Restaurant Boss Stands Up For Staff and Shames Horrible Customer

All too often, we hear about a restaurant manager or owner who is more than ready to throw a server under the bus when a customer complains about something. How many times have we as servers tried to reinforce a restaurant policy only to have the customer demand to speak to a manager and then the manager caves in and lets the customer get away with exactly what we were trying to prevent? Well, such is not the case at Angelina’s Ristorante and Wine Bar in Ogunquit, Maine.

On October 29, a customer named Karen Bailey tried to finagle a free meal out of the restaurant. Although the details aren’t clear as to how she was doing it, according to Angelina’s Facebook post, she ate the meal and then made a scene, all the while treating the servers with disrespect. That’s when Dave appeared and took charge of the situation. He stood up for his server and called the cops who escorted Karen’s ass right out of the restaurant. Karen threatened to leave bad reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor because of course she did. That’s Karen’s way. Apparently, Dave’s way is to take care of his employees and then shame the people who treat his staff like shit.

All bow down to Dave.

Others corroborated the story.

Says Dawn on Facebook:

We were there during the incident. The first thing that came to my mind was how impressive it was the way David had his server’s back and wasn’t taking this woman’s crap. He also made every attempt to move her from the dining room while she was being abusive so that she couldn’t disturb his other customers. It’s not that way everywhere and it’s so great to see a boss willing to go to the mat for his/her employees.

Says Kaity on Yelp:

While we were enjoying our dessert, there was an altercation between a customer and the staff. She was being extremely rude and disruptive, and extremely disrespectful to the staff. The staff were doing everything they could to try to appease her (while still being incredibly attentive to the rest of the patronage). It became clear that she was trying to get a free meal, and she was asked to leave by the owner, David. She refused and the police were called. It was nice to see that David had his employee’s back in this situation and didn’t put up with trying to be swindled.

Yes, Dave. YES! On behalf of every server who has a boss who doesn’t stand up for us in these kinds of situations, thank you.

Angelina’s Facebook page also says that a full video of the incident will soon follow and I am anxiously awaiting it. I have the popcorn popped, Dave. Bring it!

23 thoughts on “Restaurant Boss Stands Up For Staff and Shames Horrible Customer

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  2. Pam

    Has anyone else read the other reviews for this restaurant on Yelp or Trip Advisor? This owner has a long history of randomly berating tables and responding to his reviews in a very condescending and harassing manner. I would be interested in seeing a video if one is ever produced by the restaurant. I’d also be interested in knowing if anything happened before the lady started acting rude, if that is indeed the case. If it’s not and this woman was just insanely rude, then kudos to the owner, but I have my suspicions.

  3. Anji

    More restaurants need to have people like Dave. Even though I have more BAD experiences with sit down / fast food places getting my orders wrong or giving me foods that has allergens I am allergic too being placed on my plate /in my food when I specifically ask for them NOT to be to count. But I won’t send them back because of the fear of what will come back to me if I complain. I don’t see any reason to be rude to the staff that did not prepare or cook the food. I know that this is one of the things that determines their wages that is their lively hood, but some times the customer is not always right, ESPECIALLY when they are looking for a FREE meal & cause problems for future LEGITIMATE complaints.

  4. Carol

    This story made my day with all the bad going on in the world it’s really nice to see some good happening Dave sounds like one awesome human being !

  5. The Only Steve You Need

    Too bad this only works in a sit down restaraunt. In one fast food place I worked corporate explained people in the back of the line j ust assume we’re the problem when a customer flares up at the counter so giving one free meal is better than losing repeat customers in the back…

  6. Empress Carlotta

    IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!
    For too long people have hidden behind cute little screen names and maintaned anonymity while destroying other people online. I hope more and more people out them for who they are!!!!


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