Woman Does Not Understand How Menus Work

Someone needs to understand how menus work and I am here to provide this valuable lesson. In a Facebook review of Venue Restaurant & Lounge, a woman named Jen is upset that she couldn’t have burgers even though they were not on the menu. They are on the lunch menu, but not the dinner menu and Jen was there at night.

We tried to order takeout food tonight. All we wanted were two burgers and a bowl of soup but were told we couldn’t get burgers because they aren’t on your dinner menu. I understand not advertising them on your dinner menu because you want people to buy the higher priced items, however good customer service would be still allowing it upon request since you have the stuff to make it. Plus, we were ordering takeout so it wasn’t like we were taking up a table on a busy Friday night for a couple of burgers and soup. Needless to say we took our business to Lazlos. I usually have a great experience at Venue with service, food, etc. We generally dine in about once a month, sometimes more and have never had a complaint. I probably shouldn’t let one bad experience speak for all the other good ones but I’d be lying if I said I plan on coming back often.

Jen, don’t get your ground beef craving panties in a twist over this. This is not a good reason to give them one star, especially since you claim to have been there numerous times and never had any issues. Question: out of those many times that you went to Venue and enjoyed the service, did you ever take the time to write a 5-star review? Yeah, I didn’t think so. But the moment they don’t bend the rules and bow down to your entitled hamburger needs, you go straight to Facebook to trash them. Lame, Jen. Real lame.

There was a reason they could not give you your hamburger and it made no difference that you were having takeout rather than eating in the restaurant. After lunch, any food in kitchen that will not be needed for dinner is removed from the vicinity. That means that your hamburger buns, lettuce and tomato set ups, hamburger patties, etc. were not there ready to be made for you, Jen. That food was in the walk-in, maybe downstairs even, already wrapped up and ready to go for the next day. Or maybe they didn’t even have any patties because they are prepared in the morning for lunch service. Also, there was probably no place to cook your precious patties because the grill was occupied with other food items that were, you know, on the freaking menu.

If something isn’t on the menu and they won’t make it for you, that isn’t bad customer service. It’s just how restaurants work. Menus are created with purpose and the purpose is to tell you your options. To ask for something that isn’t on the menu is entitled, presumptuous and rude. And then to give the restaurant one star for that is bitchy, snotty and indefensible.

There is your lesson, Jen. I hope you can digest it as easily as you can a hamburger and I also hope you will take down your pointless 1-star review. Have fun at Lazlos. I’m sure they’re thrilled to have you…

10 thoughts on “Woman Does Not Understand How Menus Work

  1. Robert McGrory

    I remember having a guy years ago say, (first words, mind you) “So with the menu…can I mix and match?” My heart sank just a little. Epilogue: the kitchen screwed up and he wound up not being happy.

  2. Chrissy

    I use to have an asshole like this come in every week and demand a lunch item for dinner (always on a Friday night dinner rush) he claimed we can make it because we make it for lunch, this was an item that required hand made dough grilled then baked in our brick oven, it needed prep time, not something that was made to order, it was prepped in the morning and once they were gone that was it. He would scream and yell and throw fits, call the manager over, threaten to call corporate. Biggest douche I’ve ever had to serve, they finally removed it from the menu and never saw his bitch face again!!!

  3. Rachel

    This happens all the time in our restaurant! People ask for things they had 5yrs ago (that have been removed from the menu) and get upset when we CANT make them the dish. Literally enraged that we don’t have the ingredients available just in case they happen to drop in. Smh.

  4. Cynthia

    This happens to me nearly every shift. The restaurant I’m at is tiny, 12 tables tiny, and there’s no way we would have room in the kitchen to serve burgers alongside steaks for dinner. When people ask, I just apologize and explain that our kitchen is smaller than the dining room and everything gets swapped out at lunch. “So, I can’t get a burger?” No, you can get what’s on the menu.

    Who teaches people there’s some “secret menu” to order from? If it’s not there it’s not available. Easy peasy.

    1. Noelle

      The internet with it’s 137 million articles about”did you know you can get such and such items off TEH SEEKRIT MENYOO at such and such place.” I really hate those articles. They’re just bullshit.

  5. Patricia McKey

    I’m going to a steakhouse tonight and order a pizza, you know just because it’s what I want

    1. Charlotte Reynolds

      <3 Good idea! Be sure to make it a vegetarian pizza with a gluten-free crust just to maximise your entitlement. And don't forget to threaten a 1-star review and a nastygram on Yelp! about how you've been discriminated against by their failing to offer you enough vegan options! Film this all on your phone and send it to me, because I want to see it! 😀

      *Oh, and tell the waiter it's all a jibe at people who really DO this sort of thing and then leave him a 40% tip, lol. He'll forgive you.

      1. Lauren

        Better tip 100% for having to take the time to listen and deal with the pointless noise you’ve spewed just to play a prank. That type of douchebaggery can ruin a server or bartenders shift, and the hostile atmosphere can quickly become contagious in that type of setting. Regardless of how much you tip…..at the end….when you’re done with your pretty prank.


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