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press pass

Attention, attention! A newspaper reporter want to talk to you and she wants to talk to you now. Okay, she actually only wants to talk to a handful of you, but she asked that I send out a plea. Her name is Sandra Pedicini and she is a business reporter for the Orlando Sentinel. She is writing a story and she is specifically looking for servers who either work or have worked at Planet Hollywood, Buca di Beppo or an Earl of Sandwich restaurant. If that is you, please contact her at spedicini@tribune.com.

I am assuming that Buca di Beppo is a town in Florida, but I guess if you work there, that will mean something to you. As for the Earl of Sandwich restaurants, I loves me some Earl of Sandwich. There is one here in the city and I was introduced to it in a backhand kind of way. My husband was working on a Broadway show last year and one of the stars of the show was John Stamos. One day at work, there was a huge feast of sandwiches for the cast and crew and it was all from the Earl of Sandwich, compliments of John Stamos. My husband came home raving about two things: how nice it was of John Stamos to do that and how freaking delicious the sandwiches were. A couple of weeks later, I went to Earl of Sandwich to find out for myself and I concur: damn good sandwich and I know sandwiches.

Anyway, if you work at either Planet Hollywood, Buca di Beppo or an Earl of Sandwich, please reach out to Sandra. Tell her Bitchy Waiter sent you! Please share this so the reporter can track down who she needs to talk to. Thank you, everyone.


Sandra Pedicini

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