22 of the Worst Things People Have Said to Their Server

Waitress-Part-Time-JobIn the past two weeks, we have seen two stories about servers that have gone viral because of the awful things that their customers said to them instead of leaving tips. In Fairburn, Georgia, a waitress was stiffed and told to kill herself and another waitress in Des Moines, Iowa was stiffed and told that tips were only for normal looking people. Is it any wonder that I created a blog called The Bitchy Waiter? In our profession, it seems that some customers have no problem demeaning and degrading us and I question what other job lets customers get away with that kind of behavior. Would someone write a disparaging note on the bottom of a deposit slip for their bank teller? Or would anyone say something like that to a nurse, a doctor or a teacher? Maybe it happens, but certainly not with the frequency it does for those of us in the food service industry.

I recently took a poll on my Facebook page asking “What are some of the most negative or sexist things that customers have said to you while you’re working?” I got over 1,200 responses, proving that the two servers who made the news last week aren’t the only ones who put up with misogyny, sexual harassment and demeaning comments while they are just trying to do their job of waiting tables.

Let’s first deal with the harassment since it seems to be the most prevalent. So many women told me that they constantly put up with leering men who want to order them for dessert or ask them to sit on their lap or give them a kiss if they want a good tip. What ever happened to tipping your waitress because she’s damn good at her job?

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Then there are the customers who think that being a server is something to be ashamed of and question what our “real job” is or wonder what else we are planning to do with our lives. Attention, customers: just because you think that the job is beneath you doesn’t mean it is. If you need to push someone down in order to make yourself feel better, you’re an asshole.

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And female restaurant workers get a big slap in the face of misogyny when so many people assume that women can’t possibly be smart enough to be the manager or run the restaurant. What fucking year are we living in where people can’t accept that a woman can do anything a man can do? (Well, except scratch their balls.)

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And like Hillary Clinton, who was recently told she should smile more, waitresses hear it all the time. As if smiling is going to make the food come out faster or the service be more efficient.

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Of course plenty of customers don’t think twice about insulting the physical appearance of someone who is serving their food. After all, servers cannot possibly have any feelings, can they? Aren’t we basically robots with no emotions?

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And just so male servers don’t feel left out, they too are told things that would be considered pretty insulting. It may happen more often to women, but it happens plenty of times to us too.

gay1 gay2 male sexist6Maybe it’s time that people who eat in restaurants understand that those of us who work in restaurants are not beneath them, but equal to them. We are all people who are trying to get through our lives and just because we wear an apron or clean up after other people does not mean we are any less important than anyone else. Servers, please do not let one of your customers ever bring you down because of their insensitivity. Anyone who would say these types of comments are not nice people and not worth your emotions. Simply serve their food in a professional manner and when they are out of your section take a moment to be grateful that they are also out of your life.

92 thoughts on “22 of the Worst Things People Have Said to Their Server

  1. Ashley

    I had one guy come in and demand I wish him a happy birthday. So I did. Then he said, “and for my birthday I’d like a table dance please. I don’t need any music.” I walked away fast and proceeded to ignore him as I was not his waitress.

    I have been asked way too many times to stick my fingers and/or hands in guy’s food or drink to sweeten it up or make it taste better.

    When asking if they need anything else, I get told that it is a loaded question way too often. I’ve also been told that now all they need is me wrapped up in their truck, and they’ll be good to go.

    Everything will seem to be going fine, and then the next thing I know I’m being asked to hop in and run away with someone I only just met.

    I’ve been offered trips out of the country; and when I mention I’m happily married, I get told in no uncertain terms that they will pay my husband off. Um, just creepy AF, and There’s no way my loving husband will put me up for sale idiots!

    All because I work in a truck stop diner.

    I will say this though. I truly am the luckiest girl in the world. I really do have an incredible husband that pampers and spoils me when I get home, and that takes the sting out of the insults that I have to put up with.

    For example: I’ve had an old man throw a ticket in my face, and call me a stupid girl, and tell me he wasn’t paying because his sandwich didn’t have mayonnaise. The sandwich he ordered doesn’t come with it, and he never asked for it.

    There are a particular group of regulars that love to come in every day and make insults. I had one guy hand me 4 quarters and tell me to put it in my college fund.

    I’ve noticed a regular theme with a lot of people. They assume I’m in this position because of miserable life choices. They are shocked when they learn I am in a stable marriage of 15 years, have 4 kids all with this same husband, and maintained a 4.0 in college. Everyone thinks I couldn’t be a day older than 21, and here because I’m not motivated in life, a druggy, or just lazy.

    Instead, I took this job to help pay for my 6th grader to go to private school because he wants a PHD in science some day.

    All of that said, hats off to all of you other servers who work super hard to wait on thankless people and give them a nice evening out. It seems everyone wants to go out, but a lot of people have no respect for the people waiting on them. Keep your heads up, and enjoy the kind people who do. I’ve got just as many good stories as bad ones.

    Like the time a sweet family came in, watched me bust my butt as the only waitress on the floor that whole night, and left me a 100 bill on a 24 dollar check and told me to keep the change! I sure came home feeling noticed and appreciated that day!

  2. Jim

    I haven’t waited tables in many a year but I am thinking of picking it back up when I retire. Good money and flexible work. If I want to leave for 6 months and travel, I could and have a job when I came back as long as I do a good job and give notice. There is also one other consideration. I may be older but I am not infirm. People do not mess with a fit, polite but yet pissy older man.

  3. Ken

    We had a meal at Macaroni Grill and shortly after ordering the waitress came back out to apologize and let me know they were out of my choice, so I picked a second option. A few minutes later she came back apologized again but they were out of that too, so I asked her what they did have and made my selection. Shortly after that she came back to apologize again with a sheepish look and said that the fresh bread had burned in the oven but a new batch was already being cooked. The next time we saw her she was covered in coffee stains, and told us that the coffee machine had “blown up” and sprayed coffee all over the place so it would be a little while to get our coffee. We asked her if she was alright and she assured us that she was.. The rest of the visit went off without a hitch and all throughout the meal she kept up good spirits, was very friendly and we encouraged her and thanked her for enduring so much just to get a meal out to us. When it was finally time for her to bring out the check she was still smiling but had a look on her face like she would get a terrible tip. We didn’t stick around to see her expression when discovering that we left a 40% tip along with a thanks.

  4. Heather

    There were only 2 of us working an overnight shift. I greeted a 4 top. Asked if they would like a drink. One man asked me a question right away. The lady said “Why are you asking her? This WHITE girl don’t know Shit!” My response was “This WHITE girl knows she’s not waiting on you! Good luck!” I walked away and they were asked to leave!

  5. Danette Williams

    ‘Can I have a white waitress? I don’t want a nigger touching my food.’

    I wanted to take him on a tour of the kitchen where every single employee was black other than two Hispanics and hope he never came back.

  6. David Cowling

    I’m not much of a smiler. I know it, that’s life. People said smile more, or you should smile. I asked, how was the food and service? Oh great, thanks. Then the deadpan look, san smile, while they slowly realize they got everything they needed and wanted, even though I didn’t smile. I’m not your clown.

  7. Kaitlyn

    Once I had a man ask me to dance on the table for him, in front of his wife and children. They were there for his kid’s birthday. Smh

  8. James

    I have worked in the same gay bar for 16 years. I get the “you should smile more” comment quite often. I reply with “you should speak less”.

  9. Heidie

    I had a lady state that ” she considers tipping as doing her part for charity in society” ………I crawled back into my cardboard box, bitch

  10. Brenna

    I think my (least) favorite was an old regular that had been out of town a few months comes in and says to me,

    “Wow, you lost some weight! You don’t look to bad for a plus sized girl. Maybe you’ll make more money now.”

    Dead serious. Ok, I am 5’10” and a size 6/7… At the time was marathon training and running 40+ miles a week and I had lost 15-20 lbs. But…

    I was so offended. And I couldnt even respond, I was stunned. No wonder society has effed women up so much about body issues with Dbags like that. I’ve had worse things said to me when I’m behind the stick or on the floor, but I try to focus on all the positive and sweet things instead. That one comment did stick with me tho, 6 years later… No guest should ever be that unfiltered.

  11. Sharon

    Once while I had an eye exam, the doctor asked where I worked an what I did. When i told him I was a server, he asked if that was the only job I’ve ever had. I told him that after years of serving I became a manager for 5 years, but found serving much more fun and went back. He replied ” oh so you do have SOME skills”. My biggest skill that day was to not punch him in the eye!

  12. Barb

    I’ll never understand why people don’t seem to understand that service workers (bartenders esp) have helped make the world go round since the beginning of time. They have always had a separate purpose of their own, usually something they keep to themselves; a personal life… But for the sake of humanity, they put on a facade and “service” the general public a few nights a week. Does anyone know why they do it??? I mean besides the money?? Because they can. Because somewhere along the line, they were given the gift of being able to discuss any topic, listen, hustle and bullshit all at the same time. They know you need them. You need them…To escape your job, the fam, the wife, the ex and life altogether. Let’s be real, without you, they’re going home, probably alone.
    So I always find myself wondering why people treat us like shit. As if any of the millionaires or scumbags I serve could spend one second doing my job without breaking. I’m not making millions or saving lives, but I’m providing you with something you can’t live without, and that deserves some respect.

  13. Lynn Brenna

    “I question what other job lets customers get away with that kind of behavior. ” Customer Service for a utility company. I’ve been called a “f***ing c**t more times than I can remember, and by women, too. I’ve been screamed at, complained about & degraded because the customer didn’t pay their bill & we shut their gas off.

  14. Jack Richards

    Many years ago when I was a bartender, one of the guests told a waiter to smile. He said “you smile first” and when the guest smiled he said “now you hold it for eight hours!” and walked away! The look on the guest’s face was priceless!

  15. Margie

    I had a lady, after being checked on, multiple coffee refills etc, while paying tell me she hated her meal, her and her husband didn’t enjoy it at all. I told her I wish she had told me before finishing it, so that I could have fixed it. She became angry because I still was going to charge her. She finished with ,”you are a lousy server, and a failure as a human being!” Get the fuck out!

  16. Kelly

    A man actually grabbed my ass before. Fine dining restaurant, party of 6 for his birthday. I suspect the whole group were swingers. They gave him some hilarious sex toy gifts, sort of awkward in a fine dining restaurant, but who am I to judge? It was funny until he put his hand on my ass and kind of started to slide his hand downward. I was in shock and after I recovered from the initial shock, I grabbed his wrist and removed his hand from my ass. Our manager was a former marine who didn’t put up with customers harassing his staff; however, he was on vacation and his girlfriend was the manager that night. I told her and she was as shocked as I was and wanted to have the chef/owner say something to him and make them leave. The couple came in fairly often and spent a good bit of money there. I went back to pick up the bill and he and his wife tipped me $400 on almost $1000 check. I told the manager to let it go because I was sure he wouldn’t ever touch my ass again after how firmly I removed his hand. For a couple hundred more, I would have let him feel my boobs, lol!

  17. Aeryn

    Just wanted to stop by and add my 2 cents. I started waitressing when I was 12. Over my 22 year career as a waitress I heard it all. Everything from “I’ll leave you a $20 if grab me under the table” to “wow, you move really fast for a fat waitress”. The reason I wanted to post was because while I completely sympathize with the stupid shit waitresses put up with, I wanted to point out how wrong you are about other people not going through it as bad as servers, especially nurses. I am now a nurse and let me tell you…. nurses are screamed at, slapped, kicked, punched, bitten, scratched…….. verbally berated and generally shit on, almost daily. When was the last time you went to work as a server and we’re physically assaulted? Oh, never….. just keep that in mind the next time you say “no one has it as bad as us”. Oh and before I get the stupid replies…. i am NOT bitching about being a nurse, I love my job. Almost as much as I loved being a server. I understand and sympathize just as much as the next server. Just do some research before you post about career other than serving.

  18. IHateCheddarBay

    >Demands a service from people
    >Dehumanizes and demeans the people who provide that service
    >Demand the service anyways

  19. John

    To the girls that say “smile” is not something said to male servers….

    I’m a male server.

    I hear that nearly every day.

  20. Laura

    I get that as a female manager all the time. “Where’s (other, male manager)?” “Not here. Otherwise why would I be here?” “Oh, I didn’t realize you were a manager” (I’m in a blazer/business casual. Uniform is a short plaid skirt and plunging v-neck tee)

  21. Alaskanfirebunny

    I was working a satellite bar at a corporate restaurant, for a private party, so I needed to be there at all times to mind the liquor… “Good thing you’re cute and can just stand there.” Said by many asshole business men that didn’t tip for shit and were enjoying a free company party. So happy to not be working corporate anymore and actually have respectable owners and customers (most of the the time).

    P.S. Bitchy Waiter, I love your blog and congrats on your book!

  22. Al

    Male waiters/bartenders here the you should smile thing all the time…. usually from women…. just saying. Some of us also get the joy of being told we’re a waste just because we’re not interested in sticking it in a woman.

  23. Strega

    After being diagnosed with stage 4B Cervical Cancer; undergoing a radical hysterectomy and returning to work while undergoing chemotherapy one week out of three: several women (seriously) asking how I got my ‘hair’ so shiny and perfect…followed by them touching it; recoiling and asking if it was a wig.

  24. amanda

    When I was pregnant, I had a man and his girlfriend? ( Perhaps) ask me, in front of the whole dining room, if I worked at this local strip club!! Yeah buddy, me and my baby bump are on the pole at night moves every Friday! Are you kidding me! Even after I answered no, he continued with, are you sure? And the, you look just like this stripper that works there! I was mortified, and the woman he was dining with obviously didn’t care that he spent most of his free time there. Maybe they went to the strip club together.

    1. Raichu

      It’s entirely possible she was not his SO. Could have been a sister, cousin, platonic friend, co-worker, classmate, etc. Don’t assume a man and a woman out together are dating/married.

      Not that that makes his comments at all acceptable, of course. He sounds like an ass.

  25. Anonymous

    I’m a bank teller, I’ve been cussed at several times for having the audacity to ask for an ID. Sorry for trying to protect your account, fuckers.

  26. Maude

    Memorable classless crotchety miserable old man comment #212:
    I see a group with an old man who is having a hard time walking to the door (even with his walker), so I run to the door to open it for him so he doesn’t have to look like a fool.
    As he walks in I smile warmly and say “Good evening, Sir, welcome.”
    He replies, “Do you WORK here?”
    I said “Yes, of course” *still warmly smiling*
    “Well you could have fooled me, those trashy clothes make you look like they just picked you up off the street”
    (Since I was hosting that day, I had my long hair down and curled nicely and was wearing black slacks, a metallic silver dress shirt, and ofc black slip resistant shoes)

    The person i presume was his son just looked at me and shook his head, looked at his dad and rolled his eyes, like, “sorry my dad is an asshole” but didn’t bother saying anything out loud, because why the fuck would anyone do that?

    He then seemed shocked that I was employed not only to open the door and take insults, but to decide where he would sit. So he then demanded a “good” table”( as opposed to the shitty ones?)

    I gave that table to the next server in the rotation and obviously the dude bitched about every little thing including the table.

  27. Jacq

    I worked in restaurants for a couple of years and it was some of the best times and also some of the worst times. Now, I work in customer service (on the phone) for a big .com and it makes my days of waitressing look wonderful. If you think some people have brass balls to say things to your face, you wouldn’t believe the abuse I receive over the phone. It’s indescribable.

    Personally, I think that everyone should have to work one year, full time, in a customer service or service industry position. Then, they might actually be able to empathize and not stiff people out of tips. Hell, I feel guilty asking my server for anything additional because I don’t want to run them to death… and yet I see assholes making their own “lemonade” at the table, or some breeders come in with a bunch of their crotch-droppings and make a fucking mess. And then leave a quarter as a tip. Makes me want to throat-punch them. Rage.

    But, I really do love working in customer service. Go figure!!

    1. Raichu

      I was with you until “breeders” and “crotch droppings”. Fuck off with that shit. You are not better than them either because they have kids.

      1. Reginald van der Slythe III

        Did that hit a nerve? Do you let your cunt nuggets run rampant in public, too? Take your lame momma-bear shit somewhere else.

  28. Lulu

    Or demand a *kiss*,because it’s their birthday and they are regulars (that also try to harass you to buy their supplemental insurance).

  29. Renee Stough

    I was told that I was a fucking goofy bitch because I have a sense of humor, I have also been told that they want the tall sexy server, not the “old lady”. Im 46. a Masters degree in nursing, I do this because I am retired and I enjoy it. And every one says omg if your a nurse why are you doing this? ugh, why are ppl so nosy? Just eat your fucking food and leave.

  30. Brooke kellems

    I had a lady one night grab my arm while I was walking full speed and tell me she needed another drink and continued to hold my arm, so I swatted her arm off of me and said “for that, you’re not getting it and BTW I’m not your server.”
    I have also been kicked, yes kicked, by a guy to “get my attention” even though I was already at the table and talking to him…mind you I was 7 months pregnant at the time….
    I had a guy stand up on his bar stool to look around for me and kept yelling “waitress!!! Waitress!!!” And shaking his glass… I never went back the the table and he sat there without a drink for his meal that someone else took out and he also never go the ranch he asked for.
    Had quite a few people ask me about how happy my boyfriend was with my tongue ring or simply say “tools of the trade?”
    I’ve been called a dumbass countless times
    Had a 20 top one day who started to order and stopped and asked why I wasn’t writing it down and I said I could memorize the order, so they tried their hardest to make it an overly complicated order and it was obvious. When I walked off they said “were not getting anything we just ordered” the looks on their faces when I came back with everything for them down to the t was fucking priceless, they didn’t even have to ask for anything else because I had everything they asked for.
    Ive seen and heard it all and I am absolutely disgusted with people at this point….

    1. Jayleen

      You sound like an absolute saint to have dealt with all that. Also you sound as amazingly proficient as my favorite waitress at the diner by my house. You ma’am deserve major respect.

  31. Jemma Thomas

    I once had an old man tell me I was “too pretty to be working here” which I thought was a nice compliment. But then he continued to say that I should move to Vegas and work in a brothel, that I’d make more money there. I was shocked but kept my professionalism. All I did was let out a good “Hah, and then there’s that” and walked away.

  32. Chelsi

    It’s so funny to me that the one said “this is a woman’s job” because in Europe, women for the longest time were not allowed to wait tables. Calling for your waiter in France by calling “garcon!” was not rude, it was NORMAL. Because your server was ALWAYS a younger male. So that person, whoever it was, that suggested that he must be waited on by a woman is sorely mistaken.

    1. Raichu

      I hope you told them you were pregnant – that usually makes people feel pretty stupid about throwing “fat” around as an insult.

  33. miss kitty

    Getting slapped on the arm or grabbed while I’m at another table. I’ll get to you, keep your hands to yourself.

    1. Chelsi

      Being touched! Lord, being touched is the worst. I worked at a country club for two years, and it was a really small club so I grew very close with the membership. Truly, that was my favorite job and if I could’ve brought those 200 people with me to my next one, I would’ve. But sometimes, when it got busy and I just couldn’t keep up, people would LITERALLY step in front of me to block me and order another round of drinks, or grab my arm as I walked past. Or my true favorite, putting their hand on my lower back to “get my attention.”

      No, you’re a 45 year old white male with entitlement problems and I am your vulnerable 21 year old waitress. I respect you and enjoy your company, but do NOT touch me.

  34. Jack

    A waiter friend of mine told me of a time a customer told him to smile. He told the customer to smile first. When the customer smiled, he said “Now you hold it for eight hours!” and walked away.

  35. Natalie S.

    I especially hate the “Smile, you are usually so happy” comment. I want to reply “Really, I am extremely busy. So I guess if you want me to smile then LEAVE, I will be smiling then” 🙂 Asshole…..

        1. FaQ

          The hell with spelling, Karin, I too am a voluptuous RN, got my license in ’85. And straight up, if ANYONE short of a psych patient or a woman in labor verbally abused me, they would face some consequences. At the least I’d insist on a humble apology, if need be I would make very sure their appointments were very very late, or oops, magically disappear. I’m here to save your ass, not kiss it.

          1. rachelp

            Regarding nurses, it’s because you’re in the healthcare field. If I have an overweight nurse or doctor telling me how to live a healthy life, I feel it’s hypocritical. Nurses and doctors are in field where they promote being healthy, so an overweight nurse/doctor is a slap in my face because it’s like having an acne face model on a makeup commercial, a Vet who hates animals or a Vegan meat cutter.
            However, regardless of weight, it gives nobody the reason to be rude. We all have our demons, sadly for obese people it’s clearly seen.

          2. Raichu


            that’s stupid. how do you know they’re not working on losing weight? how do you know they don’t have a thyroid disorder? how is their physical appearance even relevant when it comes to them dispensing medical advice? does that mean they suddenly don’t know what they’re talking about?

  36. Karin

    I have been a nurse for 20 years and have heard a lot. To being called the “C” word after giving a GROWN MAN an intramuscular injection in his arm….because it hurt (please grow up). Another grown man screaming that I was the “C” word because we have a no smoking policy and he could not smoke (temper tantrum)…to another telling me I had a fat ass and needed to excerisie, and “get up on the exam table you’re not too fat for me” (as if I would ever fck one of these people)….and a whole host of other things in between. I will give it that I do have about 30 good pounds to lose, but why would anyone call their nurse a “fat-ass” when I’m there to help you and be compassionate. So I feel your pain!!!!!!!

    1. Renee Stough

      HA! I would have the rubber gloves out and a 18g needle, and tell him it need to go in his dick, HA! Call me fat again ya mother fucker.. Never insult your server or nurse BEFORE the needle goes in or the food comes out.. NEVER

    2. Raichu


      I work in healthcare on the lab side and I can’t imagine putting up with what you guys put up with. I’d lose my temper. Also I’m reminded of how when I worked in the core lab and we took blood tests for football tryouts the phlebotomists who drew them told stories about what wusses the guys (again, grown ass men) were about being stuck!

  37. Catherine

    I have also had customers refuse to speak with me as the manager, demanding to see a male. I began referring to myself as the ma’amager after that.

  38. DeeDub

    At a previous job where I bartended in a small, but very busy, tourist town, I came up with a great response to the “Why aren’t you smiling all the time? ” comment. I’d ask what they did for a living, then I’d say, for example, “Oh, then you’re smiling the whole time while ________(pounding nails, wrenching on cars, looking at old people’s feet, etc) ” Shut them right up.

    1. funkypuppy

      I’m a professional pet groomer and I started my career at PetSmart, where they have huge windows facing the registers so everyone could watch, their kids could bang on the glass and scare the dogs, etc. I cant tell you how many times we had hysterical customers drag a manager into the salon because “that woman is FROWNING at that dog!” Meanwhile, the woman is carefully concentrating on scissoring a dog’s foot safely and prettily while the dog tries its best to escape off the table.

      They expect us to smile at all times too, even when a dog is actively trying to bite our faces off for even looking at their nails.

  39. Alan H.

    I think the worst comment someone’s ever made to me was when a guy’s tip was $0.27 and he said, “I’m tipping you what you’re worth.”

    Took every ounce of self control I had in my body not to chuck it at him on his way out the door and say, “You obviously need this more than I do, douchebag.”

  40. Sara Gaines

    While working the bar area, i had an older man ,whom was also a regular , grab me and pulled me into a hug and bit me. Yeah, he BIT ME on the NECK!!!! I immediately went to manager i had marks on me from it, she talked to him and explaoned he couldnt do that, he did apologize the next time i seen him, but wtf who does that. You certainly wouldnt do it to your doctor or a police officer but you feel like its okay because im a young female seever…hell naw. So glad i got out of the serving industry.

    1. Raichu

      All she did was “talked to him”? And he came back? How the hell wasn’t he instantly perma-banned from the premises? Like what the actual fuck? That’s even worse than groping someone because you could seriously injure them (and I’m of the opinion that groping a server should also get you a one-way ticket out the door).

  41. Lynn McStevens

    After losing a bunch a weight, a customer said to me “Hey, weren’t you the fat waitress?” I told him yes -and that I could still see he was still the dumb customer.

  42. Ekaterina Williams

    I’m from Russia, and one time lady asked me: ” Do you have Thanksgiving in Russia? Or you don’t have anything to be thankful for?” Really? She doesn’t know history of her country?

  43. Jenn

    Although I posted “smile” as most annoying when you posed the question on FB, the other day I had an experience that out-did that.

    I had two truck drivers come in for lunch. We weren’t all that busy so I was chatting with them a bit. Once they were done eating one of the guys asked if I could “do this” while holding his hands up, palms out, making circles in the air. I must have given him an odd look because he then said “I need someone to rub my belly I’m so full. Nothing sexual, just want a belly rub”.


  44. kylie

    I agree we are not beneath some of these people, matter of fact i was going to school to be a radiology tech and realized i make much more as a server. .do best believe i love waiting tables and of course we all get the typical douchbags every once in a while but hell thats with any job…thank god i am a manager /server in a mom and pop diner ..the owner truly believes we shouldn’t have to deal with disrespectful patrons , lol…we’re kinda of like the don’t take no shit servers of Lansing, Michigan. ..I’ve been here for 23 years and love it…

  45. Tori

    Just to add a few…

    Just this past Saturday, I had two grown men attempt to “party boy” me while I was trying to check on their table. I also had a man one time refer to me as “the help” to his very young son. And of course, because I’m a woman, I get the “smile” comment periodically as well.

    1. Jonny

      It’s not just women who get this. I don’t know if it’s a US thing but in the UK I used to work in retail and I’d be on the till on Friday night at 11pm and get drunks and sober people telling me to smile. Of course I tried to smile to customers but sometimes you’re too busy working something out or whatever. It happens to men too trust me, I’m sure it’s not as often though. Drives me nuts. Being told to smile is probably the least likely way to get anyone to actually smile lol! Customers. Can’t live with them, can’t kill ’em either.

  46. Midge

    “Simply serve their food in a professional manner and when they are out of your section take a moment to be grateful that they are also out of your life.”

    Or go home and obsess endlessly to the point that you wind up talking non-stop about them on the internet.

    One of my favorite lines to a waiter boy is “And don’t put too much gravy on it like you did the last time.” That line seems to stick in their crawl pretty good. You could substitute anything you like in place of gravy and make the line your own. It doesn’t matter if it was the same waiter or not, if they’re working in the same whorehouse, you know what they’re apt to do.

    1. The Bitchy Waiter Post author

      The fact that you commented within a couple of hours of me posting this, and even before I posted it on the Facebook page, tells me that you actively came to this post by typing in the URL address or going to your history or a bookmark. Stop pretending one of these two things:

      1. That you are not a troll.
      2. That you don’t like this page.

      1. Midge

        I’m glad to hear you’re earning an actual paycheck from giving hand jobs to your customers, especially since you used to just trade your “services” for a little baggy of meth. It’s nice to see you moved up while you still have most of your teeth, and are now making a living doing something you obviously enjoy!

        I’m looking forward to your next show, but please get those genital warts looked at soon; they seem to be getting worse.
        You should get back to your roots before you are a 100% sellout whore, go down to the park and offer your ass to a few of the old drunks for free, it’ll knock that self-righteous attitude a little.

        1. Rachelpel

          I have a couple theories here:

          #1. You must be one of those people who tried serving once thinking it was a piece of cake and ended up leaving halfway through your first day crying because you couldn’t believe you were expected to memorize a menu, learn the p.o.s. system, multi task more then 2 things at a time and be capable of maintaining a charming personality (which you know you lack) all at the same time. So now you post raunchy, bitter comments and trashy insults at those you actually envy because of the fact we earn 3x more then you and your personality never did develop the charm or grace to get over it.

          #2. You’re still pissed off about the 1 server 6 years ago who forgot your side of ranch for your already soaked in ranch salad, had to wait 2 whole minutes for their return and then they had the NERVE to charge you $.50 for it!

          #3. You’re just a hateful bitch.

          How’d I do? Close?

          1. Rachelpel

            I have a couple theories here:

            #1. You must be one of those people who tried serving once thinking it was a piece of cake and ended up leaving halfway through your first day crying because you couldn’t believe you were expected to memorize a menu, learn the p.o.s. system, multi task more then 2 things at a time and be capable of maintaining a charming personality (which you know you lack) all at the same time. So now you post raunchy, bitter comments and trashy insults at those you actually envy because of the fact we earn 3x more then you and your personality never did develop the charm or grace to get over it.

            #2. You’re still pissed off about the 1 server 6 years ago who forgot your side of ranch for your already soaked in ranch salad, had to wait 2 whole minutes for their return and then they had the NERVE to charge you $.50 for it!

            #3. You’re just a hateful bitch.

            How’d I do? Close?

          2. Midge

            IF you earn 3x as much as everyone else, why are you and this queer from Texas hung up on getting 25%? Take the 15% if you’re lucky or maybe we’ll just give you nothing since you make so much off of us after doing a shit job and spending the day on your phone and drinking. Also, I am true whore and my panties smell like old bacon. I’m pretty sure I have herpes, but my vagina has so many scabs on it, I can’t really tell. The scabs are from me fucking a dog treat. I also love the smell of my own farts.

    2. Meaghan

      And then I’d reply. “Actually I never did anything to your food. But don’t fret I will personally tell the kitchen staff your preference maybe even get them to whip up a special batch of gravy just for you ma’am… since you weren’t satisfied with your last visit I want to make sure everything is perfect for you.”

    3. Somebody

      Hya, I’m 28 and now a kitchen manager a Steakhouse, worked in kitchens over 13 years now. Countless times I’ve had servers actually ask me to tamper with people’s food for nasty thing’s they’ve said. Countless times i’ve had their hours cut.

      Becareful what you say to people because not everyone is as nice as I am.

    4. Sadie Von Rickonberry

      Respect in the workplace needs to be the norm, and I really hope we are working towards that – including, and especially, for people who work in the service industry. I truly hope that one day restaurants, shops, and any other place of business that requires employees to deal with the public will all have mandatory no tolerance for abuse, disrespect and deliberate, ignorant cruelty. The appalling behaviour described here would be met with a swift “Let me get my manager”, and that manager would ask the offender to leave and not come back. Want to treat people like shit? Go elsewhere.

      1. rachelp

        What’s sad, in the restaurant industry, it seems to be more appeasing the guest then taking care of the servers. In other career fields (yes serving is also a career) the type of behavior displayed from guests towards servers, would NEVER be allowed.


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