so maybe I can offer valuable outside perspective… Then again maybe not.
    Whoever you are, vegan or server, all you can do is be prepared. Should you live a vegan lifestyle, be prepared to do some research because even if a waiter believes they understand your dietary restrictions, they may not have a full grasp and it’s entirely possible they may make a mistake anyway. Not everyone has done the research you have so be kind and understanding. Be clear and concise when you order and be prepared that they may have little to offer if that restaurant is not designated as one that caters to your personal choice or dietary restrictions.
    Servers should also be prepared. Your job is a customer service job in nature so you are not just serving food to people… You are servicing customers. Should you choose not to educate yourself on mainstream dietary needs and what your establishment includes in its menu choices, be prepared to listen and take direction and answer questions to the best of your ability.
    Should either party choose not to educate themself, should either party choose not to conduct themself in a congenial way… Vegans should also be prepared to receive less than appealing service and servers should be prepared not to receive a satisfactory tip. Everyone needs to take accountability… It isn’t a one way street.

  20. Concordia

    Ah, vegans. Always so tasty with ketchup and stay crunchy in milk.

    I think you lovely plant-only dieters fell neatly into the Bitchy Waiter’s trap of making this a Social Consciousness Issue™, but you stayed there by resorting to the very defensive nastiness that he/she was pointing out in the first place.

    I’m not going to bitch you out for your largely pedantic attitudes, nor will I take you to task for whining like a toddler in need of a nap when someone calls you out on your equally repugnant attitude. I will say, however, that you are behaving precisely in the manner the BW denigrates, and further remind you of your own words – This is the Internet and we can all say what we like. Voltaire had it right – I may not like what you have to say, but I’ll defend your right to say it.

    That does not mean I will condone your choice of syntax – oh look, Mom, I can prove I have a college education! – nor does it mean that I’ll dispute your points save one. I do tend to agree with Baton – were the shoe on the proverbial other foot, I guarantee that you would be singing nearly an identical tune, if not further lambasting those who failed to meet your paragon-like food standards. You weren’t invited to justify your dietary predilections, vegans, and you certainly weren’t requested to attack the dietary choices of others. I don’t see a need to justify my decisions to consume meat. If you choose a plant-based diet, well… yippee skippy for you! That’s your right. It is NOT your right to take others to task for their choices, or compel them to defend their right to make that choice.

    You don’t know me. You don’t know what my allergies, my restrictions, and my needs are. Why should you, whether you are friend, foe, vegan, carnivore, or server? It’s none of your business. I’m responsible for them, so if I see a food I can’t consume for whatever reason, I don’t order it, regardless of whether I’m in a vegan restaurant, or an omnivore’s paradise. That is my duty as a consumer.

    There are two words every self-respecting, sincere vegan needs to learn, I believe. Caveat Emptor. Buyer, beware. Not Caveat Venditor – Seller, beware. Emptor. Buyer. Consumer. Learn it, love it, live it.

    Carry on, bless your plant-lovin’ little hearts.

  21. Brian

    Bitchy?…you are also very bitter. I feel very sorry for you….to live life so miserably. Perhaps you should educate yourself on how factory farmed animals are treated….this is why the majority of vegans eat the way they do. They’ve seen the suffering and the fear in the animals eyes. Oh but you don’t care. And have you bothered to educate yourself about how unhealthy meat and dairy is? They are artery cloggers and cancer causers. You should NOT be in the service industry. You would be a wonderful toilet cleaner at your local McDonald’s however.

  22. Kyla

    I am a server. I go out of my way to help people if all types of diets enjoy their meal. I take extra time to explain HOW things are made and to ensure their diet is adhered to. I do this bc I do care about their choices and I want my restaurant to treat them well. Do I get a good tip for doing all this? Sometimes. Mostly no. If I Make the effort, spend my extra time to ensure that they receive a meal they are happy with shouldn’t I get a tip reciprocally appropriate? I don’t mind dietary issues with people, but come on, not many POS systems come with vegan buttons. So I run my ass back to the kitchen to make sure they understand. This is the norm at almost all restaurants. So vegans… be appreciative. TIP

  23. Just A Poor Server

    Playing spot the vegan on this page is lots of fun! You should all try it!

    For me, I don’t mind if someone comes in with a specific diet and asks me for suggestions and opinions. I always do my best to make sure they find something both tasty and fits into their restrictions.

    I am NOT an expert on all diets though. I don’t know what you can and can’t have all the time. So when I suggest something and it happens to have Quinoa in it and you just CANT have that because of so-and-so and you get mad at me for even suggesting it, we got a problem.

    I know vegans don’t eat meat and cheese and that’s it! If there are other things they can’t have, tell me please! Tell me all the things you can’t eat and I will do my best to steer you in the right direction. But DO NOT have an attitude with me about it. Read the menu. That’s what it’s for!

    Also I always suggest salad when vegetarians or vegans come in to eat and 8/10 times they get pissy at me for doing so. I imagine eating salads all the time gets tiresome, but its the easiest thing to suggest that fits into your diet that we have! It’s not MY diet choice. We dont have many vegan options outside of it. We have a few and I elaborate on them, but for the most part it’s meat and cheese and any combination above.

    1. Moonlight

      “I am NOT an expert on all diets though. I don’t know what you can and can’t have all the time. So when I suggest something and it happens to have Quinoa in it and you just CANT have that because of so-and-so and you get mad at me for even suggesting it, we got a problem.”

      No one asked you to be a fucking expert, anyone getting angry at you over that is an asshole. But if you’re a server and don’t like your job, fuck the fuck OFF and find something else to do.

      If you do your job and do your best to make customers happy, that’s all that matters. Good for you! Want a cookie?

      1. Justaguydude

        As someone who was a server…. kindly fuck off. People like you are the worst to serve, “customer is always right” “if you cant do your job then quit it” no Karen, I need the money so I can y’know…eat and have a place to live. Fuck out of here with that self entitlement bullshit

    1. Moonlight


      But the blog owner isn’t bitchy? Isn’t that what his blog is called?

      Stop acting like this post wasn’t going to get negative responses from vegans and fuck off.

      1. Carnivorous

        Hey Moonlight don’t let that DOG SHIT get cold !

        Just keep your chosen brand of judgemental ideology in your pants, and everything will be just fine.

        Nobody likes a self righteous, militant vegan CUNT!

        Now be a good little vegan and FUCK RIGHT OFF !

  24. Angela

    So let me get this straight. My mom is a cancer patient and as such has to be careful of food she’s served. Mainly meat cooked to specific temps (well done), no deli meats, nothing with nitrates…so she sits down at your table and you’re pissed and irritated because she needs to ask questions to be sure that her meal won’t put her in the hospital? That’s nice. Sounds like you’re a real joy.

    1. Just A Poor Server

      I don’t know if we read the same thing, but I am sure….no…I’m POSITIVE if your mother came into his or anyone’s section and told them she can’t have certain things, that most servers would be happy to help. This is about those people on diets that feel it is their job to let us know and preach their ideals or are rude about it. At least that’s what I got.

      If there are legitimate health concerns as with your mother, or even just an allergy, I take it VERY seriously because like a good human being, I don’t want you to die.

      Again though, I have to point out why people are on a website called The Bitchy Waiter and are surprised, ANGRY even, that he bitches about things? I just don’t get it…

      1. Moonlight

        No one said anything about being surprised or angry about this post, we are simply RESPONDING. His post was ugly, some of the responses are ugly.

        Stop acting like your education doesn’t extend beyond the 3rd grade.

      2. The Prozac Queen

        The chefs where I work don’t usually mind making modifications provided they are reasonable and don’t completely change the dish. If it does, we’ll suggest something else. We don’t mind. Just don’t be rude about it.

  25. Vegan Ekta

    Veganism isn’t a diet. Vegans don’t want dead, tortured animals in their food because they think it’s wrong to pay for the torture and killing of innocent, sentient beings who want to live. It’s not about being entitled.

    I can’t speak for plant-based diet followers, but I’ve never encountered a server who was rude to me. I do my research ahead of time and I’m always appreciative of the work that servers do. I’ve actually had servers and chefs go out of their way to find or create something for me. I’m sorry that you’ve dealt with rude or unprepared customers.

    I do tend to stick to vegan or vegan-friendly restaurants, but sometimes I’m forced to go to a restaurant that doesn’t have Vegan options. Again, I’m always polite, so I don’t have issues.

    I’ve seen memes regarding the feelings of service industry professionals, of which the tone is not very kind to the rest of us, but I don’t judge. I’m not a server so I don’t know what it’s like. I think we all have a struggle, in our various subgroups and we relate, using humor.

  26. Moonlight

    Sounds like you’re just a retarded/lazy ass server. I’m vegan, and whenever I go out to restaurants I don’t announce that I’m vegan (and I’m sure most vegans don’t, you’re just exaggerating) I just say “no cheese, no sour cream, no chicken” or no of whatever it is I need to omit from my meal. I also check menus online before going to restaurants so that I’m not shocked about only being able to eat a salad. Any vegan who goes to a restaurant announcing that they’re vegan and complaining about menu choices can be annoying sometimes, I can agree with that. But we don’t, however, HAVE to look at the menu before going to the restaurant, it’s just something that I choose to do. Be ready to answer any questions I may have and make any modifications that I require because guess what? YOU’RE A SERVER AT A RESTAURANT.

    As a server, you commit to sometimes having to explain the menu and even suggesting certain dishes to customers. Since we only got to hear your side bitching about vegan customers, it’s our turn.

    Most of the time, you bored and lazy waiters and waitresses act as if it’s rocket science to take simple food orders, so when we do say “no mayo” or “no cheese” on something, it’s usually still on the food anyway. That’s when is when a lot of us resort to saying that we are allergic to it so that maybe, just maybe this time, it won’t be anywhere on the damn food. If you think it’s soooo inconvenient and rude for customers to claim that they are allergic to a food item when they aren’t, then try getting the fucking order right the first time. I understand that sometimes wrong orders are the chef’s fault, but most of the time the chef is only reading the order how it was written down by an idiot server like you.

    I’m quite sure if your boss knew that you felt this way, you wouldn’t have a job. The point of ALL restaurants is to SERVE food, difficult and complex modifications included. I’m sure if restaurants didn’t welcome vegans, they’d have a NO VEGANS sign on their door. Fuck YOUR feelings. If I’m eating at your overpriced restaurant, you’d better be ready to make any modifications to my meal that I require, as long as they are reasonable.

    Sounds like you need to get over the fact that some vegans like to eat at restaurants that may require them to modify the food so that it doesn’t include dead animal carcass and cow secretions.

    If you’re having a hard time keeping up with people’s orders or are sick of vegan diners and the food modifications that they require, sounds like you need a new fucking job. Try trash picking or scooping up dog shit and eating it, something where you don’t have to connect with people and address their questions or concerns.

    In the meantime, get used to vegan diners because just like idiots like you, we aren’t going anywhere.


    1. Just A Poor Server

      It’s YOUR turn? Trust me sweetie, it’s ALWAYS your turn to bitch. That’s his whole point. You just proved it. You ADMITTED it yourself. You are vegan and here you are, announcing it, and bitching.

      Your points have merit which is why I won’t attack them. I am a server and I am more than willing to help you find something you can eat. HOWEVER, I don’t have to stand there and be insulted by you when I suggest something only to find it has “such and such” in it and you OBVIOUSLY can’t have that.

      I am not vegan. I don’t know what a vegan diet consists of. I know the basics (no meat, no cheese, etc.) but that’s it! And no, I won’t educate myself on it until I decide to become vegan and that is NEVER EVER going to happen. I feel people keep adding stuff to their diets they can’t have and expect us to know!

      You research the menu before you go? Good for you. It shows initiative and that’s good.

      HOWEVER, you are on a website called The Bitchy Waiter and here you are bitching about him bitching because maybe, JUST MAYBE, his points hit a little too close to home?

      That’s what I thought. Why don’t YOU scoop up some dog shit and eat it?

      OH WAIT? That’s not vegan is it? My bad.

      Cheers o/

      1. Moonlight

        You couldn’t attack my points because you know they are true.

        I don’t give a fuck what this blog is called. It’s the internet, and it’s an open space and I can comment wherever I like.

        Now, go fuck yourself “poor server” and find yourself a new job since it’s soooo exhausting and complicated taking food orders.

        1. CL Johnson

          “You couldn’t attack my points because you know they are true.”

          She said that, numb-nuts. Apparently, being a vegan makes you illiterate too.

          “I don’t give a fuck what this blog is called. It’s the internet, and it’s an open space and I can comment wherever I like.”

          Ahh yes… another self-entitled keyboard warrior. We get it.

          “Now, go fuck yourself “poor server” and find yourself a new job since it’s soooo exhausting and complicated taking food orders.”

          … and this old yarn, spewed out by the delusional rabble, with low self-esteem, who think that just because their wage slave job pays more than someone else’s, and that they can afford more useless Chinese junk, that they’re somehow “better” than others. Even if this is true, which I doubt that it is, you’re just another insect like 95% of the rest of us who have ZERO power in this world. Get. Over. Yourself.

    2. oldchef

      I am no longer a server(I spent about 6 years as a server), but I’ve worked in the business as a chef for a long time and I find your post to be offensive. Waiters aren’t lazy or bored and chefs who spend many hours creating specialities don’t want you or any other fucken vegan to change it. I regularly created vegan and vegetarian options on my menu’s to accommodate the people who have chosen to live the vegan or vegetarian life. I was more than happy to do this and my wait staff had no problem with it. These dishes that were created had the same intricacies and balances of any other dish that I’ve created and didn’t want anyone to change them.
      But with that being said, you are clearly a self entitled douchebag that should be picking up the dog shit and eating it. Of course you should only eat shit if it’s vegan, is it?

      1. Moonlight

        If you don’t want to modify food orders, don’t work at a restaurant, dumbass.

        It’s amazing how both of you weirdos threw the “dog shit” comment back at me, yet I’m not the one online bitching about my poor poor job as a server.

        I was just giving you a suggestion. If you don’t want to go pick trash or eat dog shit, then do something else, like unclog toilets or better yet, stay your ass at home.

        1. C

          Some of us servers are not poor moonlight. Some of us are making 6 figures, but that’s not the point. I enjoy working in the industry, what I don’t enjoy is entitled pieces of shit like you. If you don’t like the way we think about you, and I’m speaking only of you, not all vegans, then keep your punk ass at home and eat more dog shit you pathetic, self-righteous, scumbag. You’re probably at 10% tipper as well, another reason for you to stay home.

        2. Serenity

          You’d have a bad time at my restaurant, as the owner and chef will NOT make massive amounts of modifications to his food. No mayo, no sauce, no problem. Everything on the side, no this, sub that…problem. He’s not being lazy, he just wants his food to taste the way it’s supposed to. Other restaurants I worked in that allowed that kind of bs would get their modified to hell food sent back bc it wasn’t good…bc the customer took everything good out of it. And no, we don’t lose customers over it bc they know what to expect…we are packed every minute we are open, and us poor servers make over 200 just in tips on a slow day. We also just removed salad as a side from our menu, so yeah, vegans go home.

    3. Baton Glisson

      Oh, Moonlight. *shakes head sadly* Bless your heart. First, I’m sure you won’t eat dog shit, but you certainly know how to dish shit like some greasy old hag at a rural truck stop…Although to be fair, the truck stop hag probably has a sweeter disposition due to her regularly stuffing her orifice with soul-satisfying meat.

      When I go with my husband to an organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free restaurant (yes, they exist), the last thing I’m going to do is look at the menu, sigh loudly, and torture the underpaid waiter by picking apart the menu, then asking for a deep-fried chicken breast to go over that kale/cranberry/walnut salad with garbanzo beans and vinaigrette dressing. I also won’t go to an Indian restaurant and demand beef. Just…No. I know what the restaurant offers. If I’m not into what they serve, I’m not going to demand preferential treatment just because I’m waving cash under someone’s nose. There comes a point where your filthy little Jeffersons, which are tainted with everything from human feces and urine to cocaine, just don’t make up for the fact that their owner is acting like a USDA Grade-A McCuntMuffin. Yes, every time you handle paper money and lick your impossibly pure fingers to peel off a few bills, you break one of the vegan 10 Commandments and probably ingest the rotting remnants of someone else’s saliva, too. Congratulations. And yes, it gives me incredible pleasure to enlighten you. You should see that crap-encrusted dollar under a microscope.

      When you visit a restaurant, the menu is there to tell you what their chef’s specialties. But why would you go to a steak restaurant that you know serves meat and offers a set menu, then proceed to pick apart dishes and substitute with non-meats until you have something that you would actually deign to pass your finicky lips? You know the chef is used to slinging out rare steaks and the poor bastard makes less a shift than you (or your husband/partner/cub) do in two hours, but you’re still going to insist on a tofu burger with vegan mayo, non-GMO lettuce rinsed in spring water, and served on cloud bread with a side of baked steak fries (organic, non-GMO, Yukon Gold if you have it) lightly drizzled with olive oil and sea salt instead, then moan like the most mistreated little calf on earth if the chef can’t get it right (which he probably won’t, because that’s not a menu item he was trained to prepare). That poor chef. I can hear him rolling his eyes from here. And I don’t blame him one iota.

      You’re probably also the type that will leave the restaurant screaming loudly that you’ve never been so mistreated in your life, everyone here is incompetent, and you’re never coming back. You will do so without leaving a tip for your waiter, and you will feel completely vindicated in doing so…Nevermind that you chose to frequent a place that doesn’t normally serve fare that fits your very narrow dietary requirements, you demanded preferential treatment and a shitload of nonexistent extra time from a waiter that makes a measly $2.13/hour in most states and probably has 4-8 other tables to serve in addition to your trifling self, you placed undue stress on an already stressed kitchen staff that cooks balls-to-the-wall on a fully staffed night by demanding a “modified menu item” that by all rights is actually an “off-menu special order” that the chef is not trained to prepare, and you probably did it all with a condescending, long-suffering, self-entitled attitude that basically screams that you’re going to be trouble regardless of whether or not the wait and kitchen staff get things even marginally right.

      You’re the epitome of spoiled, entitled, elitist, and snotty brattiness for demanding so much for what was probably a $25 plate (at most), and even though you don’t see it happen, I can guarantee that every staff member who heard you howling that you’re “never coming back” said under their breath, “Thank God!”. Because people like you are a pain in the ass, and what you demand as “your right” as a vegan is far, far over the cost of the special meal you ordered off-menu, plus the retaliation of withholding the tip and making some poor kid take $2.13/hour to listen to your self-serving whining and bitching. You want a guaranteed vegan meal? Go to a vegan restaurant that specializes in your dietary preferences. But save everyone in a meat-serving establishment, staff and patrons alike, the misery of dining with the spectacle of an overly-entitled twatwaffle who cannot understand why a non-vegan restaurant doesn’t cater to vegans.

      And just so you know, I’m a former restaurant manager. So is my husband.

    4. Disbitch?

      I really don’t mind modifying orders or helping with menu suggestions. I ENJOY making people happy. I know how to modify just about any order and suggest substitutions to complete any entree within dietary restrictions. I know what’s made in house, what we bring in, if the fish is frozen, and they don’t pay me enough to lie to you. and Im on good terms with everyone in the kitchen. I check every order I can leaving the kitchen, especially for my own guests.

      I’m a great fucking server, you cunt. You’re entire point went off the rails well before you basically called the hospitality industry lazy, and then told me to eat shit and die.

      Go choke on a radfish you condescending twat.

    5. Nopesy

      Eeeeeeh, except getting food you can eat at every restaurant is not a right, dear.

      Working in LA for years, I had a standby answer to “what do you have that’s vegan?”

      It was: Fries. Salads without cheese. Dry toast. No, there is no grill surface that has not touched a dead animal. Sorryaboutit.

      Because it was a damn BBQ joint. And there was an awesome vegan restaurant IN THE SAME BUILDING. If there is delicious, plant-based cuisine within arms’ reach, going to a meat-heavy restaurant and acting disgruntled (it happens! #Notallvegans, but it does happen, plenty) because they can’t accommodate you is a dick move.

  27. Sally

    You don’t care about Vegans yet you took time out of your life to type all of this, proof read and then post this 🤔🤔 Sounds like someone is jealous and bitter.

  28. Tom

    You’ll never work at a fancy restaurant with that attitude. I hear Chili’s is nice tho so it’s all good, enjoy 🙂

  29. Theresa D

    I love your posts! Please post more videos! You are so hilarious and actually come off pretty sweet in your videos :))

  30. Robin

    I am a vegan and a server. I work in a restaurant that is certainly NOT vegan friendly AND in the Midwest. The joke is always, “How can you tell if a customer is vegan? THEY WILL TELL YOU!!!” Knowing both sides, I have a list of restaurants I go to and know what items on the menu I can eat! No ridiculous mods or subs, no announcing my dietary habits and no being a pain in the ass. It can be done! Great post!

    1. Trish

      This is kind of ridiculous. I’ve literally never announced to any server that I was vegan. You know why? Because the non-vegans with me will upon sitting down, immediately yell out my veganism in announcement to my server, and ask them if there’s anything I can have. Before I even have the chance to ask for a water.

      I just order something that I know I can have and that’s the end of it. And yeah, I look at the menu beforehand.

      My daughter, on the other hand, is incredibly allergic to dairy. So no, I never announce that my husband and I are vegan, but I do tell the server that she’s allergic to dairy. It’s backfired a couple of times when servers notice that we’re ordering pretty much just vegan food with the exception of something with eggs for my daughter. which sucks., because they assume we’re just being assholes.

      1. Ana

        Yeah, it’s always been my experience that my dining companions are way more into my being vegan than I am. I do occasionally cheat with dairy and I also don’t feel like any server needs me deposing them, so I just order what I order.

  31. Ben

    Ann – there are way more servers that are necessary for businesses to survive then you’re needy, entitled bullshit. Use the internet to look at the menu, choose not to go, or keep your ass at a vegan restaurant because when you act like a whiny child, even Jesus thinks you’re a cunt.

  32. Brittney

    Ann’s comment was dumb but what do you think you look like telling someone to kill themselve? Get a life, there is no room for that today or any other day.

  33. Ann

    You’ve also made the choice to be a server. Can’t have it both ways! I’ve worked in restaurants my entire life. It goes with the teritory. You don’t like it, get another job!

    1. Delia

      Nope. Working as a server, you sign up to serve based on the restaurant you work for and what they offer. It is in no way the server’s responsibility to cater to lazy, entitled people who think they are almighty. If an omnivore craving a steak walked
      Into a vegan restaurant and asked to be served meat, would that work? No. So just deal with it and plan ahead (yes, experienced vegan whose boyfriend loves a rare steak).

    2. Sure ya did

      I see a lot of these “I used to work as (fill in customer service position here) ”

      You know, we know, you people are lying right?

      1. The Only Steve You Need

        They’re related to the folks that know your boss/owner of the company/etc. I wanted to ask them if they know the owner of the area Burger Kings how come they couldn’t afford even our menu at regular price…

    3. ROB

      Nope. A server writes your order down. Your attitude is like a woman who was allergic to shell fish going into a FISH RESTRAUNT!!! know where youre going. Don’t be a dick about it. And show the waiter the same respect you seem to demand


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