Solar Eclipse is a Living Hell for Servers

In case you hadn’t heard, there is a solar eclipse today that is going to create a massive shadow here in the United States. The 70-mile wide swath of darkness will hit cities from the West Coast to the East Coast and some small towns that will see 100% totality were not prepared for the massive influx of tourists who have besieged upon them like a swarm of locust.

Yes, the solar eclipse is a scientific marvel and all that, but just to keep it in perspective, I want to share this message I got from a server who lives directly in the path of the great shadow of 2017. This is from “Lucky” who lives in Clarkesville, Georgia, population 1,733.

All these people want to come to our little, quiet town to see the eclipse and then bitch because nothing opens until 12 on a Sunday. And then bitch some more because the restaurant I work at is closed on Monday. Please, go back to your big city life and leave us the hell alone. And FYI, it’s a small town and a small restaurant with not a huge staff which means, Monday is THE only day some of our staff get a day off. If you can’t respect that, LEAVE. Quit being dicks. Watch the eclipse and leave. Please don’t come back if you can’t be a decent human being. We don’t have time for assholes.

Be strong, Lucky. Be strong.


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