Linda F. Gives Red Lobster 1 Star!

This week’s 1-star review comes from a woman who is very upset about the service she received when she and her husband went to dinner at a Red Lobster. According to Linda, she was mistreated by the hostess and the manager and hated the table she was forced to sit at because it was near the restroom. Because of this, she stiffed her server who she acknowledges did a very good job.

Hey, Linda, that ain’t cool. If your server did everything right but you were upset because of things that were out of her control, you should still tip her. Why should Missy be punished because of the actions of others? You say yourself that she always had plenty of Cheddar Bay biscuits for you and she was very sweet, but you can’t find it in your heart to leave her a tip? Granted, Amanda the hostess and Bobby the manager did seem rather rude, but I would hope that you could show your appreciation for the one person who was nice to you. You can’t be mad at her because the restaurant didn’t comp your food.

People need to understand that we servers always want the best for our customers because the happier the customer is, the more likely it is for us to get a decent tip. What Linda did is wrong and I am not just talking about her hair and makeup. Seriously, it looks like she did her hair by sticking her wet hand into a toaster and her make up looks like a melted candle, but I digress.

Linda says her husband is 7’ 9” tall and that’s why they didn’t want to sit in the booth. I get it, Linda. I am actually with you on that one. The hostess should recognize when someone is going to be uncomfortable and be willing to adjust the rotation for the sake of the customer’s experience. Amanda failed you on that one. And for Bobby to be visibly taken aback by the appearance of your husband is very, very unprofessional. We in the world of customer service should treat all customers the same, no matter what they look like. (Side note: if your husband’s skin is truly green, he might should see a doctor. That does not sound right at all.)

In this case, it sounds like all parties missed the boat. Amanda and Bobby treated a customer poorly, but then Linda and Frank turned around and mistreated their server. Everyone loses here: Missy lost a tip, Red Lobster lost a customer, Bobby and Amanda lost respect, and Linda lost her dignity by doing a Facebook live video looking like she had one foot in the grave.


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