‘Black Olives Matter’ Sign: Funny or Tasteless?

CnpBb8SUsAA772m.jpg-large.0.0Paisano’s restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico has stirred the pot by posting a sign in front of their restaurant encouraging people to try the tapenade. “Black Olives Matter,” it says, creating a mildly humorous pun based on the Black Lives Matter movement. Because this is the United States of America, someone took offense to the sign and went to their Facebook page to tell them so. She called it a “hateful display of what passes to you as humor.”

So maybe the sign isn’t the most tasteful thing in the world, but I seriously doubt that the owner had any intention other than getting people to come into the restaurant and order some tapenade. In reality, owner Rick Camuglia probably didn’t even come up with the joke himself. A simple Google search of “black olives matter” brings up dozens of hits, showing memes, signs and even t-shirts with the same slogan. For whatever reason, his sign just happened to catch the Internet wave and now people are upset about it.

I say we give the guy a break. I mean, according to their menu, they serve gluten-free pasta. The man is doing God’s work, people. He has to deal with gluten-intolerant people every day of his life and he makes one bad joke and people are going to jump all over him? Besides, this world has plenty of things to be upset about other than a marquis sign in front of a New Mexico restaurant. If people really want to stretch their emotions, why not get pissed off about nut jobs who drive trucks through parade-goers in France? Or let’s focus our energy to the insanity of cops killing innocent people and then people killing innocent cops. Or better yet, watch the Republican National Convention tonight and marvel at that shit show. Or wait until next week when the Democrats have their convention and we can see all the crazies crawl out of the woodwork in Philadelphia. My point don’t waste your energy on a bad pun on a restaurant sign. Who cares?

Do black lives matter? Yes.
Do all lives matter? Sure they do, that goes without saying.
Do black olives matter? Not to me. I fucking hate tapenade.


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